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2020 Bowman Draft Baseball - Full Prospect Analysis

Hello readers. The long awaited Bowman Draft 2020 checklist has been released and it is massive. The checklist includes over 100 names! Due to this draft only being five rounds it seems Topps wanted to include the entire draft class. Overall there are a ton of pitchers that I will wait to see play before commenting, but a nice group of hitters are also included on the list. In addition, a good amount of first round picks are in the product. It seems 2020 Bowman Draft was built for team breaks, so my review is team by team this year. Due to stats not being available as short season ball was not played, I had no choice but to read a ton of scouting reports. Because of the lack of stats, my comments are shorter than usual. Thanks again for reading and feel free to send me a comment on this post or Twitter. Ebay links have been provided for most of the players on the checklist. 

*Brewers, Mets, Orioles, Indians, Rangers and Tigers are my favorite team break targets. 

Hudson Haskin - Baltimore Orioles OF - Upside college bat.

Jordan Westburg - Baltimore Orioles SS - Upside college bat. 

Heston Kjerstad - Baltimore Orioles OF - Top pick that will be high priced. Big time power. 

Alec Burleson - St. Louis Cardinals OF - Nice college bat. 

Jordan Walker - St. Louis Cardinals 3B - Top pick with big time power but big time risk. I need to see more. Reminds me a little of Will Benson (Cleveland Indians). 

Levi Prater - St. Louis Cardinals LHP - College arm.

Ian Bedell - St. Louis Cardinals RHP - College arm.

Tink Hence - St. Louis Cardinals RHP - Prep arm. 

Ed Howard - Chicago Cubs SS - Love the player. Huge buy for me as I think he develops power. He has the frame to do it. 

Luke Little - Chicago Cubs LHP - Junior college arm. 

Burl Carraway - Chicago Cubs LHP - College arm. 

Bradlee Beesley - Chicago Cubs OF -  Undrafted free agent that could develop. 

Jordan Nwogu - Chicago Cubs OF - College bat but I love the potential here. There are swing and miss concerns. 

Freddy Zamora - Milwaukee Brewers SS 

Garrett Mitchell - Milwaukee Brewers OF 

Hayden Cantrelle - Milwaukee Brewers SS 

Zavier Warren - Milwaukee Brewers C 

I love all the players in this group. Tons of potential and I think the Brewers will develop it. 

Austin Hendrick - Cincinnati Reds OF - Love the player. Power potential and seems to be able to cut down on the swing and miss. 

Joe Boyle - Cincinnati Reds RHP - College arm.

Bryce Bonnin - Cincinnati Reds RHP - College arm. 

Jackson Miller - Cincinnati Reds C - I really love his profile and potential. 

Daniel Cabrera - Detroit Tigers OF 

Keith Colt - Detroit Tigers 3B 

Spencer Torkelson - Detroit Tigers 3B - No.1 pick. Great player. 

Trei Cruz - Detroit Tigers SS 

Gage Workman - Detroit Tigers 3B 

Dillon Dingler - Detroit Tigers C 

Love the Tigers draft. Would target this team for group breaks. 

Zac Veen - Colorado Rockies OF - Insane power and he may make me break my Colorado Rockies prospects rule. 

Jack Blomgren - Colorado Rockies SS 

Drew Romo - Colorado Rockies C 

Case Williams - Colorado Rockies RHP 

Chris McMahon - Colorado Rockies RHP 

I will pass on the rest of these prospects. 

Alerick Soularie - Minnesota Twins OF - I am going to wait. Need to see more. 

Marco Raya - Minnesota Twins RHP - Prep arm. 

Kala'i Rosario - Minnesota Twins OF - Upside prep power bat. 

Isaiah Greene - New York Mets OF - Love the potential here. 

Eric Orze - New York Mets RHP - College arm. 

Pete Crow-Armstrong - New York Mets OF - I like the tools this kid has. 

Matthew Dyer - New York Mets C - College bat that could be a utility player. I'm interested. 

Jimmy Glowenke - San Francisco Giants SS - Overall safe pick. Pass for me. I may revisit. 

