Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2017 Bowman Draft Baseball - Full Prospect Breakdown and Analysis

After waiting for supply to increase and reviewing the stats, scouting reports and other useful information, I have completed my review of the 2017 Bowman Draft checklist. The overall checklist is very solid with a good mix of picks from the first few rounds of the draft. Please note most players in this product competed in rookie ball so the stats are useful but only a few important data points should be analyzed. It usually takes a month for prices to settle but I wanted to get this report out for everyone to review in preparation for the upcoming season. Bowman Draft is easily the best product because it is released in the off season and prices remain stable for an extended period. This report will be revisited during the season as player production increases.

The prospects listed below are all pitchers that I have rated as a "Watch" due to limited sample size. The most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement has allowed teams to sign players faster but the sample size is way too small to make any judgement or investments. Current prices on EBay reflect my assessment. Most of the pitchers listed below are available for low prices.

Blayne Enlow -Minnesota Twins P
Brendan Murphy - Milwaukee Brewers P
Caden Lemons - Milwaukee Brewers P

D.L. Hall - Baltimore Orioles P - I am watching DL very close. He seems to have some good stuff from what I have researched.

Corbin Martin - Houston Astros P  
Tanner Houck - Boston Red Sox P
David Peterson -  New York Mets P
Hans Crouse - Texas Rangers P
Kade McClure Chicago White Sox P
Cory Abbott - Chicago Cubs P

Kyle Wright - Atlanta Braves P- Another top pick to watch close and he may move fast.

Matt Tabor - Arizona Diamondbacks P
Charlie Barnes - Minnesota Twins P
Nate Pearson -Toronto Blue Jays P
Peter Solomon Houston Astros P
Shane Baz - Pittsburgh Pirates P
Sam Carlson - Seattle Mariners P
Seth Corry - San Francisco Giants P
Tommy Doyle - Colorado Rockies P
Will Gaddis - Colorado Rockies P
Lincoln Henzman - Chicago White Sox P
Colton Hock - Miami Marlins P

The prospects listed below have not played an inning of professional baseball and the only fair recommendation I can give is to watch closely when the season starts. Scouting reports only tell you so much. Base auto prices are under $10 so if you feel strong about a player the risk is minimal.

Alex Faedo- Detroit Tigers P
Clarke Schmidt - New York Yankees P
Griffin Canning - Los Angels Angeles P
Joe Perez - Houston Astros 3B
Trevor Rogers - Miami Marlins P
Morgan Cooper - Los Angeles Dodgers P

I have all rated the hitters listed below as a close watch. It is possible that upgrades to buy or strong buy could occur but for right now the numbers are not the best. High strikeout rates, lack of power are the main negative statistics. I want to be fair and not rate as a pass as most of these players have just been drafted.
Quinn Brodey - New York Mets OF
Riley Mahan - Miami Marlins 2B
Blake Hunt - San Diego Padres C
Zach Kirtley - St. Louis Cardinals 2B
Taylor Walls - Tampa Bay Rays SS
MJ Melendez - Kansas City Royals C
Luis Campusano - San Diego Padres C
J.J. Matijevic - Houston Astros OF
Joey Morgan - Detroit Tigers C
Hagen Danner -Toronto Blue Jays C
Christopher Seise -Texas Rangers SS
Connor Wong - Los Angeles Dodgers C
Dylan Busby - Pittsburgh Pirates 3B
Drew Waters - Atlanta Braves OF
Ernie Clement - Cleveland Indians 2B
Cash Case - Cincinnati Reds SS
Cole Brannen - Boston Red Sox OF
Brett Netzer - Boston Red Sox 2B
Brent Rooker -  Minnesota Twins OF
Jacob Pearson - Los Angeles Angels OF
Kevin Merrell - Oakland Athletics SS
Logan Warmoth - Toronto Blue Jays SS
Quentin Holmes - Cleveland Indians OF
Drew Ellis - Arizona Diamondbacks 3B 
Recommendations for the other prospects on the checklist are listed below.


Zac Lowther - Baltimore Orioles P - Over 50 innings pitched in rookie ball and the K/9 rate is impressive. On top of that the Auto can be purchased for a bargain bin price. Strong Buy.

MacKenzie Gore - San Diego Padres P - Potential stud that I would purchase if prices are around $15-20.


Austin Beck - Oakland Athletics OF - I may have to do a separate write up on Beck. He is my favorite player in this product. Austin has battled various injuries and struggled in pro ball. His stats started to improve later in the season and he has not played with wood bats much. I rate him as a very cautious watch.

Adam Haseley - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Buy. Solid player and Auto's are less than $20.

Brendan McKay- Tampa Bay Rays 1B/P - Buy if you have the budget but prices are way too high for my taste.

Brian Miller - Miami Marlins OF - Bargain bin buy. Older prospect and the power seems to be minimal but I love the K and walk rate.

Bubba Thompson - Texas Rangers OF - Strong buy if prices are under $20. I would pay no more than $25. Thompson is an athlete with pop and speed.

Evan White - Seattle Mariners 1B - White is a watch but could easily turn into a strong buy. Only 55 plate appearances but I like the talent.

Gavin Sheets - Chicago White Sox 1B - A 1B only prospect with nice power. Bargain Bin Buy. Base autographs are around $5.

Heliot Ramos - San Francisco Giants OF - Like the prospect buy only buy if you have the budget. Prices are way too high.

Jo Adell - Los Angeles Angels OF - It seems that Adell's Auto is in short supply because the prices are over $300 for a raw base autograph. Love the player but you are better off buying an Acuna or Vlad auto for that price.

Jake Burger - Chicago White Sox 3B - Nice prospect. Nothing really blows me away but if the Auto price is around $15 I would buy. I would not pay more than that though.

Jeter Downs - Cincinnati Reds SS - Strong buy. The Reds seem to have a formula of drafting athletic guys that they can develop. Jeter has an impressive K rate to go with 6 home runs. I could see this kid making a jump like Taylor Trammell.  

Kacy Clemens - Toronto Blue Jays 1B - When I saw Kacy's stats I got really excited. He is 23 years old and may move fast to the Majors. He is a Bargain Bin Buy as prices are around $5.

