Sunday, March 7, 2021

CJ Abrams Could Be A Potential Superstar (San Diego Padres, 2B)

A few days ago I wrote about who I thought were the next generational talents in baseball. After watching a few spring training games I am adding CJ Abrams to this list. I think this kid has a star quality in addition to his baseball ability. His personality is perfect for the cameras. Right now the power is not there but he hits the ball hard and I could see a 20 home run player in the future. I think he is a few years away but I am expecting big things soon. 

Link to Stats via Fangraphs

Spencer Torkelson Scouting Report (Detroit Tigers, 1B/3B/DH)

Age: 21 (8/26/1999)

Bats/Throws: R/R

Height/Weight: 6'1/220

Position: 1B/3B/DH

Team: Detroit Tigers

Drafted: Round 1, Pick 1, 2020 MLB Draft

Top Card: 2020 Bowman Draft Baseball 

Base Auto Price (Subject to Change) - 

2020 Stats: Did not play.

Torkelson was the best hitter in college baseball at Arizona State University. He broke Barry Bonds freshman HR record. The combination of contact and power tools made him pretty much a lock to go one overall in the draft. In addition to his on field skills, Spencer has great makeup and leadership skills. 

Conclusion: Torkelson possesses 80 grade power with the ability to make contact. The high tool grades that he possesses has caused his card prices to skyrocket upon the release of 2020 Bowman Draft. My thought is that these prices are appropriate despite the delay of his pro debut. I expect him to be one of the better power hitters in baseball and move quickly through the minors. When a player's hitting ability is this good, the defensive ability does not matter and will not impact card prices. Due to the high price of his 1st Bowman Auto, non-auto cards may have to be explored if looking for affordable options.   

Wander Franco Scouting Report (Tampa Bay Rays, SS)

Age: 20 (3/1/2001)

Bats/Throws: S/R

Height/Weight: 5'10/189

Position: SS

Team: Tampa Bay Rays

Drafted: July 2nd Period, 2017 from Dominican Republic

Top Card: 2019 Bowman Baseball 

Base Auto Price (Subject to Change) - 

2020 Stats: Did not play.
Wander Franco seems to be the perfect prospect. He has hit at every level showing an advanced approach at the plate. Wander is a tough out and seems to not have too many holes in his swing. He hits the ball hard and seems to be on the path of being a MVP candidate. His K rate has never been over 10% since his pro debut. 

Conclusion: It seems that across the industry there is no debate that Wander Franco is the number one prospect in baseball heading into the 2021 season. In previous years a prospect in Tampa Bay would get limited attention. These days market location does not matter. Franco's debut will be well covered and the Rays will be competitive. Its just a matter of time before his card prices explode even more. I expect him to make an impact immediately and hit for some power. Due to the high price of his 1st Bowman Auto, non-auto cards may have to be explored if looking for affordable options.   

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Best Information Source for MLB Prospecting

Every year (2019 and 2020) I make sure to mention the Baseball America Prospect Handbook. The 2021 edition of the book has been released. It is easily the best tool you can use to help you with prospecting. I encourage everyone seeing this message to look into buying a copy. The book has full scouting reports for every team, grade tools and other fun facts. 

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Is the Arrival of the Next MLB Superstar On the Horizon?

Justin Verlander was drafted in 2004. Stephen Strasburg and Mike Trout were drafted in 2009 and Matt Chapman was drafted in 2014. It seems that on average an all-star player is drafted every 5 years. Of course there are players that fall in between the five year average. Bryce Harper was drafted in 2010. Mookie Betts was drafted in 2011 along with Javier Baez, Francisco Lindor Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer (loaded draft). The point I am making is I believe that the next generational talent could be already be in the MLB. After doing some research here are the candidates. If I am missing someone or if you disagree, please let me know in the comments. 

Primary Candidates

Wander Franco (Tampa Bay Rays, SS) - Superstar hit tool with power. 

Spencer Torkelson (Detroit Tigers, 1B/DH) - Future slugger. 

Bobby Witt Jr (Kansas City Royals, SS) - Good hit tool with power and will be elite on defense. 

Julio Rodriguez (Seattle Mariners, RF) - Crazy tools and young. 

Jasson Dominguez (New York Yankees, OF) - The Martian. Enough said. 

Dark Horse Candidates

Zac Veen (Colorado Rockies, CF) - Slugger that is not all swing and miss. 

Jarred Kelenic (Seattle Mariners, CF) - Polished prospect with tools. 

Ed Howard (Chicago Cubs, SS) - Expected to hit for power but everything else is there.

Adley Rutschman (Baltimore Orioles, C) - Gifted prospect.

Quinn Priester (Pittsburgh Pirates, P) - Incredible arm talent. 

Hunter Greene (Cincinnati Reds, P) - Tommy John slowed him down but he can hit 100 with ease. 

Long Shot Candidates 

Jordyn Adams (Los Angeles Angels, CF) - Tons of tools but can he develop them. I think he can.

Ivan Herrera (St. Louis Cardinals, C) - Ivan can hit for power and the defense is superb.

Garrett Mitchell (Milwaukee Brewers, CF) - If the Brewers can change his swing he could be Christian Yelich 2.0. 

Monday, February 8, 2021

Breakout Prospect Alert - Jordyn Adams (Los Angeles Angels, OF)

I have mentioned Jordyn Adams on the site before but I am taking time to mention him again. Jordyn is a former two sport athlete that made the choice to pursue baseball over football. He's still a raw player but the reports from the alternate site have been positive. The possibility of him being able to hit for power and average keep growing. I expect big things from him this season and I believe a big leap is coming. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Keep an Eye On Garrett Mitchell (Milwaukee Brewers, OF)

One of my favorite picks of the 2020 MLB Draft was Garrett Mitchell. Mitchell possesses elite speed and hitting ability but some believe he will not hit for power. I actually think that he will be able to. Garrett played in a big ballpark at UCLA and his approach was one geared toward contact and using his speed. The Brewers have a good development system and are good at overhauling swings to help prospects tap into their power. I'm looking forward to see what Garrett does when the games count. 

Breakout Prospect Alert - Keoni Cavaco (Minnesota Twins)

Keoni Cavaco was a first round draft pick in the 2019 draft for the Minnesota Twins. The main thing I love about Keoni is that he has legit power potential. Please note there is a concern regarding the high amount of strikeouts his first year in pro ball but keep in mind he is only 20 years old. Overall the potential is huge here and I am betting that he will show improvement when the season begins. I will be watching his progress closely. 

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Breakout Prospect Alert - Gunnar Henderson (Baltimore Orioles)

Happy New Year! Over the next few months I will provide my breakout prospect candidates for the readers. These are players who I think will have a breakout season. Most of the time these players become the top prospect in the organization and enter top 100 prospect lists. My first prospect alert for 2021 is Gunnar Henderson, a shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles. Gunnar will most likely move to 3B but what I like is that he has good hitting ability and is most likely going to hit for power, which is key in prospecting. I expect Gunnar to be the organization's top prospect at the end of the minor league season. Currently a base autograph card sells for about $30 on eBay. The price is not too bad but check your local card show for bargains. A few years ago I could see this card selling for $15 but the market is hotter than ever so I understand. 

New Year, New Rules

A new year is upon us and at PFC I expect an exciting year of analysis. Cards are hotter than ever but the fundamentals do not change. I plan to post a lot more this year and I am excited to analyze fresh data once the minor league season starts. Big things are ahead. Due to the card prices being so high, new tactics must be used. Finding above average returns may be harder but it is possible. Thanks again for reading. Good times are ahead.