Monday, March 30, 2020

A Few Notes on MLB Prospect Miguel Amaya (Chicago Cubs, C)

The Cubs don't have much on the farm talent wise but one player to note is Miguel Amaya. He's a pretty good player and prices are affordable at the moment. Another positive is that the Cubs may need his help sooner than later. I am expecting a breakout season from Miguel. He has good power and can get on base at a decent clip. The walk and strikeout rates are very impressive despite the batting average.

Link to Stats via Fangraphs

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Few Notes on MLB Prospect Jordyn Adams (LA Angels, CF)

Hello readers. I know we are all bummed about the baseball season being delayed but I wanted to take some time to write about Jordyn Adams. Jordyn is another high risk, high reward prospect but has just started to really go all in on baseball. In his first full season he performed pretty well considering football was his primary sport in high school. It may take time and there may be some highs and lows as he develops in the system, but he is a gifted athlete and I expect him to improve. I would not be surprised if he shoots up prospect lists this year. Once again thanks for reading.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Bobby Witt Jr. MLB Scouting Report (Kansas City Royals, SS)

Age: 19 (June 14, 2000) 
Bats/Throws: R/R
Height/Weight: 6'1/190
Team: Kansas City Royals
Drafted: Round 1, Pick 2 Overall, 2019 MLB Draft
Recent Pricing: Pending 2020 Bowman Release
Card: 2020 Bowman Baseball
Base Auto: Base Auto Raw TBD/9.5 Base Auto TBD

2019 Stats: .262. Avg/.317 OBP/.670 OPS

Scouting Report

The son of a former MLB player, Witt shows maturity and professionalism that cannot be ignored. His 6'1 frame generates raw power, the glove is exceptional and his running ability is plus. Witt has too many tools to ignore.


I expect this card to be on the high end but I may consider investing depending on where prices fall. What I love the most is his leadership ability and work ethic. I understand the concern with his swing and miss tendencies at the moment but I expect improvements as he matures and plays his way through the minors. A few scouts have noted concerns of his older age when being drafted but that is  not a concern for me.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

How to Use the Baseball America Prospect Handbook

One of my favorite books to read to help me make better buying choices is the Baseball America Prospect Handbook. It is one of the best books you can buy if you want to learn about prospects. I have listed a few ways you can use the book to your advantage below.

First Time Buyer of the Prospect Handbook

If you are a first time purchaser of the book I would get familiar with how Baseball America rates players and defines each tool. The book always gives a breakdown of what the 20-80 scale is and rates 30 players from each team. It has everything you need. 

Owners of Previous Prospect Handbooks

If you own books from the previous years use them to compare the scouting reports and tool grades to the new book. Is the player improving? Have any tool grades dropped or increased? What has the player worked on and is currently working on? Where is he ranked in the organization versus previous years? 
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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Jasson Dominguez MLB Scouting Report (New York Yankees, OF)

Age: 17 (February 7, 2003) 
Bats/Throws: Switch/R 
Height/Weight: 5'10/190
Position: OF
Team: New York Yankees
Drafted: Signed July 2, 2020 (Dominican Republic)
Recent Pricing: Pending 2020 Bowman Release
Card: 2020 Bowman Baseball
Base Auto: Base Auto Raw TBD/9.5 Base Auto TBD

2019 Stats: Did Not Play

Scouting Report

Jaason Dominguez has not made his pro debut yet but the industry is already buzzing about his makeup and tools. Scouts have already compared him to Mike Trout, Bo Jackson and other physically gifted players. The scouting grades are off the charts and the tools are loud. He has power from both sides and the speed to steal 30 bags a year. His debut will be one of the most anticipated events in the minors this year. I have never seen a prospect this young with these tools and the hype since Bryce Harper.


If you think Wander Franco's prices are insane just wait until the release of Bowman 2020 Baseball. The hype is there but for me I need to see him actually play. I expect him to have the most expensive card in baseball and crush rookie ball pitching. In my opinion retail boxes of Bowman Baseball are the play here. Hunt down as many non-auto cards as you can and hope you hit the lottery. I cannot recommend purchasing an auto for a player that will be most likely over $500 bucks who is 17 years old. My recommendation does not mean he will not work out as a prospect but more of a commentary on the hobby.  

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

2019 Bowman Draft Baseball - Feburary Pricing Trends Update

Listed below is an update on some of the pricing trends for 2019 Bowman Draft. Overall there has not been a ton of price movement. Its a good time to buy before the season starts. Please note I only reviewed base auto prices via Ebay. Thanks for reading.
Andre Lipcius - Detroit Tigers 2B/3B - Around $5-$10 bucks. No big changes.

Adley Rutschman - Baltimore Orioles C - Prices are up to $275.

Andrew Vaughn - Chicago White Sox 1B - Prices are high. Around $160 for base. I have seen as low as $125. 

Brett Baty - New York Mets 3B - No changes. Still around $75.

Brennan Malone - Arizona Diamondbacks P - Selling for around $10 bucks. Now a Pirate.

Corbin Carroll - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Price is up to around $50.

Gunnar Henderson - Baltimore Orioles SS - Selling for around $15 bucks still but climbing slowly to $20. 

Keoni Cavaco - Minnesota Twins SS - Still selling for around $40.

Rece Hinds - Cincinnati Reds 3B - Selling for around $20. No bump in price yet.

Tyler Callihan - Cincinnati Reds OF - Selling for around $10-$20. No changes.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Jo Adell MLB Scouting Report (Los Angeles Angels, OF)

Birthdate: 04/08/1999

Bats/Throws: R/R
Height/Weight: 6-3/215
Position: OF

Team: Los Angeles Angels  
Drafted: 2017 June Amateur Draft - Round: 1, Pick: 10 

Recent Pricing:
Card: 2017 Bowman Chrome Draft 
Base Auto: $700-$900 Base Auto 9.5: $800-$1000

2019 Stats: .289 AVG/.359 OBP/.834 OPS, 10 HR,  27 Doubles

Scouting Report:
The LA Angels have a history of not producing much talent from their farm system but over the past few years there have been improvements in this area. The Angels have focused on high upside prospects who are athletic. Jo Adell is a world class athlete with the tools and makeup to be the next big thing. His power is 70 grade and he has speed to easily steal double digit bases. There are some concerns about his contact skills as the strikeout rates are high but overall Adell is improving in this area. I expect to see Adell in the majors this year and benefit from the media coverage around Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon. 

Conclusion: Mike Trout's help is on the way. I would focus on base non-autos and paper non-autos. His auto is short printed so the price may be too high for most. I think Adell is going to be a star. You can live with the strikeouts as the five tool ability is insane.

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