Keston Hiura - Milwaukee Brewers 2B - Watch. Keston could complete for a batting title in the future. He is that good and he also has some power. The issue I have is that he is still working out an elbow issue and prices are over $30. Brewers prospects are tricky so I keep my investments small.
Kevin Smith - Toronto Blue Jays SS - Bargain bin buy. The power numbers are insane for this kid but the strikeout rate is a little high. Multiple scouting reports say his power is ahead of his hitting but for the low prices (Under $5) why not.

Luis Gonzalez - Chicago White Sox OF - Another older prospect that may move fast but the power numbers are decent. A bargain bin buy for sure.

Mark Vientos - New York Mets 3B - A very young player that held his own in rookie ball. I would only buy if around $10. He will be a long term project.

Nick Pratto - Kansas City Royals 1B - Watch. A young player with a strikeout rate too high (25%). A good example of a price being too high due to where a player was drafted and not the stats.

Pavin Smith - Arizona Diamondbacks 1B - Watch. Pavin can hit but I am just not sure if the power is there. Reminds of the same thing that kept me from investing in Nick Senzel.

Royce Lewis - Minnesota Twins OF - Nice player but way too high.
Ryan Vilade - Colorado Rockies 3B - I like this kid and his stats but Rockies prospects just don't do it for me. I will keep an eye on him.

Stuart Fairchild - Cincinnati Reds OF - Watch closely. Shows a little pop but I really like the plate discipline. Bargain Bin Buy for under $5 right now.

Tristen Lutz - Milwaukee Brewers OF - Strong buy. Lutz has power and the plate discipline you love. If prices stay around $15 I would be fine making that purchase. Brewers prospects are tricky so I keep my investments small.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Shohei Ohtani, Giancarlo Stanton and Other Prospect Thoughts

Over the past few days Bowman Draft has been released, Shohei Otani has signed with the Angels and Giancarlo Stanton has been traded to the Yankees. In addition, the Arizona Fall League provided some additional prospect data and the Atlanta Braves were severely punished for violating MLB polices. All of these events have occurred before the Winter Meetings so it seems the off-season is providing enough action to keep me busy until pitchers and catchers report. Below are a few takeaways to consider. Please note I am still preparing my review of 2017 Bowman Draft and my full report will be provided in a week.

Arizona Fall League -  Ronald Acuna winning AFL MVP is not surprising but the performances of Alex Jackson, Austin Riley and Monte Harrison should be noted. All of these prospects improved their stock. If you are looking for a pitcher to keep an eye on Mitch Keller is one to note.

Shohei Otani - I was excited to hear the Otani chose the Angels. If you are Trout collector you should be happy. The possibility to see the best player on the planet in the playoffs is exciting. As far as prospecting goes, I expect Otani to be a high end prospect and be in 2018 Bowman. I think his non-auto cards have profit potential if you have the volume.

Giancarlo Stanton and the New York Yankees - It seems that Jeter and the Miami Marlins are set on following the Astros model and tanking. The number one thing I love about this trade from a prospecting perspective is that Florial, Frazier and Torres remain Yankees.

Winter Meetings - I expect some movement during the Winter Meetings when it comes to prospects. Maybe more blockbuster trades are pending. I will definitely keep an eye on the player movement.

Monday, November 27, 2017

2017 Bowman Chrome Draft Checklist - Initial Reaction

Topps has finally released the full 2017 Bowman Chrome Draft checklist with over 70 prospect names. Overall I like the checklist and look forward to analyzing each prospect. Stay tuned for major updates from PFC. This is going to be fun.

CDA-AB Austin Beck Oakland Athletics™
CDA-AF Alex Faedo Detroit Tigers®
CDA-AH Adam Haseley Philadelphia Phillies®
CDA-BE Blayne Enlow Minnesota Twins®
CDA-BH Blake Hunt San Diego Padres™
CDA-BM Brendan McKay Tampa Bay Rays™
CDA-BMI Brian Miller Miami Marlins®
CDA-BMU Brendan Murphy Milwaukee Brewers™
CDA-BN Brett Netzer Boston Red Sox®
CDA-BR Brent Rooker Minnesota Twins®
CDA-BT Bubba Thompson Texas Rangers®
CDA-CA Cory Abbott Chicago Cubs®
CDA-CB Cole Brannen Boston Red Sox®
CDA-CBA Charlie Barnes Minnesota Twins®
CDA-CC Cash Case Cincinnati Reds®
CDA-CH Colton Hock Miami Marlins®
CDA-CL Caden Lemons Milwaukee Brewers™
CDA-CMA Corbin Martin Houston Astros®
CDA-CS Clarke Schmidt New York Yankees®
CDA-CSE Christopher Seise Texas Rangers®
CDA-CW Connor Wong Los Angeles Dodgers®
CDA-DB Dylan Busby Pittsburgh Pirates®
CDA-DE Drew Ellis Arizona Diamondbacks®
CDA-DH D.L. Hall Baltimore Orioles®
CDA-DP David Peterson New York Mets®
CDA-DW Drew Waters Atlanta Braves™
CDA-EC Ernie Clement Cleveland Indians®
CDA-EW Evan White Seattle Mariners™
CDA-GC Griffin Canning Angels®
CDA-GS Gavin Sheets Chicago White Sox®
CDA-HC Hans Crouse Texas Rangers®
CDA-HD Hagen Danner Toronto Blue Jays®
CDA-HR Heliot Ramos San Francisco Giants®
CDA-JA Jo Adell Angels®
CDA-JB Jake Burger Chicago White Sox®
CDA-JD Jeter Downs Cincinnati Reds®
CDA-JJM J.J. Matijevic Houston Astros®
CDA-JM Joey Morgan Detroit Tigers®
CDA-JP Joe Perez Houston Astros®
CDA-JPE Jacob Pearson Angels®
CDA-KC Kacy Clemens Toronto Blue Jays®
CDA-KH Keston Hiura Milwaukee Brewers™
CDA-KM Kevin Merrell Oakland Athletics™
CDA-KMC Kade McClure Chicago White Sox®
CDA-KS Kevin Smith Toronto Blue Jays®
CDA-KW Kyle Wright Atlanta Braves™
CDA-LC Luis Campusano San Diego Padres™
CDA-LG Luis Gonzalez Chicago White Sox®
CDA-LH Lincoln Henzman Chicago White Sox®
CDA-LW Logan Warmoth Toronto Blue Jays®
CDA-MC Morgan Cooper Los Angeles Dodgers®
CDA-MG MacKenzie Gore San Diego Padres™
CDA-MJM MJ Melendez Kansas City Royals®
CDA-MT Matt Tabor Arizona Diamondbacks®
CDA-MV Mark Vientos New York Mets®
CDA-NP Nick Pratto Kansas City Royals®
CDA-NPE Nate Pearson Toronto Blue Jays®
CDA-PS Pavin Smith Arizona Diamondbacks®
CDA-PSO Peter Solomon Houston Astros®
CDA-QB Quinn Brodey New York Mets®
CDA-QH Quentin Holmes Cleveland Indians®
CDA-RL Royce Lewis Minnesota Twins®
CDA-RM Riley Mahan Miami Marlins®
CDA-RV Ryan Vilade Colorado Rockies™
CDA-SB Shane Baz Pittsburgh Pirates®
CDA-SC Sam Carlson Seattle Mariners™
CDA-SCO Seth Corry San Francisco Giants®
CDA-SF Stuart Fairchild Cincinnati Reds®
CDA-TD Tommy Doyle Colorado Rockies™
CDA-TH Tanner Houck Boston Red Sox®
CDA-TL Tristen Lutz Milwaukee Brewers™
CDA-TR Trevor Rogers Miami Marlins®
CDA-TW Taylor Walls Tampa Bay Rays™
CDA-WG Will Gaddis Colorado Rockies™
CDA-ZK Zach Kirtley St. Louis Cardinals®
CDA-ZL Zac Lowther Baltimore Orioles®

