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2022 Bowman Chrome Baseball - Full Prospect Analysis

Hello Readers. First I just want to thank everyone who comes to the site to read my opinions. I hope what I am providing helps. I would have to say that now that cards are hot again the checklist for Bowman products has never been bigger. Not a compliant as more prospects is better for everyone. I organized these by team and picked some teams and singles that I do like this year .

I look forward to your questions and feel free to disagree on my assessments. Links to Ebay have also been provided. One last thing to note is that with Bowman Chrome the product is made to feature most of the recent international signings. Due to this, a ton of the players are very young and still have to mature. So its hard to really say if a buy or pass applies. Some of these prospects did play some rookie ball but those stats are tricky as the competition is not strong. 

Singles I Like 
Anthony Gutierrez - Texas Rangers OF
Yeison Morrobel - Texas Rangers OF 
Rayne Doncon - Los Angeles Dodgers 2B/SS 
Brady House - Washington Nationals 3B
Ceddanne Rafaela - Boston Red Sox 3B/OF 

Teams That I Like for Group Breaks
Red Sox 

Alex De Jesus - Los Angeles Dodgers 3B/SS - Now on the Blue Jays and there is some ability here. The SO% needs to come down asap.
Gavin Stone - Los Angeles Dodgers P - Pass. 
Rayne Doncon - Los Angeles Dodgers - 2B/SS - I like what I see here. Look at the power numbers.
Samuel Munoz - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Very young but a player like this in the Dodgers system is not fair. 
Jorbit Vivas - Los Angeles Dodgers - 2B/3B - Seems like a on base type of guy but has a little pop. 

Anthony Gutierrez - Texas Rangers OF - Only 17 but and its early but I like what I have seen so far. 
Yeison Morrobel - Texas Rangers OF - Another young player with great numbers. 
Cameron Cauley - Texas Rangers 2B/SS - Not enough pop for me. More of a watch candidate. 
Danyer Cueva - Texas Rangers SS - Very young but I need to see more. 
Jose Rodriguez - Texas Rangers C - Pass. 
JoJo Blackmon - Texas Rangers OF - Man he's so young you have to wait to see if the strikeouts go down.

Parker Chavers - Chicago Cubs OF - Pass. Too old. 
BJ Murray Jr. - Chicago Cubs 1B/3B - Decent player but its a pass for me. 
Christian Franklin - Chicago Cubs OF - Pass. Did not play last year. 
Nelson Velazquez - Chicago Cubs OF - Pass.
Alexis Hernandez - Chicago Cubs SS - 17 years old. Way too young to tell yet. 
Liam Spence - Chicago Cubs 1B/SS - Pass.

Alexander Ovalles - Tampa Bay Rays 1B/OF - Pass. 
Willy Vasquez - Tampa Bay Rays 3B/SS - Very nice player. Good power numbers. Strikeouts could be better but its a respectable number.
Dru Baker - Tampa Bay Rays OF - Similar to above.
Mason Auer - Tampa Bay Rays OF - Similar to above. Rays seem to be on to something. 
Estanli Castillo - Tampa Bay Rays OF - 21 with not a ton of at bats. More of a watch. If he was a little older I would pass. 

Jackson Chourio - Milwaukee Brewers OF - The hottest player in the product. Here is the worry for me. Most of the money that will be made on his cards will be when he is in the minors. The Brewers don't have a big national tv reach. I would be careful here.
Antonio Pinero - Milwaukee Brewers SS - Pass. 
Jheremy Vargas - Milwaukee Brewers Utility - Pass. 

Adrian Sugastey - San Francisco Giants C - Young catcher. Pass. 
Ryan Reckley - San Francisco Giants SS - 18 with only 46 at bats. Watch. 
Diego Velasquez - San Francisco Giants SS - Pass. No pop.
Alexander Suarez - San Francisco Giants OF - Has some power. But check the K/BB ratio. Needs to walk more before I buy.

Andy Thomas - Seattle Mariners C - Pass. 
Victor Labrada - Seattle Mariners OF - Extra base hit numbers are not bad. At 22 years old can he improve? 
Luis Chevalier - Seattle Mariners 2B - Note. Now on the Reds but its a pass. 
Charlie Welch - Seattle Mariners C - Pass.
Cade Marlowe - Seattle Mariners OF - Pass. 