Patrick Bailey - San Francisco Giants C - Power bat but not sure what the plan is. 

Nick Swiney - San Francisco Giants LHP - College arm. 

Casey Schmitt - San Francisco Giants 3B - Nice player with a little upside.  

RJ Dabovich - San Francisco Giants RHP - College arm.

Ryan Murphy - San Francisco Giants RHP - College arm. 

Carson Tucker - Cleveland Indians SS - Nice player but I'm not sure if there is power at the moment. 

Tanner Burns - Cleveland Indians RHP - College arm. 

Petey Halpin - Cleveland Indians OF - Nice player but I'm not sure if there is power at the moment. 

Milan Tolentino - Cleveland Indians SS - I love the upside here. My favorite player that Cleveland picked. 


David Calabrese - Los Angeles Angels OF - High upside risky pick. Classic Angels. Would prefer to see more data.

Reid Detmers - Los Angeles Angels LHP - College arm. 

Adam Seminaris - Los Angeles Angels LHP - College arm. 

Werner Blakely - Los Angeles Angels SS - High upside risky pick. Classic Angels. Would prefer to see more data. 

Evan Carter - Texas Rangers OF - Seems to be a reach. I will monitor. 

Tekoah Roby - Texas Rangers RHP - Prep bat. 

Thomas Saggese - Texas Rangers SS - Risky pick. I will monitor.

Justin Foscue - Texas Rangers 2B - Risky pick. I will monitor. 

Jesse Franklin V - Atlanta Braves OF - Its a pass for me. 

Bryce Elder - Atlanta Braves RHP - College arm.

Zach DeLoach - Seattle Mariners OF - Safe college bat. I would pass. 

Connor Phillips - Seattle Mariners RHP - Junior college arm. 

Emerson Hancock - Seattle Mariners RHP - College arm.

Kaden Polcovich - Seattle Mariners 2B - College arm. 

Nick Gonzales - Pittsburgh Pirates SS - Elite top pick. Tons of talent and can hit for power and average.  

Jared Jones - Pittsburgh Pirates RHP - Prep arm.

Logan Hofmann - Pittsburgh Pirates RHP - College arm.

Nick Garcia - Pittsburgh Pirates RHP - College arm.

Carmen Mlodzinski - Pittsburgh Pirates RHP - College arm. 

Trevor Hauver - New York Yankees 2B - Good college bat. 

Austin Wells - New York Yankees C - Good college bat. 

Nick Loftin - Kansas City Royals SS - College bat but I like the player. 

Christian Chamberlain - Kansas City Royals LHP - College arm. 

Ben Hernandez - Kansas City Royals RHP - Prep arm. 

Asa Lacy - Kansas City Royals LHP - College arm. High pick.

Will Klein - Kansas City Royals RHP - College arm.

Saul Garza - Kansas City Royals C - Undrafted free agent. Pass. 

Nick Yorke - Boston Red Sox 2B - Nice prep bat that could develop power. He can hit so I am in. 

Shane Drohan - Boston Red Sox LHP - College arm. 

Owen Caissie - San Diego Padres OF -  Nice bat with power. 

Justin Lange - San Diego Padres RHP - Prep arm. 

Robert Hassell - San Diego Padres OF - Best prep hitter and a safe pick. Will be high.

Sammy Infante - Washington Nationals SS - High school bat with some upside. 

Holden Powell - Washington Nationals RHP - College arm.

Cade Cavalli - Washington Nationals RHP - College arm. High pick. 

Cole Henry - Washington Nationals RHP - College arm. 

Tyler Soderstrom - Oakland Athletics C - Love the talent. High pick that may move to another position. Big time power. Classic Oakland pick. 

Jeff Criswell - Oakland Athletics RHP - College arm.

Dane Acker - Oakland Athletics RHP - College arm.  

Zach Daniels - Houston Astros OF - Some swing and miss but I like the tools here. 

Tyler Brown - Houston Astros RHP - College arm.

Alex Santos - Houston Astros RHP - Prep arm. 