Saturday, October 21, 2017

PFC's 2017 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto Analysis Part 2

2017 Bowman Chrome prices have started to settle down and I have provided updates on my BUY and WATCH recommendations based off current prices. If you have any comments feel free to leave one on the site or message me on Twitter @Prospects4Cash. Thanks for reading!

Albert Abreu - New York Yankees, P - Avg Auto price is $15. Buy. 

Austin Hays - Baltimore Orioles, OF - Avg Auto price is $65-$70. I love him as a prospect but only buy if you have the cash or can trade.

Adrian Morejon - San Diego Padres, P - Avg Auto price is $12. Still a Watch for me.

Anderson Tejeda - Texas Rangers, SS - Avg Auto price is $5. Bargain bin buy.

Dawel Lugo - Arizona Diamondbacks, 3B - Strong Buy. Avg Auto price is $4
Griffin Jax - Minnesota Twins, P - Avg Auto price is $6. Bargain bin buy.

Grayson Long - Los Angeles Angels, P - Avg Auto price is $3. Bargain bin buy.

Heath Quinn - San Francisco Giants, OF - Avg Auto price is $5. Still a Watch due to the K rate.

Jazz Chisholm - Arizona Diamondbacks, SS - Avg Auto price is $4. Bargain bin buy.

Jon Duplantier - Arizona Diamondbacks, P - Avg Auto price is $17. I still rate Jon as a Pass. I'm worried about the injury history.

Jameson Fisher - Chicago White Sox, OF - Avg Auto price is $4. Bargain bin buy.

Jorge Ona - San Diego Padres, OF - Avg Auto price is $12. Upgrade to Strong buy.

Jesus Sanchez - Tampa Bay Rays, OF - Buy if you have the budget but the average price is $36. 

Keegan Akin - Baltimore Orioles, P - Avg Auto price is $6. Still a watch.

Khalil Lee - Kansas City Royals, OF - Strong Buy. Avg Auto price is is $10. I love the potential here.

Lazarito Armenteros - Oakland Athletics, OF - Avg Auto price is is $30. Buy if it stays under that number.

Luis Alexander Basabe - Chicago White Sox, OF- Watch. I want to see improvement before purchasing. Auto's are under $5.

Logan Ice - Cleveland Indians, C - Upgrade to buy. Avg price is $10.

Mitch Keller - Pittsburgh Pirates, P - Strong Buy. Pirates have another potential stud. Try to buy if under $20. Update - Avg price is $16 and trending up.

Max Schrock - Oakland Athletics, 2B - I rate Max as a Buy. Avg price is $12. I would not buy if it rises past $15.

Mitchell White - Los Angeles Dodgers, P - Strong Buy. Avg Auto price is is $17.

Nick Banks - Washington Nationals, OF - Avg Auto price is is $5. Bargain bin buy.

Ryan Howard - San Francisco Giants, SS - Bargain bin buy. Another prospect scouts are not talking about but the stats say otherwise. Avg price is $4.

Starling Heredia - Los Angeles Dodgers, OF - Strong buy. Avg Auto price is is $25. I would not buy if it goes higher.

Sixto Sanchez - Philadelphia Phillies, P - Strong buy based on talent but only buy an Auto if you have the cash or can trade.  

Torii Hunter Jr. - Los Angeles Angels, OF -Avg price is $15. I will rate as a Watch still. Need to see production at A and AA. Be prepared to buy fast if he plays well.

Vladimir Gutierrez - Cincinnati Reds, P - Watch. Need to see more K's per 9. Avg Auto price is is $4.

Wander Javier - Minnesota Twins, SS - Watch. Younger prospect with upside but the prices seem to be a little too high for a prospect that you hope develops power. Update - Avg Auto price is is $17. I'll wait.

Yusniel Diaz - Los Angeles Dodgers, OF - Avg price is $32. I would Pass.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

2017 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto Analysis - Full Review

Topps has released 2017 Bowman Chrome Baseball and the prospect autograph list is longer than expected. I have researched every prospect's stats and have provided thoughts and early recommendations. Cases are still being opened so prices may be a little inflated but should normalize in a few weeks. If you are ripping wax you most likely will sell immediately to make your profits so all suggestions may not apply. If you have any comments feel free to leave one on the site or message me on Twitter @Prospects4Cash. Thanks for reading!
Albert Abreu - New York Yankees, P - Nice prospect with upside. Keep an eye on him. Remember prices for Yankee prospects tend to be inflated. Buy.

Andrew Calica - Cleveland Indians, OF - Calica put up nice numbers this season. I am just not sure if he will hit for enough pop. I rate him as a Watch.

Austin Hays - Baltimore Orioles, OF - Austin Hays is a Strong Buy based off the stats but prices are close to $100. Hays is talented. 

Andy Ibanez - Texas Rangers, 2B - Older prospect that has repeated AA. Decent numbers but I don't see a big upside. Pass.

