Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Bowman Chrome Prospects You Should Buy

Sorry I'm late everyone. Here are a couple of 2016 Bowman Chrome prospects you should consider investing in.

Arizona Diamondbacks - Domingo Leyba - STRONG BUY - Impressive K rate and BB rate and has a little pop. His autos are going for less than 5 bucks.

New York Yankees - Dustin Fowler - This kid had a nice season in AA ball. 30 doubles, 12 triples and 12 home runs with a 15% K rate. I would like to see more walks but that won't keep me from investing in a potential 20-20 player.

Washington Nationals - Juan Soto - Impressive showing in rookie ball. Seems to have a good eye at the plate. Autos are above 30 so I will wait and see.

Los Angeles Dodgers - Oneil Cruz - Upside investment. No home runs but showed a little pop. I feel that for some it might be a little premature to purchase but autos are going for less than 10.

Toronto Blue Jays - Vladimir Guerrero Jr - Prices are trending towards $100 for a base auto. I would wait to see what he does beyond rookie ball before diving in.

Los Angeles Dodgers - Yadier Alvarez - One of the few pitchers I like. K/9 is over 10 so far in his career.

Keep an eye on the prospects below.

Philadelphia Phillies - Cornelius Randolph - Cornelius was one of the better high school bats coming out of the 2015 draft. I really like his bat and I expect the power numbers to come. He has battled injuries which has slowed down his development. Keep an eye on him this upcoming season and look for an increase in extra base hits before investing.

LA Angels - Jahmai Jones - Keep a close eye on Jones. He has some tools but might take time to develop. If he shows more power this season he will have my complete attention.

Chicago Cubs - Eddy Martinez - Nice player. Posted some good numbers in A ball. I would like to see the K rate go down.

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