Benjamin Cowles - New York Yankees 2B/SS - Not a bad player but needs to improve. 
Roderick Arias - New York Yankees SS - 18 years old so development will take time. Its a watch for sure.
Cooper Bowman - New York Yankees 2B - Now in Oakland but its a pass. 

Yanquiel Fernandez - Colorado Rockies OF - Monster numbers. The true test will be AA. So don't go too crazy if you buy.
Juan Guerrero - Colorado Rockies OF - Another good prospect similar to Yanquiel. 
Braxton Fulford - Colorado Rockies C - Pass. 

Cristhian Vaquero - Washington Nationals OF - So young at 18. Watch him. 
Daylen Lile - Washington Nationals DH - Watch had tommy john in April. 
Evan Lee - Washington Nationals P - Pass. 25 yrs old. 
Brady House - Washington Nationals 3B - 1st round stud that battled injuries but has power potential. 

Tyler Collins - Atlanta Braves OF - Watch because hes 19 and I like what the Braves do from a development standpoint. 
Brandol Mezquita - Atlanta Braves OF - Hit a ton of doubles in 2022 but to be a power prospect with not a ton of homers tells me his swing has holes. At 21 I would be careful here. 
Dylan Dodd - Atlanta Braves P - Pass. 
Cal Conley - Atlanta Braves SS -Too old for me at 23. 

CJ Rodriguez - Oakland Athletics C - Pass. 
Denzel Clarke - Oakland Athletics OF - Nope. 
Junior Perez - Oakland Athletics OF - Nope. Rough time for the A's right now. 

Jake Rucker - Minnesota Twins 1B - Pass. 
Danny De Andrade - Minnesota Twins 3B - Not a ton of at bats but very young. Good buy and stash candidate. 
Yasser Mercedes - Minnesota Twins OF - See above. 
Noah Miller - Minnesota Twins SS - Potential is here but is a contact hitter. 

Cesar Prieto - Baltimore Orioles 2B - Too old. 
Maikol Hernandez - Baltimore Orioles SS - Only 19 room to grow here. Can the Orioles develop him and are you willing to bet on them to be successful. 
Reed Trimble - Baltimore Orioles OF - Too old for me. 
Greg Cullen - Baltimore Orioles 2B - Pass. 28 yrs old. 
Isaac De Leon - Baltimore Orioles 3B - Pass. Too much swing and miss. 
John Rhodes - Baltimore Orioles OF - Not bad but at 22 he seems to be a 4th outfielder. 
Donta Williams - Baltimore Orioles OF - Pass for me. Too middle of the pack. Similar to Rhodes. 
Collin Burns - Baltimore Orioles SS - 26 years old. Nope. 

Nathan Hickey - Boston Red Sox C - Pass. 
Ceddanne Rafaela - Boston Red Sox 3B/OF - Talked about him here
Eddinson Paulino - Boston Red Sox  Utility - Very, very soild. Impressive. 
Daniel McElveny - Boston Red Sox C - Young catcher. 

Herard Gonzalez - Kansas City Royals 2B - Pass. 
Maikel Garcia - Kansas City Royals SS - Contact hitter. Pass. 
Daniel Vazquez - Kansas City Royals 2B - Contact hitter. Pass. 

Erick Hernandez - Chicago White Sox OF - 17 year old young prospect with upside. Dont overspend here though. 
Norge Vera - Chicago White Sox P - Pass. 
Tanner McDougal - Chicago White Sox P - Pass. 
Wilfred Veras - Chicago White Sox 1B - Big time power numbers. Can he walk more and keep the strikeouts down? That will make or break how far he goes. 

Estiven Machado - Toronto Blue Jays SS - Pass. No pop. 
Jaden Rudd - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Nice player. Would like to see more power though. 
Luis Meza - Toronto Blue Jays C - Young catchers take a long time to develop. 
Sebastian Espino - Toronto Blue Jays P - Pass. 
Victor Mesia - Toronto Blue Jays C - See Meza. 

Simon Juan - New York Mets OF -17 with upside. I like what the Mets do with their young international prospects. 
Kevin Kendall - New York Mets SS - Pass. 
Willy Fanas - New York Mets OF - See Simon Juan. 

