Monday, April 17, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to 2023 Bowman Baseball: Full Analysis and Rankings

In a surprising twist, Topps decided to release the checklist for 2023 Bowman Baseball early to drive preorder sales. The list is over 100 names with a handful of repeat signatures. Overall the list reminds me more of a Bowman Chrome release. A ton of young international signings were included. These players are very young and have not played a full season yet. There are a handful of players I like and some I will need to revisit once they play more. Hope this helps! Feel free to comment or question. 

Ariel Almonte - Cincinnati Reds OF - High risk because of the strikeouts but good power. Will take time.

Hector Rodríguez - Cincinnati Reds LF - Young player with solid numbers. Not sure if he will hit a ton of homers.

Cam Collier - Cincinnati Reds 3B - One of my favorite players in the product.

Carlos Jorge - Cincinnati Reds 2B - Great power and walk rates. Only 19 so I want to see the swing and miss go down. I like him.

Wilmer Flores - Detroit Tigers P - Pass.

Abel Bastidas - Detroit Tigers SS - Very young and promising prospect.

Diego Hernandez - Kansas City Royals OF - A very good prospect. Looks to be a 4th outfielder.

Lizandro Rodriguez - Kansas City Royals 2B - Solid young 2B prospect.

Austin Charles - Kansas City Royals 2B - Very young late round pick. Will have to revisit as the stats are limited.

Dayan Frías - Cleveland Guardians 3B- Tons of extra base hits. Not a ton of power though.

Jorge Burgos - Cleveland Guardians OF - Nice player but probably a bench player. We'll see.

Angel Genao - Cleveland Guardians SS - Pass. Not a ton of pop here.

Gabriel Martinez - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Love the HR and extra base hits numbers.

Yhoangel Aponte - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Young player who needs to develop but I like what I see.

Manuel Beltre - Toronto Blue Jays SS - Very young but maybe the power will come.

Enmanuel Bonilla - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Only 17. Was a big signing for the team. A must follow.

Luis Garcia - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Not bad. Would take a small position for the right price.

Hayden Juenger - Toronto Blue Jays P - Pass.

Blaine Crim - Texas Rangers 1B - Pass. Too old.

Andres Mesa - Texas Rangers 2B - Not bad but I need to see the K rate improve.

Colin Peluse - Oakland Athletics P - Pass.

Colby Thomas - Oakland Athletics OF - A little older but I need to see more.

Jorge Ruiz - Los Angeles Angels OF - Tons of extra base hits and only 18 so I will keep an eye on him.

Nelson Rada - Los Angeles Angels OF - Only 17. See above.

Randy De Jesus - Los Angeles Angels - Only 18. See Ruiz.

Caden Dana - Los Angeles Angels P - Pass.

Joe Stewart - Los Angeles Angels OF - Pass.

Jadiel Sanchez - Los Angeles Angels OF - Pass.

Jesus Baez - New York Mets SS - Not bad. Very young and will follow.

Nick Morabito - New York Mets OF - Not a ton out there. Only 19. Will follow.

William Lugo - New York Mets 3B - Not bad. The numbers are solid.

Junior Tilien - New York Mets 2B - Same as Lugo.

Alex Ramirez - New York Mets OF - Same as Lugo and Tilien. Who you choose all depends on who you like and who has the strongest tools.

Dominic Canzone - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Pass. Too old.

Tim Tawa - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Pass. Too old.

Druw Jones - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Stud.

Braylin Tavera - Baltimore Orioles OF - Only 18. Need to see more.

Leandro Arias - Baltimore Orioles OF - See above.

Adam Crampton - Baltimore Orioles OF - 21 years old but no real stats. Pass for now.

Ambioris Tavarez - Atlanta Braves SS - Very young. Need to see more.

Andrew Taylor - Houston Astros P - Pass.

Wilyer Abreu - Houston Astros OF - Pass.

Ryan Clifford - Houston Astros OF - Need to see more.

Shay Whitcomb - Houston Astros 2B - Pass.

Braylon Bishop - Pittsburgh Pirates SS - Pass. Too old.

Jase Bowen - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Pass.

Ben Brown - Chicago Cubs P - Pass.