Anthony Kay - New York Mets, P - Kay had Tommy John surgery and will not pitch until 2018. Pass

Adrian Morejon - San Diego Padres, P - Very young prospect with a high amount of walks. I would wait to see if he can increase he K/9 rate and improve his command. I rate him as a Watch

Alfredo Rodriguez - Cincinnati Reds, SS - Alfredo is a great prospect but I'm not sure if the pop is there. He should start next season in AA but I am leaning towards a Pass rating.

Anderson Tejeda - Texas Rangers, SS - Another young prospect with a high strikeout rate. I would keep an eye on him. Watch.

Alberto Tirado - Philadelphia Phillies, P - Pass. K/9 rate is decent but the walks are too high for me. 

Bryson Brigman - Seattle Mariners, 2B - Pass. Not enough pop and the Seattle market struggles to sell.

Braden Bishop - Seattle Mariners, OF - See above.

Brian Mundell - Colorado Rockies, 1B - Pass. Nice stats but Rockies prospects do not sell unless they are a superstar.

Clint Frazier - New York Yankees, OF - Pass. The first auto is always the best one.

Chris Paddack - San Diego Padres, P - Pass. Tommy John.

Cole Stobbe - Philadelphia Phillies, 3B - Pass. Strikeout rate is too high for me.

Chih-Wei Hu - Tampa Bay Rays, P - Pass. Not enough strikeouts for me to invest. Save your money and wait for McKay.

David Fletcher - Los Angeles Angels, 2B - Pass. Not enough power for me.

Daniel Gossett - Oakland Athletics, P - Pass. Need to see more K's.

Dawel Lugo - Arizona Diamondbacks, 3B - Strong Buy. Great power numbers with a respectable strikeout rate. 

Dinelson Lamet - San Diego Padres, P - Pass. 25yr old prospect already in the majors.

Felix Jorge - Minnesota Twins, P - Pass. Seems to be a reliever vs starter.

Francisco Mejia - Cleveland Indians, C - Pass. See Clint Frazier.

Gage Hinsz - Pittsburgh Pirates, P - Pass. Not enough K's and his FIP is too high.

Griffin Jax - Minnesota Twins, P - Watch. Sample size is too small.

Grayson Long - Los Angeles Angels, P - Watch. Long put up some nice numbers in 2017.

Heath Quinn - San Francisco Giants, OF - Watch. I want to see his K rate come down. He seems to swing for the fences.

Isaiah White - Cincinnati Reds, OF- Pass. Long term project.

Jose Azocar - Detroit Tigers, OF - Pass. Not enough pop.

Jazz Chisholm - Arizona Diamondbacks, SS - Young prospect that is a project but shows flashes of power. I rate Jazz as a Buy.

Jon Duplantier - Arizona Diamondbacks, P - Pass. Long injury history and may be moved to the pen.

Jameson Fisher - Chicago White Sox, OF - Jameson is a good prospect but I would like to see the K rate drop a little. I rate Fisher as a Watch. He seems to have decent power potential.

Jorge Ona - San Diego Padres, OF - Buy if under $25. 20 year old prospect with a 8.6% walk rate and a 25% K rate. The power numbers are there.

Jesus Sanchez - Tampa Bay Rays, OF - Strong Buy. Jesus hit 15 home runs and his extra base hits are at the levels I want to see (13 doubles/7 Triples). The K rate is also a plus (17.8%).

Josh Sborz - Los Angeles Dodgers, P - Pass. Not enough K's. Too many walks.

Jose Trevino - Texas Rangers, C - Pass. I like the stats but he's a little too old in my opinion.

Keegan Akin - Baltimore Orioles, P - Watch. Let's see if he can cut down on the walks. Most likely a 4/5 starter.

Khalil Lee - Kansas City Royals, OF - Strong Buy. The strikeouts are high but Lee is only 19 years old and is a long term project.

Luis Arraez - Minnesota Twins, 2B - Pass. No pop.

Lazarito Armenteros - Oakland Athletics, OF - Buy. Young prospect but seems to have good pop and hit for a decent average.

Luis Alexander Basabe - Chicago White Sox, OF- Watch. I want to see improvement before purchasing. Auto's are under $5.

Lewis Brinson - Milwaukee Brewers, OF - Pass. See Clint Frazier. 

Logan Ice - Cleveland Indians, C - Pass. Stats are nice but he is blocked. Buy if he is traded.

Leody Taveras - Texas Rangers, OF - Pass. See Clint Frazier. 

Miguel Gomez - San Francisco Giants, 2B - Older prospect that had a cup of coffee in the majors. I will Pass.

Michael Kopech - Chicago White Sox, P - Pass. See Clint Frazier.

Mitch Keller - Pittsburgh Pirates, P - Strong Buy. Pirates have another potential stud. Try to buy if under $20. Injuries have kept him low on prospect lists.

Magneuris Sierra - St. Louis Cardinals, OF - Pass. Speedster with good defense.

Max Schrock - Oakland Athletics, 2B - I rate as a Buy. Auto's are low but he seems to be a good hitter with 20HR potential.

Meibrys Viloria - Kansas City Royals, C - Pass. Long term project with power. I usually do not buy catchers due how long it takes to develop them.

Mitchell White - Los Angeles Dodgers, P - Strong Buy. Mitchell's ground ball rate is high and the K rate is also where it needs to be. Injuries have kept him off lists.

Nick Banks - Washington Nationals, OF - Scouts seem to doubt Nick but the extra base hits are there and the strikeout rate is not bad. Buy.

Ofelky Peralta - Baltimore Orioles, P - Pass. Walk rate is high. Seems to have command issues.

Ryan Howard - San Francisco Giants, SS - Bargain Bin Buy. Another prospect scouts are not talking about but the stats say otherwise.

Ryan O'Hearn - Kansas City Royals, 1B - Pass. Older prospect with a high K rate.

Steven Duggar - San Francisco Giants, OF - Pass. Injury history with no pop.

Starling Heredia - Los Angeles Dodgers, OF - Strong Buy. Only 18 years old and has power potential. He has some swing and miss but at his age there is plenty of time. I trust the organization.

Sixto Sanchez - Philadelphia Phillies, P - Strong Buy. Talented arm and his command is above average.

Trevor Clifton - Chicago Cubs, P - Pass. Command is not there and could move to bullpen.