Enmanuel Valdez - Houston Astros - Now on the Red Sox. Its a pass though.
Quincy Hamilton - Houston Astros - Pass. Too old. 
Roilan Machandy - Houston Astros OF - Just hit A ball at 21. I think I will have to pass. 

Won-Bin Cho - St. Louis Cardinals - 19 years old. I treat the Cardinals like the Dodgers. They always find guys. 
Jonathan Mejia - St. Louis Cardinals SS -I laugh because you can repeat what I said for Cho here. 

Thomas Farr - Cincinnati Reds P - Pass. Too old. 
Yerlin Confidan - Cincinnati Reds OF - 19 will watch. 
Ricardo Cabrera - Cincinnati Reds SS - Not bad numbers. Seems like a contact hitter. 
Graham Ashcraft - Cincinnati Reds P - Pass.
Leonardo Balcazar - Cincinnati Reds SS - 18 will watch. 

Gavin Tonkel - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Not a ton of at bats or info on him. Seems to have a speedster profile. I am kind of curious. 
William Bergolla - Philadelphia Phillies 2B/SS - Very young. Will watch. 
Logan Cerny - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Now on the Astros. Too old. Its a pass. 
Simon Muzziotti - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Pass. Too old. 

Ian Lewis - Miami Marlins 2B - Pass. No pop.
Junior Sanchez - Miami Marlins 2B - 19 but has not really played yet. 

Jack Herman - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Pass. 
Michael Burrows - Pittsburgh Pirates P - Pass. 
Yordany De Los Santos - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Young but lit up rookie ball. Watch.

Jarlin Susana - San Diego Padres P - On the Nationals now but its a pass.
Jackson Merrill - San Diego Padres SS - Solid prospect. 
Samuel Zavala - San Diego Padres OF - Only 18 but need to see more at bats. 
Rosman Verdugo - San Diego Padres SS - 17 and needs more at bats.
Yendry Rojas - San Diego Padres SS - See above.

Adrian Placencia - Los Angeles Angels 2B/SS - Man this is the type of prospect that you would take a chance on. Young and hits a ton of doubles. The power surge came out of nowhere.

Jaison Chourio - Cleveland Guardians OF - 17 years old with upside. 

Austin Schultz - Detroit Tigers OF - Pass.

Jorge Barrosa - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Very solid numbers. I really like the player. Will be a regular I think. 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Few Arizona Fall League Notes

Its still early in the Arizona Fall League but I took a look at the early numbers for hitters and here is what I see. Please note that its still early but good performance in the Fall League is always a good sign for your favorite prospects. 

Heston Kjerstad - 1.064 OPS - Impressive sign. Maybe he's figuring things out.

Nick Yorke - 7 XBH - Nick struggled this year but is off to a good start. I could see a bounce back year next year. 

Zac Veen/Johan Rojas - 13 steals each. Both have good bats so this just adds to their value. 

Jordan Walker - His exit velocities are some the highest in the fall league. 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

A Quick Update

Hello Everyone! I've been busy with other things but I just wanted to let everyone know the site is not dead. A ton of new Bowman is coming out in the next months and I still have some data to crunch. Plus the Fall League is active! Lookout for new posts soon! 

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Jackson Chourio On Fire (Milwaukee Brewers, OF)

Not too much I can say but the Brewers have found something special with Jackson Chourio. He is already a top five prospect in baseball and is only 18. We have not seen something like this since Soto began his career ripping through the minors. His auto prices will be insane and I cant wait until he signs. Lets hope Bowman Chrome will have his autos in a few months. I don't see any signs of him slowing down at all. I'm so excited I had to write about it. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Keep An Eye On Ceddanne Rafaela (Boston Red Sox, 3B/OF)

Another player that has my attention but does not have a Bowman Auto yet is Ceddanne Rafaela. The numbers in High A were impressive and he is holding his own in AA. The walk rate could be better and he swings at a lot of strikes but he rising up the prospect lists for the Red Sox. Hopefully he signs for Bowman Chrome later in the year. 

