Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball: Full Analysis and Rankings

Hello all. 2023 Bowman Chrome is finally out and it has over 132 autographs! Overall this prodcut will give you some of the best names from the recent international signing period. This product had a ton of catchers and few pitchers. I'm not too big on catchers because they take so long to develop and their offense takes a dive the more they play as the position is demanding. If I passed on a player it was because they were too old, did not have power potential or both. Hope this helps. 

Arizona Diamondbacks:

  • Christian Cerda C - Good numbers here. Small position because he is a catcher.

  • Cristofer Torin 2B/SS - Very young with OK numbers. Lots of room to grow into power hopefully.

  • Deyvison De Los Santos 3B - Solid player. Needs to walk more. 

  • Junior Franco OF - Not bad here either. Similar to above.

  • Juan Corniel 2B/SS - Pass. No pop. 
  • Ruben Santana 3B - Very young but off to a good start.

Atlanta Braves:

  • Geraldo Quintero 2B/3B - Pass. No pop. Good walk and K rates though.
  • Jair Casanova OF - Good eye at the plate but I need more power.
  • Javier Valdes C - Pass.
  • Justyn-Henry Malloy 3B - Pass for me.
  • Royber Salinas P - Pass
  • Luis Guanipa OF - Really young but rookie ball numbers look good.

Baltimore Orioles:

  • Anderson De Los Santos 3B - Love the amount of doubles here. Only 19.

  • Frederick Bencosme 2B/SS - Pass.

  • Luis Almeyda 3B/SS - Really young player. Hard to say right now. Worth a stash.

  • Samuel Basallo C/1B - Eh. Its a pass for me. 
  • Joey Ortiz 2B/3B - Pass.

Boston Red Sox:

  • Luis Perales P - Pass.
  • Wikelman Gonzalez P - Pass. 

Chicago Cubs:

  • Adan Sanchez C - Pass. 
  • Ludwing Espinoza 2B - Pass. 

Chicago White Sox:

  • Dario Borrero 1B - I'm overall meh on the White Sox when it comes to player development.
  • Luis Reyes P - Pass.
  • Cristian Mena P - Pass.

Cincinnati Reds:

  • Alfredo Duno DH - Young and seems like a masher.
  • Cade Hunter C/OF - A little older for my taste but the numbers are decent. 
  • Trey Faltine 2B/SS - Pass. 

Cleveland Guardians:

  • Maick Collado 1B/3B - Pass.
  • Victor Izturis C - Pass. 
  • Welbyn Francisca SS - Young with nice rookie ball numbers.
  • Wuilfredo Antunez OF - A little older but solid. 

Colorado Rockies:

  • Andy Perez 3B/SS - Pass. 
  • Bladimir Restituyo OF - Pass. 
  • Bryant Betancourt C/1B - Pass. 
  • Jesus Bugarin OF - Pass.
  • Jordy Vargas P - Pass. 

Detroit Tigers:

  • Danny Serretti SS - Pass.
  • Javier Osorio SS - Pass.
  • Luke Gold 2B/3B - Not bad but not enough for me to buy in.

Houston Astros:

  • Camilo Diaz SS - Pass for me. 
  • Kenedy Corona OF - Pass.

  • Kenni Gomez OF - Young and worth a stash.

  • Jacob Melton OF - Pass. 
  • Luke Berryhill 1B - Pass.

Kansas City Royals:

  • Hayden Dunhurst C - Pass. 
  • Henry Ramos OF - Worth a stash.

  • Jack Pineda SS - Pass
  • Junior Marin OF - On the Phillies but did not play much in 2023. Worth a revisit.
  • Juan Olmos C - Pass on catchers for me.

Los Angeles Angels:

  • Kristin Munroe 3B - Pass. Too many strikeouts.
  • Dario Laverde C - Good numbers but not for me. 
  • Luis Torres 1B - Pass. Too many strikeouts. 

Los Angeles Dodgers:

  • Jesus Galiz C - Another young catcher. I can't do it. 
  • Joendry Vargas SS - I love the numbers here. Only 17 but he took care of business in rookie ball.
  • Oswaldo Osorio Utility - Yes Yes Yes
  • Yunior Garcia 1B - Pass. 