Torii Hunter Jr. - Los Angeles Angels, OF - Late start due to his college football career but its obvious that rookie ball was too easy. I want to see if he can develop some power. Watch for now but be ready to Buy immediately if power numbers spike. He needs to be tested in Advanced A or AA.

Tomas Nido - New York Mets, C - Pass. Love the stats but I think he is a backup.

Vladimir Gutierrez - Cincinnati Reds, P - Watch. Need to see more K's per 9.

Wander Javier - Minnesota Twins, SS - Watch. Younger prospect with upside but the prices seem to be a little too high for a prospect that you hope develops power.

Yusniel Diaz - Los Angeles Dodgers, OF - Diaz is probably the hottest prospect in this product and deserves a BUY rating. He repeated A+ ball this year but did not tear it up as people expected. The stats were exactly the same. I would wait until prices settle to buy. He is still working on his swing and youth is on his side. If a base auto drops to $20, buy immediately. Prices are way too high. Diaz's case is a perfect storm of stats showing the real picture vs market demand (Los Angeles) and top prospect lists creating price spikes.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Why I Missed San Diego Padres SS Fernando Tatis Jr

When the 2016 edition of Bowman was released, I placed Fernando Tatis Jr on my short list of recommendations but ultimately left him off my final list. Why did I pass? Well the main reason and only reason was because of the strikeout rate. My dislike for strikeouts has cost me this year. It seems that across the industry strikeouts really don't matter in the minors or majors. Tatis's strikeout rate was over 20% this season but a 20/20 season has made his card prices spike. Even though the view on striking out has changed, I will still value the prospects with plate discipline over the ones with high strikeout rates. I think the proper approach to take is to perform research on the player to see if he is working on making more contact at the plate. Invest in a few autos and when improvements show buy immediately before a substantial increase occurs.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bargain Bin - Cleveland Indians Will Benson & Yu-Cheng Chang

As we head into the offseason there are many bargain bin candidates that I will present to the readers to invest in. The first two are Will Benson and Yu-Cheng Chang. Both are considered to be projects but I have confidence that each player will make the adjustments to cut down on strikeouts in pro ball. The power potential for both players makes you excited and the Indians do a great job with developing players. Auto's are less than 10 bucks. I would definitely consider grabbing a few and holding.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

September Call Ups - Buy, Sell or Hold

One of my followers on Twitter recently asked me about a player and presented the question on should they sell or hold. I will always advocate selling if you are comfortable making a profit that meets your goal. In many cases when September call ups happen I always proceed with caution. A player may produce amazing numbers simply because there is not much of a scouting report on him. Some players may struggle and not produce immediately. Overall, one month of at bats in the majors is not enough data to determine if a player will be good or not. I have provided some advice below on how to handle certain situations.

Scenario #1 - Player is on fire after call up (e.g. Rhys Hoskins) - Sell to collect profits and initial investment. Maybe hold a few for the long term. When situations like this occur I always expect a correction the next season due to adjustments made by pitching staffs (Eric Thames). Same applies for pitchers.When a player stats dips you always have to ask yourself if that player can make multiple adjustments.

Scenario #2 - Player struggles after call up (e.g Yoan Moncada) - Hold. Some players take time to adjust to the Majors so struggling is not a surprise. You may want to possibly BUY more of a player if prices dip in December. People may sell off due to panic. Be careful not to overreact. Same rules applies for pitchers.

How To Prepare For The Arizona Fall League

The Arizona Fall League recently released their rosters for the upcoming season and did not disappoint. There are a number of top prospects playing this year as well other players that are on my radar. I think the Fall League is the best test for prospects outside of the jump from A ball to AA or a promotion to the Majors. Prospectors should take player performance very seriously. Success in the Fall League is a good indicator on if a prospect will produce in the Majors.

Arizona Fall League Rosters via Baseball America

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Los Angeles Angels OF Jahmai Jones On Fire

Jahmai Jones is on fire in Hi-A with a 22 game hitting streak. I predicted earlier in the season that he would have a bounce back season. The Angles are in the Wild Card hunt but the team could still use all the help it can get. I expect the Angels to move Jones as fast as possible. He is still rated as a STRONG BUY.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Los Angeles Dodgers 2B/SS Gavin Lux - Turning the Corner?

Gavin Lux has turned the corner after a rough start to a season. Despite hitting for a .219 average he has a walk rate of 13% and a K rate of 17% with 394 plate appearances. I think his start to the season was so bad his average was never going to recover. Prices are a bargain due to him being kept off various hot lists. Lux seems to have good plate discipline so the low average does not worry me at all. The Dodgers have a good track record of developing hitters. I rate him as a STRONG BUY.

Monday, July 31, 2017

A Few Impressive Hitting Prospects

I took some time over the weekend to run some numbers and the results are interesting. Here are a few hitters who are having impressive seasons. All of the names have a minimum of 175 plate appearances, a strikeout rate of less than 20%, a walk rate (BB) greater than 8% and an ISO (Isolated Power) greater than .140. The report shows hitters who have plate discipline and power. The overall list is not long.

Bo Bichette (TOR) - 16.20% K rate - 8.40% BB - 0.212 ISO
Brandon Lowe (TB)  - 17.50% K rate - 12.80% BB - 0.218 ISO
Lewis Brinson (MIL) -  18.90% K rate - 10.10% BB - 0.225 ISO
Rafael Devers (BOS) - 17.60% K rate - 9.50% BB - 0.267 ISO
Rhys Hoskins (PHI)-  15.50% K rate - 13.50% BB - 0.280 ISO
Willie Calhoun (TEX) - 12.00% K rate - 8.30% BB - 0.278 ISO
Gleyber Torres (NYY) - 20.00% K rate - 12.80% BB - 0..193 ISO
Ronald Guzman (TEX) -  15.50% K rate - 9.10% BB - 0.163 ISO - Buy
Carson Kelly (STL) -  14.30% K rate - 11.80% BB - 0.176 ISO - Needs a Chrome Auto
DJ Stewart (BAL) -  16.80% K rate - 11.10% BB - 0.174 ISO - Bargain Bin Buy
Jahmai Jones (LAA) -  16.70% K rate - 8.30% BB - 0.144 ISO - STRONG BUY
JP Crawford (PHI) - 17.00% K rate - 14.80% BB - 0.145 ISO - Buy if under $20. Hold if you already own.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why New York Yankees OF Blake Rutherford Was Traded

Brian Cashman has done a great job over the past few years restocking the farm. Some fans wonder why he traded Blake Rutherford to the Chicago White Sox. Well the reason is because of Estevan Florial. Hopefully he has a Chrome auto this November.