Link to Stats

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Keep An Eye On Hao Yu Lee (Philadelphia Phillies, 2B)

As I was looking at some numbers this weekend searching for hidden gems, I discovered a prospect that is having a great season but does not have a Bowman auto. Hao Yu Lee is having an impressive season so far. As of today, his walk rate is over 12% his strikeout rate is under 20%. He is also hitting for power with seven home runs. Its highly possible you may see him in Bowman Chrome. Keep an eye on Hao. He can really hit and is only 19.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tyler Soderstrom Is A Future Top Prospect (Oakland Athletics, C/1B)

Tyler Soderstom is another prospect on my radar. The bat is special and its highly likely that he will be moved from catcher due to the plus bat. This is a great thing if it occurs as playing catcher day to day really impacts a player's overall offensive production. I expect a big season from Tyler and hopefully the injury bug stays away from him while he's behind home plate. 

Monday, May 23, 2022

2022 Bowman Baseball - Pricing Trends Update

2022 Bowman Baseball has been out a few weeks and I have to admit the price trends are interesting. It seems some prices have dropped. You still have some high priced cards out there but overall there are some good prices out on the market. Maybe this is a correction but time will only tell. There is a ton of value out there. Just as a reminder I looked at EBay sales that were auction only and the base chrome auto only. 

Aeverson Arteaga - San Francisco Giants SS - Around $70. Fair. 

Anthony Rodriguez - San Francisco Giants 3B - Between $9-$20. Great price.

Elly De LA Cruz - Cincinnati Reds SS - Over $200 for most sales. To risky of a prospect to pay those prices.

Matt McLain - Cincinnati Reds SS - Over $200 for most sales. High draft picks always get a bump.

Denzer Guzman - Los Angeles Angels SS - Around $30. A little high for a project but that is the market now. 

Roismar Quintana - Washington Nationals OF - Around $20 

Jonatan Clase - Seattle Mariners OF - Between $20-$30

Alejandro Pie - Tampa Bay Rays 3B/SS - Under $10. Bargain.

Curtis Mead - Tampa Bay Rays 3B - Between $75-$100. Fair. He has a lot of buzz.

Bryan Acuña - Minnesota Twins OF - Around $100. Short print? 

Dustin Harris - Texas Rangers 1B - Between $50-$75. I could see this price going higher if he keeps up the good performance.

Zion Bannister - Texas Rangers OF -  Between $5-$15. 

Kahlil Watson - Miami Marlins SS - Around $300. Way too high for me but I get it. 

Oswaldo Cabrera - New York Yankees Utility - Around $30. 

Trey Sweeney - New York Yankees SS - Around $75. Yankees bump? Maybe. He's a good talent.

Jhonkensy Noel - Cleveland Guardians 1B/3B - Around $40. I honestly thought this would be more.

George Valera - Cleveland Guardians OF - All over the place. Low as $75. High as $125. Would you rather buy two Noel's instead?

Brayan Bello - Boston Red Sox P - Around $50. For a pitcher, that is way too high.

Eduardo Vaughan - Boston Red Sox OF - Between $5-$15.

Lenyn Sosa - Chicago White Sox SS - Around $60. I would wait to see more. 

Colson Montgomery - Chicago White Sox SS - Low as $100 and high as $150. First round draft pick bump. Reports have been positive so far.

Luis Gonzalez - Baltimore Orioles OF - Selling for around $10.

Warming Bernabel - Colorado Rockies 3B - Around $65. Fair. I just wish he was not a Rockie.

Gavin Conticello - Arizona Diamondbacks 3B - Around $10.

Joshua Baez - St. Louis Cardinals OF - Around $50. I was expecting a lower price but I am not surprised.

James Triantos - Chicago Cubs 2B - Around $150. Tons of redemptions out there. Highly possible he may be short printed. Cub prospects get a price bump too. Be careful.

Jose Ramos - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Around $45. 

Eddys Leonard - Los Angeles Dodgers SS - Around $45.

James Wood - San Diego Padres OF - Around $150. A ton of buzz here but way too high for me.

Max Muncy - Oakland Athletics SS - Around $100. Some sales were inflated via shill bidding so I did not included those. Not surprised by the price but I need to see improvement with his strikeouts.

Roberto Campos - Detroit Tigers OF - Around $60. 

Sunday, May 8, 2022

A Review of My Past Bowman Baseball Recommendations (2018)

At PFC its important to hold myself accountable for my reviews. These days, a ton of creators say who to buy or sell but never admit they were wrong or missed on something. I reviewed 2018 releases to see where I hit or miss. One thing that I am proud of is if you look at the original posts, I passed on a lot of players. Pitchers are still hard to pick and some hitters can be decent players but not stars. 