Miami Marlins:

  • Antony Peguero OF - No power. I have to pass. Young so maybe it gets better.
  • Javier Sanoja 2B - Pass.
  • Jose Gerardo OF - Pass. 
  • Marco Vargas 2B/SS - Pass. Another contact hitter.
  • Paul McIntosh C - Pass. 
  • Ronald Hernandez C - On the Mets but I am out.
  • Torin Montgomery OF - Not bad but what's the upside. 

Milwaukee Brewers:

  • Abner Uribe P - Pass. 
  • Ben Metzinger OF - Pass. 
  • Carlos Rodriguez P - Pass. 
  • Daniel Guilarte SS - Pass. No pop.
  • Dylan O'Rae OF - See above.
  • Luis Lara OF - Pass. No pop.
  • Robert Moore 2B - 33 doubles in 2023. Good sign. Worth a small purchase.

New York Mets:

  • Blade Tidwell P - Pass.
  • Chase Estep 1B - Pass.
  • Daiverson Gutierrez C - Another catcher. Pass.
  • Dangelo Sarmiento SS - So young. Not a ton of pop but worth a revisit.
  • Joel Diaz P - Pass.
  • Jacob Reimer 3B - Worth a small position. 
  • Vincent Perozo C - Pass.

  • Yonatan Henriquez 2B/3B - Worth a small position.

New York Yankees: 

  • Keiner Delgado SS - Worth a small position.

  • Will Warren P - Pass. 
  • Hans Montero SS - Not bad. Worth a look.

  • Luis Serna P - Pass.
  • Jesus Bastidas SS - Pass.
  • Brandon Mayea SS - Worth a look.

Oakland Athletics:

  • Bjay Cooke SS - Pass. 
  • Brennan Milone 1B - Good numbers but it does not move the needle. 
  • Clark Elliott OF - Pass.
  • Connor Staine P - Pass.
  • Joey Estes P - Pass.
  • Yeniel Laboy 1B - Pass. 
  • Zack Gelof 2B - Pass. 

Philadelphia Phillies:

  • Carlos De La Cruz OF - Pass. 
  • Griff McGarry P - Pass. 
  • Marcus Lee Sang OF - Pass. 
  • Rickardo Perez C - Pass. 
  • Bryan Rincon SS - Not bad here. Worth a small position.

Pittsburgh Pirates:

  • Axiel Plaz C - Pass. 
  • Enmanuel Terrero OF - Not bad here. Worth a look.

  • Javier RivasD SS - Pass. 
  • Jun-Seok Shim P - Pass. 
  • Jhonny Piron OF - Pass. On the Rays now.

San Diego Padres:

  • Eddy Beltre OF - Young but a lot of swing and miss. 
  • Ethan Salas C - Not a bad prospect only 17 with good numbers. He's a catcher though so its not my cup of tea. Top international signing.
  • Lamar King Jr. C - Another catcher. Not enough to really recommend. 
  • Spence Coffman 2B/SS - Not enough data to recommend.

Seattle Mariners:

  • Axel Sanchez SS - I like the numbers here but the swing and miss needs to improve.
  • Felnin Celesten SS - No stats yet. No 2 prospect in the Intl class. 

Tampa Bay Rays:

  • Brailer Guerrero OF - Not enough data.
  • Brett Wisely OF - Pass. 
  • Jhonny Piron - See above under Pirates.
  • Miguel Tamares SS - Pass. 

Texas Rangers:

  • Daniel Mateo OF - I like what I see but he needs to walk more. 
  • Yosy Galan OF - Pass. 

Toronto Blue Jays:

  • Adrian Pinto 2B - Pass. No pop. 
  • Peyton Williams 1B - Pass. 
  • Sem Robberse P - Pass. Now on the Cardinals.
  • Yosver Zulueta P - Pass.

Washington Nationals:

  • Everett Cooper III 2B - Not enough data.
  • Yoander Rivero SS - Pass. 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Keep an Eye On Carter Jensen (Kansas City Royals, C)

I rarely speak about catching prospects. They take so long to develop and their offense is impacted by the toll they take catching behind home plate. There are exceptions to these rules though. Adley Rutschman is a stud and helps his team win games. Carter Jensen is only 19 and even though his batting average is low he is waking over 25% of the time. His power numbers are decent and I think its a good idea to look for his cards. I expect prices are low as he is under the radar. This may be one of those cases where you can make the most money while he is in the minors. 