AJ Vukovich - Arizona Diamondbacks 3B - 4th round pick with power potential. I would buy for the right price. Will revisit in my pricing trends update.  

Slade Cecconi - Arizona Diamondbacks RHP - College arm. 

Brandon Pfaadt - Arizona Diamondbacks RHP - College arm.

Bryce Jarvis - Arizona Diamondbacks RHP - College arm. 

Alika Williams - Tampa Bay Rays SS - Defensive SS. I need to see more. 

Jeff Hakanson - Tampa Bay Rays RHP - College arm.

Nick Bitsko - Tampa Bay Rays RHP -  Prep arm. 

Ian Seymour - Tampa Bay Rays LHP - College arm. 

Casey Martin - Philadelphia Phillies SS - Interesting tools but risky. He needs to show improvements before I buy. 

Carson Ragsdale - Philadelphia Phillies - RHP - College arm. 

Bobby Miller - Los Angeles Dodgers RHP - College arm.

Landon Knack - Los Angeles Dodgers RHP - College arm.

Clayton Beeter - Los Angeles Dodgers RHP - College arm. 

Zach McCambley - Miami Marlins RHP - College arm. 

Kyle Nicolas - Miami Marlins RHP - College arm.

Max Meyer - Miami Marlins RHP - College arm with good stuff. High pick. 

Daxton Fulton - Miami Marlins LHP - High school arm.

Adisyn Coffey - Chicago White Sox RHP - Junior college arm. 

Bailey Horn - Chicago White Sox LHP - College arm.

Garrett Crochet - Chicago White Sox LHP - College arm. 

C.J. Van Eyk - Toronto Blue Jays RHP - College arm. 

Zach Britton - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Solid college bat. 

Trent Palmer - Toronto Blue Jays RHP - College arm. 


Jared Shuster - Atlanta Braves LHP - College arm. 

Spencer Strider - Atlanta Braves RHP - College arm. 

Sunday, October 4, 2020

A Few Notes on Ke'Bryan Hayes ( Pittsburgh Pirates, 3B)

There were a number of prospects called up during the 60 game season but I wanted to take a moment to talk about Ke'Bryan Hayes. I have always liked him as a prospect but the one thing that was always a concern for me is if he could hit for power. Although I am looking at a small sample size (95 PA), it seems the power is coming. One factor that I may have missed is the ball is flying out of MLB ballparks these days. What is promising is that he is already a solid hitter and defender. I think there will be growing pains but I expect his performance to be sustainable as he is already a hitter who makes good contact. He has never had a K% over 20% during his entire minor league career. 

Ke'Bryan Hayes Stats via Fangraphs

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

2020 Bowman Chrome Baseball - Pricing Trends Update

2020 Bowman Chrome has been out for a few weeks and I think its a good time to check where prices are. Overall the cost of some of these cards are not too bad but there are some players priced way too high. Please remember I am only looking at the base auto price via completed eBay auction sales. My initial review of the checklist is located here. Thanks for reading.

Antonio Cabello - New York Yankees OF - $20-$30 - Not bad. 

Andrew Dalquist - Chicago White Sox P - $5 - Bargain. 

Anthony Garcia - New York Yankees RF - $20 - Not bad. 

Bayorn Lora - Texas Rangers OF - $250-$300 - Remember he has not played yet.

Colin Barber - Houston Astros OF - $15 - Not bad.

Erick Pena - Kansas City Royals - $100-$120 - He has not played yet! 

Francisco Alvarez - New York Mets C - $60-$75 - A little expensive but I love the talent.

Gilberto Jimenez - Boston Red Sox OF - $70 - Too high. Need to see more. 

Gabriel Moreno - Toronto Blue Jays C - $20-$25 - Not bad if you can grab for $20.

Gunner Mayer - Philadelphia Phillies P - $10 - No stats. Wait.

Ivan Herrera - St. Louis Cardinals C - $35 - Not a bad price. Especially compared to Francisco Alvarez.

Junior Santos - New York Mets P - Under $10 - Small position.

Jhon Torres - St. Louis Cardinals OF - $35-$50 - I need more data.