2018 Bowman Baseball 

Jose Adolis Garcia - St. Louis Cardinals OF - Hit. Was an older prospect that I said to not invest in too much. 

Corbin Burnes - Milwaukee Brewers P - Miss. Eventually turned into a superstar but there has been bumps in the road. I said pass at the time.

Cedric Mullins - Baltimore Orioles OF - Hit. I said that his prices would not pop too much due to the team being so bad. He has played well and money could of been made here.

Cristian Pache - Atlanta Braves OF- Hit. You could of made money here if you bought in 2018.

Colton Welker - Colorado Rockies 3B - Hit. A guy that has been decent but not enough to move the needle. Told readers to be careful.

Daniel Johnson - Washington Nationals OF - Bargain bin miss. Cheap cost but never got going.

DJ Peters - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Hit. In Korea. I told you to pass. 

Edward Olivares - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Miss. A nice prospect but no one cared.

Greg Deichmann - Oakland Athletics 1B - Miss. Has not corrected strike out issues.

Hunter Greene - Cincinnati Reds P - Hit. I told you to pass. Too much risk.

Jose Siri - Cincinnati Reds - Hit. I said the K rate needed to be better. It did not get better. 

Keibert Ruiz - Los Angeles Dodgers C - Hit. Became a top hot prospect. Money could of been made here.

Luis Robert - Chicago White Sox OF - Hit/Miss. Prices were high but he does sell. I was worried in the beginning but he proved me wrong. Would of purchased if the price was right. 

Pedro Avila - San Diego Padres P - Hit/Miss. I said buy one or two. He's not a bad player just not an ace.

Sandro Fabian - San Francisco Giants OF - Miss. 24 and in AA. I noted there was some risk here.

Shed Long - Cincinnati Reds 2B- Miss. A nice player who got a little hot in the minors but did not pop.

2018 Bowman Chrome

Carlos Rincon - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Hit/Miss. 24 and with the Mets. The K rate improved a little bit but he has not popped. 

Estevan Florial - New York Yankees OF - Hit. I told you he was too high risk.  

James Nelson - Miami Marlins 3B - Hit/Miss. I said take a small position. Did not really take off though.

Michel Baez - San Diego Padres P - Miss. Tommy John. 

Seth Romero - Washington Nationals P - Miss. Another pitcher miss. 

Yordan Alvarez - Houston Astros OF - Hit. Liked him but knew the price would be too high. 

Akil Baddoo - Minnesota Twins OF - Hit. Money could of been made here. 

Brandon Marsh - Los Angeles Angels - Hit. I said it was a buy but a gamble. He has played OK but that was the known risk. 

Daulton Varsho - Arizona Diamondbacks - Miss. I will say miss here and I'm bummed about it. I loved what he brought to the table. A nice player but the spike in card prices is not there. So many prospects that are good but don't move the needle. 

Kristian Robinson - Arizona Diamondbacks - Hit. Money could of been made here prior to the legal issues. 

Luis Garcia - Washington Nationals - Hit. Nice player and still only 21 as I write this article.

Shane Bieber - Cleveland Indians P - Nice bullpen arm but not a player I would buy. (Miss. I said this. Pitchers are tough to pick.) 

Tyler Freeman - Cleveland Indians - Hit. Became a top 50 prospect. 

William Contreras - Atlanta Braves C - Miss. A nice player but did not pop.

Yasel Antuna - Washington Nationals 2B - Miss. I have to be honest. 22 yrs of age now wan with the Red Sox. The performance has been decent but not good enough. 

2018 Bowman Draft

Alec Bohm - Philadelphia Phillies 3B - Hit. A starting 3B. Money could have been made here. 

Alek Thomas - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - I decided to watch here but understood people who bought. Those who bought made money. 

Carlos Cortes - New York Mets 2B - Not a bad prospect. Hit. 

Cole Roederer - Chicago Cubs OF - Miss here on a strong buy. A meh career so far. 

Greyson Jenista - Atlanta Braves OF - Miss. Stikeouts are way too high. 

Jordyn Adams - Los Angeles Angels OF -Hit. I told people to be careful here. He's off to a hot start this year.  