Estevan Florial Stats via Fangraphs

Garrett Whitley - Tampa Bay Rays OF On The Rise

At Prospects for Cash, I try to provide my readers with new information about prospects who are not discussed. Keep an eye on Garrrett Whitley. He was drafted in the 13th round of the 2015 draft and I think he is starting to turn to corner. He is a boom or bust prospect but I trust the Rays to do everything they can to develop him. It is a good time to buy.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Baseball America's 2017 Midseason Top 100 Prospects Update

Over the All Star break Baseball America released its update of the top 100 prospects. I have provided some analysis on some of the names that received my attention. 

101. Padres SS Fernando Tatis Jr - A prospect that was on my radar but the swing and miss bothered me. The power is real but while baseball has embraced the strikeout I have not. I still rate him as a BUY with the hope that he cuts down on the strikeouts.

97.   Angles OF Jordon Adell - Hopefully Adell will be in 2017 Draft in December. Scouts worry about his swing and miss issues.

96.   Red Sox 3B Michael Chavis - Nice prospect putting up solid numbers in AA so far. I would rate him as a STRONG BUY.
93.   Indians 1B Bobby Bradley - 16HR's so far in AA with a respectable K%. He is coming along well and I would buy an auto or two.

92.   Phillies SS J.P. Crawford - Crawford has struggled a little in AAA. If you have any auto's HOLD.

91.   Rockies 1B/3B Ryan McMahon - I recommended Ryan in the past but unless he is a superstar Rockies players don't sell well.

90.   Blue Jays SS Lourdes Gurriel -Watching him closely as he returns from injury.
83.   White Sox RHP Dylan Cease - Nice prospect joining a stacked White Sox farm system. I expect prices to remain at the same level.

71.   Braves SS Kevin Maitan - Has not played yet but cards are already on the high end.

69.   Phillies 1B Ryan Hoskins - Needs a Chrome auto.

57.   Cardinals RHP Jack Flaherty  - Loved him since he was drafted and his stuff keeps getting better. I rate him as a BUY.

52.   Phillies 2B Scott Kingery - Legit prospect who has made great adjustments. His Bowman Auto is on the high end.

51.   Cardinals C Carson Kelly - A great catching prospect who plays great defense and will hit for a good average with pop.

50.   Mets 1B Dominic Smith - Underrated prospect in my opinion. Auto's are still at a decent price considering the market. Very impressive season so far.

46.   Phillies OF Mickey Moniak - Love the talent but can he hit for power?

45.   White Sox OF Luis Robert - Hopefully Robert is in 2017 Bowman Chrome

44.   Blue Jays SS Bo Bichette - One of the hottest prospects in the minors. Buy if you can afford it. All you need is one.

41.   Braves RHP Kyle Wright - Looking forward to his debut.

40.   Rays LHP/1B Brendan McKay - Brendan seems like a generational talent. I really hope he succeeds playing both ways.

39.   Twins SS Royce Lewis - On fire in rookie ball but don't take those stats too seriously.

34.   Rangers OF Leody Taveras - STRONG BUY - Leody is the current top prospect in the Rangers system. At 18 years old he is producing some good numbers. Don't let the batting average worry you. The K rate is 15% and walk rate is around 8% in A ball. Auto's are under $25.

30.   Reds RHP Hunter Greene - Another generational talent that hopefully will play both ways. I love that he is playing for the Reds.

22.   Pirates OF Austin Meadows - Still battling injuries and the pop has not been there. I'm worried a little but I would HOLD and not sell.

23.   Braves LHP Kolby Allard - Impressive numbers after coming back from injury. I am now a believer.

If you would like my thoughts on any prospect not mentioned on the list or one that did not make the list, leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter @Prospects4Cash. Thanks!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Still Time to Buy Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon is having a breakout season and prices have not spiked like I thought they would. He has shown increased power and should stay at shortstop. There is still time to invest for a reasonable price. I think he will only improve.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Rule That Every Prospector Should Follow

On July 4th, an Aaron Judge BGS graded 9.5 purple auto sold for $14,655. This is the highest sale I have seen for an Aaron Judge card. The one rule that I tell any prospector whether they are young or old is "all you need is one". If your budget allows you to buy multiples autos of a player, by all means proceed but if not, one auto is just fine. When 2009 Bowman Draft was released a Mike Trout auto was only $20. When Aaron Judge struggled during his first callup, prices were very affordable. All you need is one.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Los Angeles Dodgers OF Alex Verdugo - Buy Immediately

Alex Verdugo is currently on a 13 game hit streak in AAA and 5 years younger than the league average. He is batting .455 in his last 10 games. Verdugo has a 10.4% walk rate and a 9.3% K rate to go along with 14 doubles, 3 triples and 3 home runs on the season. These stats indicate a high level of plate discipline that you want to see in a major league hitter. In my opinion, there is a strong chance that prices could reach Bellinger/Seager levels in the future. I expect a callup to the majors in 2018 (possibly 2017) and I expect Verdugo to rake. The power numbers are not a concern as home run power is the last skill to develop. As I stated on Twitter previously, Mike Trout only hit 23 home runs in his minors career and Verdugo has hit 25. What is scary is that when you compare both players minor league statistics they are very similar. Am I saying that Verdugo is the next Trout? NO. What I am saying is Verdugo is an advanced hitter with 20-30 HR potential with a 70 rated arm. Time is running out so do not wait to invest. Verdugo's cards can still be bought for decent prices.

Link to Stats via Fangraphs

MLB Prospect Alerts & Updates

As we approach the All Star break, I would like to provide some updates and thoughts on various events happening in the minor leagues. As always feel free to send me a message on the blog or on twitter if you have any questions.

New York Yankees - Dustin Fowler - Back in 2016 I recommended you invest in Fowler. If you bought at that time you are in good shape. Prices have doubled. You hope he would increase his walk rate in the future but the talent is legit.

Oakland Athletics - A.J. Puk - A.J. Puk is now a STRONG BUY. Scouts were initially skeptical but Puk has delivered. He is the lefty that Oakland needs.