Kendall Simmons - Philadelphia Phillies SS - $10 - I love the price here. But a risk due to contact issues.

Luisangel Acuña - Texas Rangers 2B/SS - $200-$300 - I need to see more.

Luis Matos - San Francisco Giants OF - $100-$150 - Love the player but not at this price. 

Michael Harris - Atlanta Braves OF - $25-$40 - Hmm. If you can get for $25 I think you would be buying for a fair price. 

Oswald Peraza - New York Yankees SS - $35-$40 - Love the potential. Maybe target the Yankees in team breaks. A tad high.

Osiel Rodriguez - New York Yankees P - $10 - Small position.

Raimfer Salinas - New York Yankees OF - $20 - Has battled injuries so do not go crazy here.

Vaughn Grissom - Atlanta Braves SS - $20 - Fair.

Wilderd Patino - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - $40 - Love it but for $40? Not as much.

Yoendrys Gomez - New York Yankees P - $10 - Too high try to get for $5. He could be a reliver. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

2020 Bowman Chrome Baseball - Best Prospects to Buy

2020 Bowman Chrome is set for release and the checklist is out for review.  I have reviewed each prospect on the checklist and my comments are below. Please take a look, provide comments and spread the word about PFC! Overall this checklist was not the best. A number of players are too old or just did not have the upside. There are a few players that I do like that have potential. Links to Ebay have been provided. 

Antonio Cabello - New York Yankees OF - Lot of room for development here. I plan to keep and eye on him. Watch and revisit.  

Andrew Dalquist - Chicago White Sox P - Young but has not played at all yet. Watch and revisit. 

Anthony Garcia - New York Yankees RF - A ton of swing and miss but still young. Watch and revisit. 

Austin Hansen - Houston Astros P - Pass. Too old. 

Alex Speas - Texas Rangers P - Good numbers but a pass for me. 

Austin Shenton - Seattle Mariners 3B - Not a bad player but too old for me. Pass. 

Alex Vesia - Miami Marlins P - Pass. 

Brenton Doyle - Colorado Rockies OF - Pass. 

Brandon Lewis - Los Angeles Dodgers 1B/3B - Pass. Interesting prospect. 

Bayorn Lora - Texas Rangers OF - 17 years old. Wait and revisit. Has not played yet. 

Bryant Packard - Detroit Tigers OF - Pass. Too old.

Brady Whalen - St. Louis Cardinals 1B - Pass. Too old. 

Cody Bolton - Pittsburgh Pirates P - Pass.

Colin Barber - Houston Astros OF - Wait and revisit. I need to see more. Only played Rookie ball. 

Chris Gittens - New York Yankees 1B - Pass. Too old. 

Christian Koss - Colorado Rockies Utility  - Pass. Rockies prospect. 

Chandler Redmond - St. Louis Cardinals - Pass. Too old. 

Curtis Terry - Texas Rangers 1B - Pass. Too old. 

Drew Avans - Los Angeles Dodgers - Pass. Too old. 

Dylan File - Milwaukee Brewers - Pass. Too old.

Drew Millas - Oakland Athletics C - Pass. 22 years old and has not played yet. 

Devin Mann - Los Angeles Dodgers 2B/3B - Pass. Too old. 

Ethan Lindow - Philadelphia Phillies P - Pass. Too old.

Erik Miller - Philadelphia Phillies - Pass. Too old. 

Erick Pena - Kansas City Royals - 17 years old. Wait and revisit. Has not played yet. 

Francisco Alvarez - New York Mets C - Nice player. A buy for me but will be a long term hold. 

Gilberto Jimenez - Boston Red Sox OF - Young player. A project that I will watch and revisit. The talent is there. 

Gabriel Moreno - Toronto Blue Jays C - Another young catcher that is impressive. Buy and long term hold for me. Small position. 

Gunner Mayer - Philadelphia Phillies P - Wait and revisit. No stats. 

Graeme Stinson - Tampa Bay Rays P - Pass. Too old.

Hector Yan - Los Angeles Angels P - Pass. 

Ivan Herrera - St. Louis Cardinals C - Great prospect. Buy and long term hold. 