Jonathan India - Cincinnati Reds 3B - Hit. A solid major leaguer. 

Jeremiah Jackson - Los Angeles Angels SS - Hit. Told you to be careful here. 

Jake McCarthy - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Miss. Decent player but did not really pop. 

Kody Clemens - Detroit Tigers 2B - Solid prospect but the prices were too high. Hit. 

Luken Baker - St. Louis Cardinals 1B - Hit. Baker got hot a few times in the minors. Money could of been made here. 

Nolan Gorman - St. Louis Cardinals 3B - Hit. I doubled down on this. 

Nico Hoerner - Chicago Cubs 2B - Hit. Had a few hot moments in the minors and majors. Money was made here.  

Tyler Frank - Tampa Bay Rays 2B - Miss. Has not played the last two years. 

Trevor Larnach - Minnesota Twins OF - Hit. Had a few hot moments. 

Tristan Pompey - Miami Marlins OF -  Miss. Did not move the needle. 

Travis Swaggerty - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Hit/Miss. Was on the right track then had a bad shoulder injury. 

Links to Original Articles 

2018 Bowman Baseball

2018 Bowman Chrome

2018 Bowman Draft 

Sunday, May 1, 2022

2022 Bowman Baseball - Full Prospect Analysis

Bowman 2022 is out this week and my review is below. Over 89 names. Not a ton of pitchers. Overall the checklist is solid. If I passed on someone it usually means they have no power potential or I don't see room for more growth as they are too old. I love this product because there are a ton of projects and guys that have boom/bust potential. 

Aeverson Arteaga - San Francisco Giants SS - Young talent with a ton of upside. A lot to like here.

Ricardo Genoves - San Francisco Giants C - Pass. 

Anthony Rodriguez - San Francisco Giants 3B - The Giants are developing really good prospects these days.

Yan Contreras - Cincinnati Reds SS - Must be injured. No stats since 2019. 

Christian Roa - Cincinnati Reds P - Pass. 

Allan Cerda - Cincinnati Reds OF - Pass. 

Elly De LA Cruz - Cincinnati Reds SS - Nice prospect with boom or bust potential. Worth a small position.

Justice Thompson - Cincinnati Reds OF - Pass.

Matt McLain - Cincinnati Reds SS - 1st round draft pick with very solid numbers. I like the player.

Michel Triana - Cincinnati Reds 1B - Pass. 

Edgar Quero - Los Angeles Angels C - Pass.

Mason Albright - Los Angeles Angels - Pass.

Denzer Guzman - Los Angeles Angels SS - So young and will take time to develop. Worth holding.

Alejandro Hidalgo - Los Angeles Angels P - Nice arm but I will pass.

Darren Baker - Washington Nationals 2B - Pass.

Andry Lara - Washington Nationals P - Nice talent but I will pass. 

Roismar Quintana - Washington Nationals OF - Upside pick that is worth holding. 

Adam Macko - Seattle Mariners P - Pass. 

Jonatan Clase - Seattle Mariners OF - Very nice player with good numbers.

Juan Querecuto - Seattle Mariners SS - Pass. Not a ton of power. 

Alejandro Pie - Tampa Bay Rays 3B/SS - Very young needs to grow into power. Its possible. 

Taj Bradley - Tampa Bay Rays P - Pass. 

Curtis Mead - Tampa Bay Rays 3B - Stud with really good numbers. 

Carlos Aguiar - Minnesota Twins OF - Pass.

Bryan Acuña - Minnesota Twins OF - Ronald Acuna Jrs brother. Has not played. 

Ronny Henriquez - Texas Rangers P - Nice arm with low walk numbers. I dont see an ace though.

Dustin Harris - Texas Rangers 1B - Very nice numbers. I really like what I see here. 

Zion Bannister - Texas Rangers OF - Project that has not played much.

Brady Allen - Miami Marlins OF - Decent prospect. I will pass but he does have decent numbers.

Kahlil Watson - Miami Marlins SS -Stud.

Federico Polanco - Miami Marlins 2B - No power. Pass.

Oswaldo Cabrera - New York Yankees Utility - A little older but has a ton of talent. 

Randy Vasquez - New York Yankees P - Pass. 

Tyler Hardman - New York Yankees 1B/3B - Pass. 