Cleveland Indians - Will Benson - I will be watching Will Benson closely as short season begins. Can he cut down on the strikeouts?

Boston Red Sox - Jay Groome - If you like Groome, I strongly suggest investing now. He was a steal in the draft due to character issues but the arm is front end.

Colorado Rockies - Brendan Rodgers - I am aware that Rodgers is on fire right now but there is one issue... He plays in Colorado. If he were to ever be traded I would buy immediately. He's that good.

Short Season Leagues - Keep an eye on all short season & rookie ball leagues. Performance will be a key factor when 2017 Draft is released in September. (Obvious I know)

Stay tuned for more updates from Prospects For Cash!

Monday, June 19, 2017

NY Yankees INF Gleyber Torres Out For the Season - My Thoughts

It was announced today that Gleyber Torres will undergo Tommy John surgery and will be out for the season. Tommy John surgery for a position player is not as negative than surgery for a pitcher so I'm not worried but his debut with the Yankees will be delayed a significant amount of time. The injury presents a possible new investing opportunity. Most prospectors will hold and some will sell at at a discount. Might be a good time to take advantage of a rare opportunity. Torres will be a star.

Monday, June 12, 2017

My Thoughts on the 2017 MLB Draft

The MLB draft is tonight and while most individuals could care less I will be watching all three rounds. Most scouts would say the talent is not as good as previous years draft (see 2011) but I still am interested on where certain players will end up. This draft has a few two way players that I have been watching closely. Hopefully all the kids drafted sign sooner than later so an adequate sample size can be logged before Bowman Draft is released in December.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Taylor Trammell - Cincinatti Reds (OF) - Strong Buy

After a slow start to the season Taylor Trammell has started heat up. He currently has 11 doubles, 7 triples and 3 home runs on the season. The most impressive stat is that Trammell has 28 walks so far. For a two sport player that is a very good sign. The tools are there and I expect him to continue his success. I strongly recommend prospectors invest in a few auto's. He is a speedster with the power potential to hit 15-20 Hr's.

Taylor Trammell Stats

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2017 Bowman Chrome Prospects You Should Buy

It has been over a month since the release of Bowman 2017 and prices have settled on the market. Here are a couple of prospects to consider.

Blake Rutherford - Nice prospect but prices are inflated due to him being a Yankee. Blake has some nice tools but he's a little too high for me.

Eloy Jimenez - Another Chicago Cub top prospect. Very talented player with some good tools and a great bat.

Nick Senzel - Senzel is an impressive prospect but I believe his auto cost is a little overvalued. I am watching closely to see if a price dip happens. A spike in power numbers will be a key thing to monitor.

The prospects above are considered high end talents and are well known to the prospecting community. Prices are pretty high so please keep your budget in mind and invest wisely.

TJ Friedl - STRONG BUY (Bargain Bin) - TJ was not drafted by any teams but he has my attention. He is putting together a solid season in A ball. I don't understand why auto's are under $10 for a player with 15 doubles, 4 triples and 4 homers. The investment is worth the risk based off the cost alone.

Triston McKenzie - I spoke about Triston in a previous post. He is a STRONG BUY. Triston will be brought through the system slowly and has a strong chance to remain a starter. One of the few pitching prospects I love.

Prospect to keep an eye on:

Yu-Cheng Chang - Chang has power potential but the K rate is too high to touch right now. Auto's are under $10. Keep a strong eye on him. Cleveland does a good job developing hitters.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Triston McKenzie - Cleveland Indians RHP - Strong Buy

Before I release my full breakdown of 2017 Bowman, I think it is crucial to mention Triston McKenzie as a pitching prospect to invest in. On May 10, 2017 he struck out 14 batters over 6 shutout innings. His wiry frame reminds me of CJ Edwards, a past favorite of the site. What makes me excited about this kid is that I think he will not move to the bullpen and has the stuff to be a No 2 starter. I rarely recommend pitchers but the talent and upside is too good to overlook. A base auto is selling for $15 and refactors are going for $30. I rate McKenzie as a STRONG BUY.

Triston McKenzie Stats

Saturday, April 22, 2017

My Thoughts on The MILB Season So Far

The MILB season is underway and even though its early there are a few observations that I think will help everyone with their prospecting. Check out these quick hits.

Vladimir Guerrrero Jr. - Currently has more walks than strikeouts. He's pretty much his dad with bat control. Let that sink in.

Anthony Alford - Nice prospect that battled injuries and is finally coming around. His cards have already flown off Ebay.

Lewis Brinson - On fire in Triple A but the Milwaukee market always scares me. If he was still with the Rangers his prices would be insane.

AJ Puk - Off to a great start this season. Small sample size but I love the talent.

Ryan Mountcastle - Having a nice season so far with 4Hr and a decent BB/K ratio.

Alex Verdugo - Currently lighting up Triple A at age 21. My only concern is can he hit for power. I'm willing to wait and see. The payoff could be huge.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Scouting Report - Toronto Blue Jays 3B,OF

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.


Position: Third Baseman
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 1", Weight: 200lb.
Draft: Signed by the Toronto Blue Jays March 12, 2015
Born: 3/16/1999

Scouting Report:

Grades: Hit: 60. Power: 70. Speed: 50. Defense: 45. Arm: 55.
2016 Stats (Rookie Ball): .271 AVG/.359 OBP/.808 OPS,8 HR, 46 RBI, 32 Runs, 12 Doubles

The son of a future HOF, Guerrero Jr. has the hitting and power potential that makes you an instant fan immediately after you watch him at the plate. The top international prospect in 2015 had a very nice debut in rookie ball and looks to continue his development as one of the youngest rising stars in the top 100. His hitting ability and strike zone judgement has impressed scouts so far and there is no doubt the bat will play anywhere. Some worry about his defensive profile and his size being an issue but in prospecting offensive production drives prices. Reports have stated that the Blue Jays are putting all of their resources into developing Vladimir physically and mentally on and off the field.

I predict that when 2018 lists are released Guerrero Jr will be the top hitting prospect in the minors. He has trained with his uncle Wilton growing up in the Dominican Republic and we all know who his old man is. It's common for me to shy away from speaking about higher end prospects but I think Guerrero Jr will be special. The ability to hit for average and power can't be ignored and he has a strong support system fully backing him.