Isaac Paredes - Detroit Tigers 3B - Pass. 

Jordan Brewer - Houston Astros OF - Pass. Too old. 

Joan Martinez - Boston Red Sox P - Pass.

Jonathan Stiever - Chicago White Sox P - Pass. Too old. 

Junior Santos - New York Mets P - 6'8 and 19. The Mets can develop arms. Very small position if under $10. 

Jhon Torres - St. Louis Cardinals OF - Wait and revisit. Need to see more data past rookie ball. 

Karl Kauffmann - Colorado Rockies P - Pass. 

Kevin Smith - New York Mets P - Pass. Too old. 

Kendall Simmons - Philadelphia Phillies SS - Wait and revisit. Strikeout rates are alarming but he is talented. 

Luisangel Acuña - Texas Rangers 2B/SS - Wait and revisit. A young player with some pop but I need to see him play past rookie ball. 

Lewin Diaz - Miami Marlins 1B - Pass. 

Levi Kelly - Arizona Diamondbacks - Pass. 

Luis Matos - San Francisco Giants OF - Buy. I wonder what the price will be. 

Logan O'Hoppe - Philadelphia Phillies - Pass for me. Not enough upside in my opinion. 

Michael Harris - Atlanta Braves OF - Wait and revisit for me but I would understand if you bought. A ton to love here. 

Max Lazar - Milwaukee Brewers P - Pass. 

Michael Massey - Kansas City Royals 2B - Pass.

Niko Hulsizer - Tampa Bay Rays OF - Pass.

Nick Kahle - Milwaukee Brewers C - Pass. 

Oswald Peraza - New York Yankees SS - Buy. I like the potential here. Do you? 

Osiel Rodriguez - New York Yankees P - Wait and revisit. Very young but in the right system.

Packy Naughton - Cincinnati Reds P - Cool name but a pass for me. 

Pedro Pages - St. Louis Cardinals C - Pass. 

Paul Richan - Detroit Tigers P - Pass. 

Randy Florentino - Texas Rangers C - Pass.

Riley Greene - Detroit Tigers OF - Second auto. Pass. 

Ryan Pepiot - Los Angeles Dodgers P - Pass. 

Raimfer Salinas - New York Yankees OF - Watch and revisit. Has battled injuries. 

Ricky Vanasco - Texas Rangers P - Pass. 

Seth Gray - Minnesota Twins OF - Pass. Too old. 

Tyler Dyson - Washington Nationals P - Pass. 

Trey Harris - Atlanta Braves - Pass. Too old. 

Tyler Ivey - Houston Astros P - Pass. 

Taylor Jones - Houston Astros 1B - Pass. 

Tucupita Marcano - San Diego Padres 2B/SS - Pass. Not enough power for me. 

Tahnaj Thomas - Pittsburgh Pirates P - Pass.

Thad Ward - Boston Red Sox P - Pass.

Ulrich Bojarski - Detroit Tigers OF - Pass. 

Vaughn Grissom - Atlanta Braves SS - Wait and revisit for me. Not sure how much upside is here.

Will Holland - Minnesota Twins SS - Pass. 

Wilderd Patino - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - I like the tools here. Buy. 

Yoendrys Gomez - New York Yankees P - Wait and revisit. Not sure if he is a starter or will be in the bullpen.

Zach Watson - Baltimore Orioles OF - Pass. Too old. 

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An Update on How to Reach Me

Please note the new email address. If you have any questions feel free to comment on a post or email me at I also will continue to be on Twitter @Prospects4Cash. Thanks again for your support.

Philadelphia Phillies 3B Alec Bohm - So Far, So Good

Alec Bohm is off to a great start in the majors. Even though the sample size is small he is showing great plate discipline and power potential. The main thing to note is that historically 3B prospects tend to be safe bets. Yes there is always a chance for a prospect to wash out but the evaluation for most 3B prospects is easier because the bat is a bigger component of the scouting report.

Friday, August 7, 2020

A Review of My Past Bowman Baseball Recommendations (2017)

At Prospects for Cash I think its important to look back at previous recommendations to see where I went wrong and how to get better. Its important to hold myself accountable. A ton of other sites don't.