Trey Sweeney - New York Yankees SS - Another good talent here. 

Jose Fermin - Cleveland Guardians 2B/SS - Pass.

Jhonkensy Noel - Cleveland Guardians 1B/3B - Very young. Strikes out a lot but there is still time to clean that up.

George Valera - Cleveland Guardians OF - Very solid prospect. I really like the talent here.

Brayan Bello - Boston Red Sox P - Nice arm. 

Eduardo Vaughan - Boston Red Sox OF - Another project. 

Marcelo Mayer - Boston Red Sox SS - Second Bowman auto.

Niko Kavadas - Boston Red Sox 1B - Pass.

Benyamin Bailey - Chicago White Sox OF - Pass. 

Lenyn Sosa - Chicago White Sox SS - Decent numbers. Maybe a small position. 

Colson Montgomery - Chicago White Sox SS - Nice prospect with room to grow. I would not be surprised if he breaks out later this year. 

Oscar Colas - Chicago White Sox OF - Pass. 

Branlyn Jaraba - Milwaukee Brewers 3B - Project with OK numbers. 

Felix Valerio - Milwaukee Brewers 2B - Nice hitter with limited power.

Larry Ernesto - Milwaukee Brewers OF - Pass. 

Jackson Chourio - Milwaukee Brewers OF - Young but look at his 2021 stats. Impressive.

Hendry Mendez - Milwaukee Brewers OF - Decent prospect but I will have to pass. 

Creed Willems - Baltimore Orioles C - 19 and has not played at all. 

Luis Gonzalez - Baltimore Orioles OF - Another young project worth a hold.

Darell Hernaiz - Baltimore Orioles SS - Pass. 

Colton Cowser - Baltimore Orioles CF - Second Bowman auto.

Benny Montgomery - Colorado Rockies - Second Bowman auto.

Warming Bernabel - Colorado Rockies 3B - Love the numbers here even if its a project. Worth a long term hold. 

Gavin Conticello - Arizona Diamondbacks 3B - Need to see how he develops but I like what I read about him.

Ryan Bliss - Arizona Diamondbacks SS - Pass. 

Jordan Lawlar - Arizona Diamondbacks SS - Second Bowman auto. 

Brandon Valenzuela - San Diego Padres C - Pass. 

Euribiel Angeles - San Diego Padres 3B/SS - Now with Oakland but its a pass. 

Cristian Gonzalez - Houston Astros SS - Not enough pop for me.

Tyler Whitaker - Houston Astros OF - Pass. 

Dauri Lorenzo - Houston Astros 2B/SS - Pass. 

Luca Tresh - Kansas City Royals C - Pass.

Wilmin Candelario - Kansas City Royals SS - Pass.

Dayton Dooney - Kansas City Royals 2B - Pass. 

Martin Gimenez - Toronto Blue Jays SS - Young project but where is the power?

Damiano Palmegiani - Toronto Blue Jays 3B - Not a bad player. A little too old for my taste.

Elijah Cabell - St. Louis Cardinals OF - Pass.

Joshua Baez - St. Louis Cardinals OF - Very young but the power numbers show good signs. 

Yeison Santana - Chicago Cubs - Pass. 

Luis Verdugo - Chicago Cubs SS - Pass.

Pablo Aliendo - Chicago Cubs C - Pass. 

Ronnier Quintero - Chicago Cubs C - Pass. 

James Triantos - Chicago Cubs 2B- Very solid prospect.

Jordan Wicks - Chicago Cubs P - Pass. 

Jose Ramos - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Another solid Dodger prospect. 

Eddys Leonard - Los Angeles Dodgers SS - See above. 

Henry Davis - Pittsburgh Pirates - Second Bowman auto.

Matt Fraizer - Pittsburgh Pirates OF -  Pass. 

Jack Suwinski - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Pass. 

James Wood - San Diego Padres OF - 6'7 potential stud. I really like what I see here.

Victor Lizarraga - San Diego Padres P - Pass. 

Luke Waddell - Atlanta Braves SS - Pass. 

Max Muncy - Oakland Athletics SS - Strikeouts are high but I am a fan. 

Roberto Campos - Detroit Tigers OF - Love the talent here.

Robert Dominguez - New York Mets P - Pass. 

Yhoswar Garcia - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Pass.