Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 Bowman Chrome Draft Baseball Prospects To Buy

2015 Bowman Draft has been released and here are some names that prospectors should consider. If you want to know my philosophy on how I choose these prospects, please read my previous post analyzing 2014 Bowman Draft. This draft was not a strong as previous drafts but I expect some additional names to emerge as the season starts in April.

White Sox Prospect Carson Fulmer
His auto's range from $20-25 dollars but are worth the buy. He struck out 26 batters in only 23 IP in his first pro season. The White Sox plan to take it slow with Carson which is surprising compared to previous history (Sale, Rodon) but I would not be concerned.

Rangers Prospect Dillon Tate
Autos range from $10-15. Dillon does not have a huge sample size to analyze but I love everything that I see and read about him. Keep an eye on him but don't hesitate to buy some autos once he starts the season in April.

Giants Phil Bickford
Phil struck out 32 batters in only 22 IP in his first taste of pro ball. His autos can be obtained for under $10.

Braves Austin Riley
Loved the power numbers that Austin put up in his first pro season out of high school. The only question I have is if he can cut down on the strikeouts. Autos are slowly creeping up to $30 so a wait and see approach may be necessary before investing.

Tigers Christin Stewart
Stewart put up great power numbers in his first season of pro ball but his strikeout to walk ratio is a concern. Base autos can be purchased for under $15. Even with the strikeouts the cost may be worth buying a few. The scouts love his bat.

Keep an eye on the power numbers for the prospects below.

Brewers Trent Clark - Loved the strikeout to walk ratio in Trent's first season out of high school. The power numbers are not there for me to purchase just yet but I will monitor his progress. His advanced feel for hitting gets my attention immediately. The Brewers do not have a solid history of developing hitters or pitchers so lets wait to see how he develops.

Pirates Ke'Bryan Hayes - Another prospect that I like but the power numbers were not there in his first season. Keep an eye on him.

Friday, December 18, 2015

2015 Bowman Chrome Draft Autograph Checklist With Ebay Links

BCA-AB Andrew Benintendi - Boston Red Sox
BCA-AR Ashe Russell - Kansas City Royals
BCA-ARI Austin Riley - Atlanta Braves
BCA-ASM Austin Smith - San Diego Padres

BCA-ASU Andrew Suarez - San Francisco Giants
BCA-AY Alex Young - Arizona Diamondbacks
BCA-BB Beau Burrows - Detroit Tigers
BCA-BL Brett Lilek - Miami Marlins
BCA-BR Brendan Rodgers - Colorado Rockies
BCA-CB Chris Betts - Tampa Bay Rays
BCA-CBI Conor Biggio - Houston Astros
BCA-CF Carson Fulmer - Chicago White Sox
BCA-CG Cam Gibson - Detroit Tigers
BCA-CP Cody Ponce - Milwaukee Brewers
BCA-CS Chris Shaw - San Francisco Giants
BCA-CST Christin Stewart - Detroit Tigers
BCA-DD Donnie Dewees - Chicago Cubs
BCA-DF Drew Finley - New York Yankees
BCA-DL Desmond Lindsay - New York Mets
BCA-DS Dansby Swanson - Arizona Diamondbacks
BCA-DST D.J. Stewart - Baltimore Orioles
BCA-DT Dillon Tate - Texas Rangers
BCA-EJ Eric Jenkins - Texas Rangers
BCA-GW Garrett Whitley - Tampa Bay Rays
BCA-IH Ian Happ - Chicago Cubs
BCA-JD Jeff Degano - New York Yankees
BCA-JHI Juan Hillman - Cleveland Indians
BCA-JK James Kaprielian - New York Yankees

BCA-JN Josh Naylor - Miami Marlins
BCA-JNI Jacob Nix - San Diego Padres
BCA-JW Jake Woodford - St. Louis Cardinals
BCA-KA Kolby Allard - Atlanta Braves
BCA-KH Kyle Holder - New York Yankees
BCA-KHA Ke'Bryan Hayes - Pittsburgh Pirates
BCA-KN Kevin Newman - Pittsburgh Pirates
BCA-KT Kyle Tucker - Houston Astros
BCA-LH Lucas Herbert - Atlanta Braves
BCA-MM Michael Matuella - Texas Rangers
BCA-MR Mariano Rivera - Washington Nationals
BCA-MS Michael Soroka - Atlanta Braves
BCA-MW Mike Nikorak - Colorado Rockies
BCA-MWO Max Wotell - New York Mets
BCA-NK Nathan Kirby - Milwaukee Brewers
BCA-NN Nick Neidert - Seattle Mariners
BCA-NP Nick Plummer - St. Louis Cardinals
BCA-NW Nolan Watson - Kansas City Royals
BCA-PB Phil Bickford - San Francisco Giants
BCA-PL Peter Lambert - Colorado Rockies
BCA-RM Richie Martin - Oakland Athletics
BCA-RMO Ryan Mountcastle - Baltimore Orioles
BCA-SK Scott Kingery - Philadelphia Phillies
BCA-TC Trent Clark - Milwaukee Brewers
BCA-TE Thomas Eshelman - Houston Astros
BCA-TJ Tyler Jay - Minnesota Twins
BCA-TMA Tate Matheny - Boston Red Sox
BCA-TN Tyler Nevin - Colorado Rockies
BCA-TR Tanner Rainey - Cincinnati Reds
BCA-TS Tyler Stephenson - Cincinnati Reds
BCA-TW Taylor Ward - Los Angeles Angels

BCA-WB Walker Buehler - Los Angeles Dodgers