Hit Rate - 15 Hits/41 Total Recommendations = 36.59%

The goal is to be around 55% similar to most professional gamblers.

Bargain Bin - A Bowman auto card priced below $10. 

2017 Bowman Draft

Zac Lowther - Baltimore Orioles P - Zac can pitch but no one cared so this is a miss. Keep in mind this is a miss on the price but not on the talent. Tough one. 

MacKenzie Gore - San Diego Padres P - Hit. 

Adam Haseley - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Hit. Money could be made when he was in the minors.

Brian Miller - Miami Marlins OF - No one cared. Miss.

Bubba Thompson - Texas Rangers OF- I would say hit but its close. Prices did spike upon release but if you have him now I would be worried. The contact numbers have not gotten better.

Gavin Sheets - Chicago White Sox 1B - Good stats but now is 24. Bargain bin miss.

Jake Burger - Chicago White Sox 3B - Miss. Injury. 

Jeter Downs - Boston Red Sox SS - Hit. One of my bigger ones. 

Kacy Clemens - Toronto Blue Jays 1B - Bargain bin miss.

Kevin Smith - Toronto Blue Jays SS - Bargain bin miss.

Luis Gonzalez - Chicago White Sox OF - Bargain bin miss.

Tristen Lutz - Milwaukee Brewers OF - He has good power but too much swing and miss. The contact rates were always the risk here. Miss.

2017 Bowman Chrome

Austin Hays - Baltimore Orioles OF - Hit. You needed to flip this one quick. He came out hot on the market then his performance dropped. 

Dawel Lugo - Arizona Diamondbacks 3B - Bargain bin miss. 

Jazz Chisholm - Arizona Diamondbacks SS - Bargain bin hit. Sold for under $10 upon initial release and now selling for $20.

Jorge Ona - San Diego Padres, OF - Miss. Injury. 

Jesus Sanchez - Tampa Bay Rays OF - Hit. The kid can play. 

Khalil Lee - Kansas City Royals OF - One of my favorite prospects. But this one is a miss. 

Lazarito Armenteros - Oakland Athletics OF - Miss. Way too many strikeouts.

Mitch Keller - Pittsburgh Pirates P - Hit. Money was made here. Was hot in the minors. 

Max Schrock - St Louis Cardinals 2B - Bargain bin miss. 

Mitchell White - Los Angeles Dodgers P - Miss. Pitchers are tough. 

Nick Banks - Washington Nationals OF - Bargain bin miss. 

Ryan Howard - San Francisco Giants SS - Bargain bin miss. 

Starling Heredia - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Miss.

Sixto Sanchez - Miami Marlins P - Hit. Injuries slowed him down a bit but money could of been made here.

Torii Hunter Jr. - Los Angeles Angels OF - Miss. Good start but has not taken off in the minors. 

Yusniel Diaz - Baltimore Orioles OF - Miss. Not a bad player but no one cares. 

2017 Bowman Baseball 

Triston McKenzie - Cleveland Indians P - Close but a miss. I think his frame is too small. 

Nick Senzel - Cincinnati Reds 3B - Hit. There were opportunities to make money here despite the injuries.

Eloy Jimenez - Chicago White Sox OF - Hit. Good power bat. 

Blake Rutherford  - Chicago White Sox OF - Miss. Has not improved so far. 

TJ Friedl - Cincinatti Reds OF - Miss. Talented player but never got to the high levels. 

Yu-Cheng Chang - Cleveland Indians SS - Miss. 24 years old. I was hoping the contact rate would improve. 

Other Recommendations 

Yoan Moncada - Chicago White Sox 3B - Hit. Has improved his contact rate but his card price is stable. 

Andrew Benintendi - Boston Red Sox LF - Hit. A strong market helps here. Good player. 

Jahmai Jones - Los Angeles Angels 2B - Hit. If you sold in 2017 this was a hit. He was on fire. Overall he has not lived up to expectations. 