Moisés Ballesteros - Chicago Cubs C - Solid young catcher but they take a long time to develop. Pass.

Matt Mervis - Chicago Cubs 1B - Pass. Too old.

Pedro Ramírez - Chicago Cubs 2B - Young with solid numbers. I could see why people would buy.

Derniche Valdez - Chicago Cubs SS - Will come back and revisit. 17 and has not played.

Jackson Ferris - Chicago Cubs P - Pass.

Jefferson Rojas - Chicago Cubs 2B - Very young. Will revisit.

Yeiner Fernandez - Los Angeles Dodgers  C - Pass for me.

Juan Alonso - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Not bad. Lots of room to grow.

Josue De Paula - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - I like the numbers and that he is a Dodger. Only 17.

Mairoshendrick Martinus - Los Angeles Dodgers 3B - Young prospect that needs to develop. I'll revisit.

Damon Keith - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Not bad but its a pass for me.

Hao Yu Lee - Philadelphia Phillies SS - Solid prospect with some pop. I wrote about him before.

Nikau Pouaka-Grego - Philadelphia Phillies 2B - Not bad but got injured and wont return until 2024.

Emaarion Boyd - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Decent mid round prospect but I need to see more at bats.

Justin Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Stud

Brock Jones - Tampa Bay Rays OF - Need to see more at bats.

Xavier Isaac - Tampa Bay Rays 1B - I need to see more at bats.

Ronny Simon - Tampa Bay Rays 2B - Very solid but not sure on the impact far as the price spiking.

Junior Caminero - Tampa Bay Rays 3B - Soild young prospect.

Edouard Julien - Minnesota Twins 2B - Pass.

Kyler Fedko - Minnesota Twins OF - Pass.

Brandon Walter - Boston Red Sox P - Pass.

Roman Anthony - Boston Red Sox OF - Will revisit. Only 18.

Luis Ravelo - Boston Red Sox SS - Pass.

Freili Encarnacion - Boston Red Sox SS - 18 and young. Will revisit.

Dyan Jorge - Colorado Rockies SS - Pass for me.

Juan Brito - Colorado Rockies 2B - 21 and on the Guardians. The power numbers especially doubles are impressive. Worth a buy.

Gabriel Gonzalez - Seattle Mariners OF - Numbers are not bad here. Only 19 too.

Josh Hood - Seattle Mariners 2B - Pass.

Prelander Berroa - Seattle Mariners P - Pass.

Lázaro Montes - Seattle Mariners OF - Only 18. Will revisit.

Robert Perez Jr. - Seattle Mariners OF - Not bad. Walk rates are solid. I wouldn't buy a ton though.

Michael Arroyo - Seattle Mariners SS - 18 years old but the initial numbers are solid. Will revisit.

Nerwilian Cedeño - San Diego Padres 2B - Too much swing and miss here.

Nick Vogt - San Diego Padres OF - College player who is 22. I need more at bats.

Daniel Montesino - San Diego Padres OF - Very solid. Love the numbers I saw.

Gleider Figuereo - Texas Rangers OF - Nice numbers for a younger prospect.

Tommy Specht - Texas Rangers OF - Young player with no stats. Need to revisit.

Jace Avina - Milwaukee Brewers OF - 19 but the K rates need to come down. Way down.

Matthew Wood - Milwaukee Brewers C - Pass. Older catcher.

Jacob Berry - Miami Marlins OF - Top draft pick. Power bat.

Troy Johnston - Miami Marlins OF - Pass.

Juan Carela - New York Yankees P - Pass.

Spencer Jones - New York Yankees OF - Need to see more at bats. Already 21.

Vaun Brown - San Francisco Giants OF - Pass. Too old.

Kyle Harrison - San Francisco Giants P - Pass.

Samil De La Rosa - St. Louis Cardinals 2B - Young with solid numbers across the board.

Prospects With Second Bowman Chrome Auto 

Brooks Lee - Minnesota Twins

Elijah Green - Washington Nationals

Jackson Holliday - Baltimore Orioles

Kumar Rocker - Texas Rangers

Jace Jung - Detroit Tigers

Zach Neto - Los Angeles Angels

Termarr Johnson - Pittsburgh Pirates

Gavin Cross - Kansas City Royals