Sunday, January 29, 2023

2022 Bowman Draft & Chrome Baseball Autograph Pricing Trends: An Update

Here are the pricing trends for 2022 Bowman Chrome and Draft. The market has definitely corrected and prices are almost at pre pandemic level outside of the top guys. This is great news for the market and for prospectors.

2022 Bowman Draft 

Alex Freeland - Los Angeles Dodgers SS - I've seen as low as $7. 

Christopher Paciolla - Chicago Cubs Utility - Around $20. 

Ignacio Alvarez - Atlanta Braves 3B - Around $30. Fair.

Elijah Green - Washington Nationals OF - Prices are well above $100 but I'm not sure I would take the leap yet. 

Brooks Lee - Minnesota Twins SS - Hard to assess here. Tons of redemptions but not a ton for base. Prices are high due to scarcity. 

Mikey Romero - Boston Red Sox SS - Another player with redemptions. Prices are high for similar reason mentioned when discussing Brooks Lee. 

Chase DeLauter - Cleveland Guardians OF - $60 bucks. Not bad. It seems a lot of prospectors like him.

Jackson Holliday - Baltimore Orioles SS - Around $300! I keep hearing great reports about him.

Zach Neto - Los Angeles Angels SS- A little over $60 but I think that is fair. 

Kumar Rocker - Texas Rangers P - Selling for about $30. Still too high.

Termarr Johnson - Pittsburgh Pirates SS - Tons of redemptions similar to Romero and Lee. 

2022 Bowman Chrome 

Anthony Gutierrez - Texas Rangers OF - Selling for around $25. Great price. 

Yeison Morrobel - Texas Rangers OF - Most prices are in the $20 range. 

Rayne Doncon - Los Angeles Dodgers 2B/SS - Most prices are in the $20 range.  

Brady House - Washington Nationals 3B - Around $45. 

Ceddanne Rafaela - Boston Red Sox 3B/OF - Around $50. 

MLB Top Prospect Analysis: Jordan Walker Scouting Report and Player Profile

Age: 20

Bats/Throws: R/R

Height/Weight: 6'5/220

Position: 3B

Team: St Louis Cardinals 

Drafted: Round 1, Pick 21, 2021 MLB Draft

Top Card: 2020 Bowman Draft Baseball 

Base Auto Price (Subject to Change) - 

PSA 10 Auto Price (Subject to Change) - $1,500+

2022 Stats: 19 HR, .898 OPS, .306 AVG, K% 21.6, BB% 10.1%

Jordan Walker is currently considered a top 5 prospect in baseball. He possesses a powerful swing that should allow him to hit at least 30 home runs annually. Since being drafted, Walker has demonstrated a combination of power and average at the plate. Some of the recorded exit velocities from his swings have even broken Statcast records in the minors. Based on his performance in spring training, it is expected that he will be called up to the major leagues in 2023. In addition to his on-field abilities, Walker has a few other positives working in his favor. He plays for an organization with a strong track record of drafting and developing talented players, and he is known to have a great personality. Walker has the potential to become a perennial power-hitting all-star in the major leagues.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

2020-2021 Bowman Baseball Autograph Card Pricing Trends: An Update

Card prices are down across the board, and I thought it would be a good idea to see how some top prospects are selling. Let's take a look at 2020 and 2021 products. I will focus on 2022 in a few weeks as 2022 Bowman Draft is still fresh. Winter was always a good time to buy historically as there was no activity and collectors were focusing on other sports. I am using recent auctions on Ebay for analysis. I will be mostly look at base, but I also have looked at PSA 10s and other sales. 

2020 Bowman Draft Baseball 

Note - This draft class is pretty good overall compared to recent classes. 

Heston Kjerstad - Baltimore Orioles OF - Selling for around $75. Had a huge Arizona Fall League. 

Jordan Walker - St. Louis Cardinals 3B - Walker is such a stud that I could not find any sales. Everyone is holding. 

Ed Howard - Chicago Cubs SS - Prices have crashed as he has struggled. People overpaid and are scared to sell so they are holding. Still time though to get better.

Austin Hendrick - Cincinnati Reds OF - Similar to Howard. No one is really selling as they overpaid. 

Zac Veen - Colorado Rockies OF - I'm seeing base go for about $100 maybe less at a show. 

Tyler Soderstrom - Oakland Athletics C - I've seen about $75 for Tyler sometimes lower. He's a stud. 

Pete Crow-Armstrong - New York Mets OF - Now with the Cubs and prices are up as he had a really good season. I'm seeing refractors go for $200. Not much base out there. 

Evan Carter - Texas Rangers OF - Base is going for $100 and refractors are double. 

Nick Gonzales - Pittsburgh Pirates SS - Not a ton of base out there. Prices seem low to me. Watch out for future auctions. 

Nick Yorke - Boston Red Sox 2B - Big time price correction here. His cards were hot then he started to struggle. Combine that with a slowing market and you got a card that has lost a ton of value. 

Robert Hassell - San Diego Padres OF - Base is going for around $100. 

2020 Bowman Chrome Baseball

Luisangel Acuña - Texas Rangers 2B/SS -  Another correction. In that $50-$75 range. 

Logan O'Hoppe - Philadelphia Phillies - Now on the Angels. Around $40. 

Francisco Alvarez - New York Mets C - Base is high. Well over $100. Being a Met helps.

2020 Bowman Baseball

Anthony Volpe - New York Yankees SS – Prices are high. Very high.

Brennen Davis - Chicago Cubs OF – Top org prospect that is selling for about $40. 

Jasson Dominguez - New York Yankees OF – Oh man. Prices have crashed for this guy. His PSA 10 base auto is selling for about the same price as Volpe. I would rather buy Volpe right now. 

Bobby Witt Jr. - Kansas City Royals SS – PSA 10 base is around $1000. 

2021 Bowman Draft Baseball

Jay Allen - Cincinnati Reds OF - The base that I did see was around $25-30. That's a great price if you like him as a prospect.

Christian Encarnacion-Strand - Minnesota Twins 3B - Seen low as $30 but high as $50. Maybe people are not convinced. 

Jordan Lawlar - Arizona Diamondbacks SS - Around $250 I'm seeing. I cant be mad at that price.  

Marcelo Mayer - Boston Red Sox SS - In that $200 range. I think I am higher on Lawlar.

2021 Bowman Chrome Baseball

Carlos Colmenarez - SS (Rays) -  Prices are around $30. Good time to buy before the season. Do you research though. 

Cristian Hernandez - SS (Cubs) – Prices around $100. Cubs effect. 

2021 Bowman Baseball

Johan Rojas - Philadelphia Phillies OF – I've see $20-30. I think that is very fair. 

Hedbert Perez - Milwaukee Brewers OF – I've seen $15-20. These were going for $100 at one point.

Yoelqui Cespedes - Chicago White Sox OF -  See above.