Matt Thaiss - Los Angeles Angels 1B - Miss. Loved his power and contact but prices never took off. 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr - Toronto Blue Jays 1B/3B - Hit. 

Nick Gordon - Minnesota Twins SS - Miss. Loved Nick Gordon but he never could get going in the minors. 

Garrett Whitley - Tampa Bay Rays OF - Big miss. Injuries and poor performance. 


1. Going for high upside prospects can sometime backfire. 
2. A prospect can be good but if they do not have a following it does not matter. 
3. I missed on a ton of low cost (Bargain Bin) prospects. 

Lnks to Original Prospect Review Posts

Friday, July 31, 2020

New York Yankees OF Jasson Dominguez - I Want to Believe

Jasson Dominguez has officially taken the prospecting world over. Bowman auto prices are well above $1,000 and base card prices are also expensive. Nicknamed "The Martian", reports are stating he possesses rare physical tools. Jasson has power from both sides of the plate, is a plus runner and projects to be a future superstar if everything clicks. Recently he posted a video of him taking batting practice on Instagram and let’s just say he looks huge! Could these be camera tricks playing games with us? Maybe. The reaction to the video has been hilarious. Some people have even dropped him in their prospect rankings because he looked too big for their liking. To help readers, I have listed my pros, cons and thoughts on Jasson below. 

1. He is a New York Yankee.
2. He has a power/speed profile. 
3. He has power from both sides of the plate as a switch hitter.
4. He already has a following on social media. 
5. He is 17 years old.

1. He has not played in a professional game yet.
2. Could possibly lose speed as he matures. 
3. Limited scouting reports and data. 
4. Bowman card prices are already expensive. 

My Thoughts
Unfortunately, Jasson's card prices are way out of my price range or budget to purchase. To me the hype machine has boosted up his card value, but the main reason for the spike in price is because he is a New York Yankee. Due to the most hyped prospect being a member of a global brand, it has created a perfect storm. It’s hard for me to say anything else until he plays. Could he be a superstar? Of course. Could he be a bust? Of course. It may take some time to find out due to find out due to the pandemic, but eventually we will have some answers. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

My Favorite Prospects on MLB 60 Man Rosters

The MLB season is scheduled to start late July and while there is not a minor league season, a few of my favorite prospects are on the 60 man rosters. Its hard to say if any of these players will play but at least they are around the big league club and able to workout. A full list of the prospects on rosters can be located here via MLB Pipeline.

Tampa Bay Rays
Wander Franco, SS
Vidal Brujan 2B/SS

Boston Red Sox 
Bobby Dalbec, 3B/1B

Cleveland Indians
Nolan Jones, 3B
Tyler Freeman, SS
Bo Naylor, C

Kansas City Royals
Bobby Witt Jr, SS
Khalil Lee, OF

Detroit Tigers
Matt Manning, RHP

Minnesota Twins
Alex Krilloff, OF
Trevor Larnach, OF

Chicago White Sox 
Andrew Vaughn, 1B
Nick Madrigal, 2B

Los Angeles Angels
Jo Adell, OF
Brandon Marsh, OF
Jordyn Adams, OF

Oakland Athletics
Robert Puason, SS

Seattle Mariners
Jarred Kelenic, OF
Julio Rodriguez, OF

Atlanta Braves 
Cristian Pache, OF

St. Louis Cardinals
Dylan Carlson, OF
Nolan Gorman, 3B

Chicago Cubs
Brennen Davis, OF
Miguel Amaya, C

Pittsburgh Pirates
Oneil Cruz, SS
Ke'Bryan Hayes, 3B

Cincinnati Reds
Nick Lodolo, LHP
Stuart Fairchild, OF

Arizona Diamondbacks
Alek Thomas, OF
Daulton Varsho, C
Corbin Carroll, OF
Pavin Smith, OF

Los Angeles Dodgers
Gavin Lux, SS
Josiah Gray, RHP

San Francisco Giants
Heliot Ramos, OF

San Diego Padres
CJ Abrams, SS

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Bobby Witt Jr. Hitting Analysis (Kansas City Royals, SS)

Over the past few weeks I have seen discussions on various message boards asking if Bobby Witt Jr. is the real deal. Time will tell but I decided to take a look at his Rookie Ball stats for any clues. I honestly don't take Rookie Ball stats too seriously but when I reviewed his numbers a few interesting things caught my attention. Please note the sample size was not big but I feel strong about my findings. Overall his debut was average but promising.