Monday, April 17, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to 2023 Bowman Baseball: Full Analysis and Rankings

In a surprising twist, Topps decided to release the checklist for 2023 Bowman Baseball early to drive preorder sales. The list is over 100 names with a handful of repeat signatures. Overall the list reminds me more of a Bowman Chrome release. A ton of young international signings were included. These players are very young and have not played a full season yet. There are a handful of players I like and some I will need to revisit once they play more. Hope this helps! Feel free to comment or question. 

Ariel Almonte - Cincinnati Reds OF - High risk because of the strikeouts but good power. Will take time.

Hector Rodríguez - Cincinnati Reds LF - Young player with solid numbers. Not sure if he will hit a ton of homers.

Cam Collier - Cincinnati Reds 3B - One of my favorite players in the product.

Carlos Jorge - Cincinnati Reds 2B - Great power and walk rates. Only 19 so I want to see the swing and miss go down. I like him.

Wilmer Flores - Detroit Tigers P - Pass.

Abel Bastidas - Detroit Tigers SS - Very young and promising prospect.

Diego Hernandez - Kansas City Royals OF - A very good prospect. Looks to be a 4th outfielder.

Lizandro Rodriguez - Kansas City Royals 2B - Solid young 2B prospect.

Austin Charles - Kansas City Royals 2B - Very young late round pick. Will have to revisit as the stats are limited.

Dayan Frías - Cleveland Guardians 3B- Tons of extra base hits. Not a ton of power though.

Jorge Burgos - Cleveland Guardians OF - Nice player but probably a bench player. We'll see.

Angel Genao - Cleveland Guardians SS - Pass. Not a ton of pop here.

Gabriel Martinez - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Love the HR and extra base hits numbers.

Yhoangel Aponte - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Young player who needs to develop but I like what I see.

Manuel Beltre - Toronto Blue Jays SS - Very young but maybe the power will come.

Enmanuel Bonilla - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Only 17. Was a big signing for the team. A must follow.

Luis Garcia - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Not bad. Would take a small position for the right price.

Hayden Juenger - Toronto Blue Jays P - Pass.

Blaine Crim - Texas Rangers 1B - Pass. Too old.

Andres Mesa - Texas Rangers 2B - Not bad but I need to see the K rate improve.

Colin Peluse - Oakland Athletics P - Pass.

Colby Thomas - Oakland Athletics OF - A little older but I need to see more.

Jorge Ruiz - Los Angeles Angels OF - Tons of extra base hits and only 18 so I will keep an eye on him.

Nelson Rada - Los Angeles Angels OF - Only 17. See above.

Randy De Jesus - Los Angeles Angels - Only 18. See Ruiz.

Caden Dana - Los Angeles Angels P - Pass.

Joe Stewart - Los Angeles Angels OF - Pass.

Jadiel Sanchez - Los Angeles Angels OF - Pass.

Jesus Baez - New York Mets SS - Not bad. Very young and will follow.

Nick Morabito - New York Mets OF - Not a ton out there. Only 19. Will follow.

William Lugo - New York Mets 3B - Not bad. The numbers are solid.

Junior Tilien - New York Mets 2B - Same as Lugo.

Alex Ramirez - New York Mets OF - Same as Lugo and Tilien. Who you choose all depends on who you like and who has the strongest tools.

Dominic Canzone - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Pass. Too old.

Tim Tawa - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Pass. Too old.

Druw Jones - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Stud.

Braylin Tavera - Baltimore Orioles OF - Only 18. Need to see more.

Leandro Arias - Baltimore Orioles OF - See above.

Adam Crampton - Baltimore Orioles OF - 21 years old but no real stats. Pass for now.

Ambioris Tavarez - Atlanta Braves SS - Very young. Need to see more.

Andrew Taylor - Houston Astros P - Pass.

Wilyer Abreu - Houston Astros OF - Pass.

Ryan Clifford - Houston Astros OF - Need to see more.

Shay Whitcomb - Houston Astros 2B - Pass.

Braylon Bishop - Pittsburgh Pirates SS - Pass. Too old.

Jase Bowen - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Pass.

Ben Brown - Chicago Cubs P - Pass.

