Tuesday, May 7, 2024

The Essential Guide to 2024 Bowman Baseball's Top Prospects: Full Analysis and Rankings

Hello Readers. 2024 Bowman is here and it seems that Fanatics has listened because there are not a ton of pitchers in this product. There is a good mix of mid to late round prospects, international signing and high draft picks. Overall this product is decent. Singles are the way to go.

Pitchers and Catchers - Automatic pass. Arm break and Catchers take too long to develop. 

Box Break Teams - Braves, Astros, Brewers, Red Sox, Rockies

Atlanta Braves

Diego Benitez SS - The extra base hits look OK. Young player with maybe a slight chance of power. 

Douglas Glod - CF - Not bad and only 19. Would need to see the swing and miss go down. 

Isaiah Drake - OF - Really young. A buy and hold if you like the scouting report.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Gino Groover 3B - Pass. 

Tommy Troy SS - Pass. 

Baltimore Orioles

Aneudis Mordán C - Pass.

Enrique Bradfield Jr. OF - Not a ton of at bats but I am not seeing anything here.

Max Wagner 3B - 2023 numbers are not bad but its a pass for me. 

Rolphy Cruz Utility - Pass.

Tavian Josenberger CF - Pass. 

Boston Red Sox

Antonio Anderson SS - Pass. No pop.
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Allan Castro CF - Solid. Worth a purchase. Look at the numbers. They are good. 
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Johanfran Garcia C - Pass. 
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Kyle Teel C - Pass.

Yoeilin Cespedes SS - Good. Like the doubles and triples. 

Chicago Cubs

Alfonsin Rosario RF - Need to see more. 

Josh Rivera SS - Pass. 

Matt Shaw 2B - 22 but has not played much. Pass. 

Chicago White Sox

Jacob Burke CF - Pass.

Ryan Burrowes SS - Currently injured but its still a pass. 

Ronny Hernandez C - Pass. 

Rikuu Nishida C - Pass. 

George Wolkow OF - Super young but 6'7. Why not take a chance. 

Colorado Rockies

Erick Bautista OF - Not a ton of stats out there. Do you trust the scouting report? 

Kelvin Hidalgo SS - I like what I see here. 

Robert Calaz OF - I like it. 

Detroit Tigers

Carson Rucker SS - Not a ton here. Need to see more at bats. 

Houston Astros

Anthony Huezo OF - Need to see more. 

Brice Matthews SS - Pass. 

German Ramirez SS - Not bad. 

Luis Baez OF - Not bad. 

Esmil Valencia OF - Rookie ball numbers are not everything but I like it. 

Kansas City Royals

Erick Torres OF - Pass. 

Jared Dickey RF - Pass. 

Ramon Ramirez P - Pass. 

Tony Ruiz OF - Strikeout rate is a mess but he's young so I will revisit. 

Los Angeles Angels

Anthony Scull OF - Not bad. 

Barrett Kent P - Pass.

Capri Ortiz 3B - Pass.

Felix Morrobel SS- Pass. 

Jorge Marcheco P - Pass. 

John Wimmer SS - Young. Need to see more. 

Milwaukee Brewers

Brock Wilken 3B - Classic power bat. Big season for him right now. He needs to produce. Its a pass. 

Cooper Pratt SS - Hard to say. I really want to see at least 400 at bats before diving in. 

Filippo Di Turri SS - Pass. 

Jadher Areinamo SS - Pass. 

Luke Adams 3B - Really solid 2023. Worth a buy. 

Minnesota Twins

Byron Chourio OF - Only 18 but I think it may be something here. 

Carlos Silva C - Pass. 

Walker Jenkins OF - First auto (Thanks Anonymous & ManwithNoName). Dealing with a hamstring issue right now which sucks. He was one of my favorite prospects in his draft class. Stud but will be expensive.

New York Mets

Anthony Baptist OF - Young with potential. I can understand the purchase. 

Boston Baro SS - I need to see him play. 

Jeffry Rosa OF - Lots of pop here. I like. 

Stanley Consuegra RF - Pass. 

New York Yankees

Agustin Ramirez C - Pass.

Enmanuel Tejeda SS - Pass.

George Lombard Jr. SS - Pass. 

Jesus Rodriguez C - Pass. 

John Cruz CF - On Miami now. Numbers are great but not being a Yankee hurts his value big time. 

Jared Serna 2B - Not a ton of power for homers but tons of doubles. Not bad. Yankee boost. 

Oakland Athletics

Daniel Susac C - Pass. 

Jacob Wilson SS - Pass. 

Ryan Lasko OF - Pass. 

Philadelphia Phillies

Aidan Miller SS - Pass. 
Update 5/20/24 - Made a mistake here. Buy.

Raylin Heredia OF - Pass. 

Pittsburgh Pirates

Estuar Suero OF - Pass.

Esmerlyn Valdez OF - Ok numbers. A pass for me though. 

Paul Skenes P - Second Auto - Pass. 

Tony Blanco Jr. OF - Pass.

San Diego Padres

J.D. Gonzalez C - Pass. 

San Francisco Giants

Bryce Eldridge OF (Two Way) - Second Auto (Thanks Anonymous). I like the power potential here. Big dude. 

Cesar Quintas OF - Pass. 

Carson Whisenhunt P - Pass. 

Walker Martin SS - Has not played yet. High pick maybe its something here. 

Seattle Mariners

Aidan Smith OF - Not bad. Decent numbers. 
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Ben Williamson 3B - Older but having a really good season. Good quick flip candidate. 

Texas Rangers

Abimelec Ortiz 1B - Masher. Yes. 

Brock Porter P - Pass. 

Chandler Pollard 2B - Pass. Too much swing and miss. 

Sebastian Walcott DH - Will need to revisit. 

Wyatt Langford LF - Second Auto 

Toronto Blue Jays

Arjun Nimmala SS - Will need to come back. I bet you will love the scouting report. 

David Guzman OF - Really young. Doubles look good. Can they develop him?

Sam Shaw 2B - Will need to come back to him. 

Washington Nationals

Dylan Crews OF - No 2 pick in the draft. Is he legit. I think so but need to see how he does this season.

Travis Sykora P - Pass. 

Yohandy Morales 1B- Pass. 


  1. Is this Walker Jenkins 2nd bowman auto? I thought this was his 1st

  2. Thanks as always! A couple quick notes: Walker Jenkins is not a 2nd auto. Should be a 1st. Bryce Eldridge is a 2nd auto

    1. Thanks for the catch. Much appreciated.

  3. Are you sure it’s Walker Jenkins 2nd auto?