Sunday, April 2, 2017 Prospect Primers has provided full prospect primers for all 30 teams. These highly recommend and fun to read. I have learned some things and actually found a few new prospects to add to my list. Enjoy!

MLB Prospect Primers from MILB.Com

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Buy LA Angels Jahmai Jones & Matt Thaiss

When you look across the industry, everyone is in clear agreement that the Los Angeles Angels have the worst system in the minors. Other than the promotion of Mike Trout to the majors, not much talent has come from their farm. Even though the system is dead last, there are two players that have the potential to provide a boost to the Angels that is desperately needed .

1B Matt Thaiss - Thaiss was drafted 16th overall out of Virginia. He will be 22 in May. I expect him to move quickly through the system and he will be a everyday player. He has one of the safest bats in the minors and should have a high OPS in the Majors. Aside from his age, he does not have the power that you would like for a typical first baseman. Some scouts see him being a 20HR type of guy. I still think he should be watched closely as the season starts due to his great ability to hit. Auto's are selling for $10-15. I rate Matt Thaiss as a BUY.

OF Jahmai Jones - I think Jones has the biggest potential in the system to really be special. He has the speed to steal bases and the raw power to hit plenty of doubles. I think the HR power will come as he develops. He should hit for a nice average (around .280) and play solid defense. Auto's are selling for $10-20.I rate Jones as a BUY.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Minnesota Twins OF Alex Kirilloff Out for The Season

Earlier this month it was announced that Alex Kiriloff will miss the entire season due to Tommy John surgery. If you read my earlier posts I recommended that prospectors wait to buy due to the base auto prices reaching the $30 dollar mark. If prices drop between $10 to $20, I would not hesitate to buy and hold. He is still a very promising prospect.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Andrew Benintendi Scouting Report - Boston Red Sox LF

Andrew Benintendi


Position: Left Field
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Height: 5' 10", Weight: 170lb.
Draft: Drafted in the 1st round of the 2015 MLB draft by the Boston Red Sox
School: Arkansas
Born: 7/6/1994

Scouting Report:

Grades: Hit: 70. Power: 60. Speed: 55. Defense: 60. Arm: 50.
2016 Stats (AA and A Adv): .312/.378/.910 OPS, 9 HR, 76 RBI, 70 Runs, 31 Doubles
2016 Stats (MLB): .295/.359/.835 OPS, 2 HR, 14 RBI, 16 Runs, 11 Doubles

Andrew Benintendi is the best hitter in the minor leagues by a mile. He is my pick to be AL Rookie of the Year. Andrew has an above average bat and above average power. Combine the offensive talent with his above average defensive potential, you have a true asset on the diamond. The Red Sox are all in this season and Andrew will be a big part of the push to win the World Series. This kid is polished and I expect him to have a great strikeout to walk ratio in the bigs. The Red Sox front office has done it again.

Buy Andrew Benintendi Auto's Here

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Yoan Moncada Scouting Report - Chicago White Sox 3B

Yoan Moncada


Position: Third Baseman
Bats: Switch, Throws: Right
Height: 6' 2", Weight: 205lb.
Draft: Signed by the Boston Red Sox March 12, 2015
Born: 5/27/1995

Scouting Report:

Grades: Hit: 60. Power: 60. Speed: 70. Defense: 50. Arm: 70.
2016 Stats (AA and A Adv): .294/.407/.918 OPS, 15 HR, 62 RBI, 94 Runs, 31 Doubles

Yoan Moncada is the most exciting prospect in MLB and has the elite combination of power and speed scouts travel miles for. The talent is obvious and the $31.5 million dollar bonus handed out by the Boston Red Sox was worth every penny to sign him. His full season debut in the Majors is imminent after being traded to the Chicago White Sox this offseason.

Moncada is an athlete with the physical tools of a NBA/NFL player. Expect to see a show on the basepaths when the ball is in play. He is a switch hitter with opposite field power from the left side of the plate and on the right side he still has the raw power you want from a top prospect. The swing and miss issues are obvious but I strongly believe that he will improve his K% rate.

People ask me all the time who the next Mike Trout is. Yoan Moncada is the only prospect that has the best shot to be that guy. He has all the tools to be the type of player you pay to see. A true generational talent.

Prospects for Cash Breakdown of The 2017 Top 100 Prospects

Recently Baseball America released it's top 100 prospect list. BA has a proven record of providing the best scouting reports and tool grades in the industry. Using their Top 100 2017 Prospects List, here are the toolsiest prospects, with ratings from 80 (Elite) down to 20 (Poor) based on the scouting scale. The big takeaway this year is that a ton of pitchers have highly rated tools but there are not too many hitters with 70/80 grade hit tools. I expect prices for highly graded hitters to be at a premium this year.

80 Ratings

Alex Reyes - Fastball
Riley Pint - Fastball
Franciasco Mejia - Arm
Michael Kopech - Fastball
Jorge Mateo - Speed
Matt Chapman -Arm

70 Ratings

Andrew Benintendi - Hit
Yoan Moncada - Speed, Arm
Alex Reyes - Curveball
Cody Bellinger - Power, Fielding
Amed Rosario - Fielding
Ozzie Albies - Hit, Speed
Victor Robles - Speed
Eloy Jimenez -Power
Francis Martes - Fastball, Curveball
Anderson Espinoza - Fastball, Changeup
Mitch Keller - Fastball
Tyler Glasnow - Fastball
Vladimir Guerrero Jr - Power
Manuel Margot - Fielding
Yadier Alvarez - Fastball
Reynaldo Lopez - Fastball
Josh Hader - Fastball
Jorge Alfaro - Arm
Jason Groome - Fastball
Hunter Renfroe - Power, Arm
Matt Manning - Fastball
Albert Almora - Fielding
Carson Kelly - Fielding
Sixto Sanchez - Fastball
A.J. Puk - Fastball
Jharel Cotton - Changeup
Delvin Perez - Speed
James Kaprielian - Fastball
Aaron Judge - Power
Cal Quantrill - Changeup
Dylan Cease - Fastball
Justin Dunn - Fastball

Pitchers with a 60 or better control grade 
Mitch Keller
Mike Soroka

Pitchers Whose 3 Best Pitches Total 185+

3 Best Tools185+

Hitters Whose Hit + Power Tools Total 120+
Guerrero 130