1. 7.2% walk rate and 19.5% Strikeout Rate - Not a big surprise here. Witt is expected to have some swing and miss to his game. If he can keep his strikeout rate below 20%, he should be in good shape.

2. Line Drive Percentage 19.2%, Ground Ball Percentage 52%, Fly Ball Percentage 28.8% - These batted ball numbers are promising but more data is needed. I like that his line drive rate is around the league average.

3. Batted Ball Direction - Pull 40.5 %, Cent 22.1%, Oppo 37.4% - Witt really hit the ball to the opposite field in his pro debut. I am not sure if that is a sustainable number but it does highlight his gap power to all fields. Unfortunately contact percentages are not available.

Bobby Witt Jr. Rookie Ball Spray Chart (37 Games, 180 PA)

Witt only played 37 games in Rookie Ball but the chart shows a ton of gap power to all fields.

Buy Bobby Witt Jr's Cards via Ebay

Link to Bobby Witt Jr's Stats via Fangraphs

Friday, June 12, 2020

2020 Bowman Baseball - Early Pricing Trends Update

2020 Bowman has been out for a few weeks and I think its a good time to check where prices are. Please remember I am only looking at the base auto price via completed eBay auction sales for players I liked in the product. Thanks for reading.

Adam Hall - Auto is selling for a very good price. Under $10. 

Andy Pages - Los Angeles Dodgers CF – Wow! Auto is selling for over $60! I'm surprised. 

Anthony Volpe - New York Yankees SS – See above. What am I missing? 

Bryce Ball - Atlanta Braves 1B –  Price is almost $100. Didn't see that coming. Short print?

Brennen Davis - Chicago Cubs OF – Auto is selling for around $75. Not a bad price for a player with his talent.

Bobby Witt Jr. - Kansas City Royals SS – Auto is selling for around $300. High as expected.

Canaan Smith - New York Yankees OF – Auto is selling for under $20. Steal.

Ezequiel Duran - New York Yankees 2B – Auto is selling for $35-$40.

Everson Pereira - New York Yankees CF – Auto is selling for around $40. 

Erik Rivera - Los Angeles Angels OF – Prices are all over the place but mostly selling for under $20.

Glenallen Hill Jr. - Arizona Diamondbacks 2B – Auto is selling for around $10. 

Jacob Amaya - Los Angeles Dodgers SS – Auto is selling for around $20.

James Beard - Chicago White Sox OF –  Auto is selling for around $10. 

Jhon Diaz - Tampa Bay Rays CF – Auto is selling for around $75. A little high to me.

Jasson Dominguez - New York Yankees OF – Auto is selling for $1,000. Amazing.  

Lency Delgado - Chicago White Sox SS – Auto is selling for under $10.

Luis Patino - San Diego Padres P – Wow. Auto is selling for $50. Too high for me. 

Leonel Valera - Los Angeles Dodgers SS – Prices are around $10 per card. 

Micah Bello - Milwaukee Brewers OF – Prices are around $10 per card.

Miguel Vargas - Los Angeles Dodgers 3B – Prices are around $30 per card. I love the price. 

Omar Estevez - Los Angeles Dodgers 2B – Prices are around $15 per card.

Oscar Gonzalez - Cleveland Indians OF – Prices are around $15 per card.

Robert Puason - Oakland Athletics SS - Over $100 for an auto. 

Sherten Apostel - Texas Rangers 3B – Prices are around $30 per card.. Too high in my opinion.

Stephen Paolini - Atlanta Braves OF – Prices are around $20-$30 per card.

Vidal Brujan - Tampa Bay Rays 2B – Prices are around $60 per card.  

Xavier Edwards – Tampa Bay Rays SS – Card is selling for $40-$50. I honestly thought it would be higher. Odd.