Moisés Ballesteros - Chicago Cubs C - Solid young catcher but they take a long time to develop. Pass.

Matt Mervis - Chicago Cubs 1B - Pass. Too old.

Pedro Ramírez - Chicago Cubs 2B - Young with solid numbers. I could see why people would buy.

Derniche Valdez - Chicago Cubs SS - Will come back and revisit. 17 and has not played.

Jackson Ferris - Chicago Cubs P - Pass.

Jefferson Rojas - Chicago Cubs 2B - Very young. Will revisit.

Yeiner Fernandez - Los Angeles Dodgers  C - Pass for me.

Juan Alonso - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Not bad. Lots of room to grow.

Josue De Paula - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - I like the numbers and that he is a Dodger. Only 17.

Mairoshendrick Martinus - Los Angeles Dodgers 3B - Young prospect that needs to develop. I'll revisit.

Damon Keith - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Not bad but its a pass for me.

Hao Yu Lee - Philadelphia Phillies SS - Solid prospect with some pop. I wrote about him before.

Nikau Pouaka-Grego - Philadelphia Phillies 2B - Not bad but got injured and wont return until 2024.

Emaarion Boyd - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Decent mid round prospect but I need to see more at bats.

Justin Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Stud

Brock Jones - Tampa Bay Rays OF - Need to see more at bats.

Xavier Isaac - Tampa Bay Rays 1B - I need to see more at bats.

Ronny Simon - Tampa Bay Rays 2B - Very solid but not sure on the impact far as the price spiking.

Junior Caminero - Tampa Bay Rays 3B - Soild young prospect.

Edouard Julien - Minnesota Twins 2B - Pass.

Kyler Fedko - Minnesota Twins OF - Pass.

Brandon Walter - Boston Red Sox P - Pass.

Roman Anthony - Boston Red Sox OF - Will revisit. Only 18.

Luis Ravelo - Boston Red Sox SS - Pass.

Freili Encarnacion - Boston Red Sox SS - 18 and young. Will revisit.

Dyan Jorge - Colorado Rockies SS - Pass for me.

Juan Brito - Colorado Rockies 2B - 21 and on the Guardians. The power numbers especially doubles are impressive. Worth a buy.

Gabriel Gonzalez - Seattle Mariners OF - Numbers are not bad here. Only 19 too.

Josh Hood - Seattle Mariners 2B - Pass.

Prelander Berroa - Seattle Mariners P - Pass.

Lázaro Montes - Seattle Mariners OF - Only 18. Will revisit.

Robert Perez Jr. - Seattle Mariners OF - Not bad. Walk rates are solid. I wouldn't buy a ton though.

Michael Arroyo - Seattle Mariners SS - 18 years old but the initial numbers are solid. Will revisit.

Nerwilian Cedeño - San Diego Padres 2B - Too much swing and miss here.

Nick Vogt - San Diego Padres OF - College player who is 22. I need more at bats.

Daniel Montesino - San Diego Padres OF - Very solid. Love the numbers I saw.

Gleider Figuereo - Texas Rangers OF - Nice numbers for a younger prospect.

Tommy Specht - Texas Rangers OF - Young player with no stats. Need to revisit.

Jace Avina - Milwaukee Brewers OF - 19 but the K rates need to come down. Way down.

Matthew Wood - Milwaukee Brewers C - Pass. Older catcher.

Jacob Berry - Miami Marlins OF - Top draft pick. Power bat.

Troy Johnston - Miami Marlins OF - Pass.

Juan Carela - New York Yankees P - Pass.

Spencer Jones - New York Yankees OF - Need to see more at bats. Already 21.

Vaun Brown - San Francisco Giants OF - Pass. Too old.

Kyle Harrison - San Francisco Giants P - Pass.

Samil De La Rosa - St. Louis Cardinals 2B - Young with solid numbers across the board.

Prospects With Second Bowman Chrome Auto 

Brooks Lee - Minnesota Twins

Elijah Green - Washington Nationals

Jackson Holliday - Baltimore Orioles

Kumar Rocker - Texas Rangers

Jace Jung - Detroit Tigers

Zach Neto - Los Angeles Angels

Termarr Johnson - Pittsburgh Pirates

Gavin Cross - Kansas City Royals