Monday, December 18, 2023

The Best Guide to 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball

2023 Bowman Draft is here but I have to say this year's draft was good but the product does not reflect that. MLB teams are drafting college players more than ever so this product tends to trend older. Pitchers and catchers remain not worth an investment due to the injury risk and grind of the position. There were a few people I liked in this product. 

Do not buy hobby boxes unless you like gambling. Its not worth it. Focus on singles. I will revisit this checklist again but a ton of these players value will drop as more cases are open. Especially the names I did not mention. Hope this helps. 

Buy 2023 Bowman Draft Autos

Arizona Diamondbacks

Tommy Troy SS - Not bad. Worth a purchase.

Boston Red Sox

Nazzan Zanetello OF - I am interested.

Chicago Cubs

Matt Shaw SS - Older but good.

Colorado Rockies

Cole Carrigg C - Solid needs to move away from catcher.

Detroit Tigers:

Max Clark OF - Nice player. I hope he develops power.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Dylan Campbell

Kendall George

Joe Vetrano

*I like what the Dodgers do so much, I always put them on the list to monitor and buy.

New York Mets

Colin Houck SS - Young but I like that he played football and seems to have tools.

Philadelphia Phillies

Devin Saltiban SS - A good buy low/lets see what happens pick.

TayShaun Walton OF - See above.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Paul Skenes P - Talented but I am passing.

Texas Rangers

Wyatt Langford OF - College bat. STUD. Will be in the majors in 2024. Best player in the product.