Saturday, November 30, 2019

2019 Bowman Draft Baseball - Complete Prospect Analysis

Hello all. I know its has been a while since my last post but thanks for hanging in there with me. My review of the 2019 Bowman Draft Baseball checklist is complete and overall I think its a strong product. Overall high school arms were very weak in this class. In addition, teams selected a ton of college talent. The one thing that concerns me about a college prospect is will they be able to move quickly and their age. How much upside is still there? Remember these are my opinions so if you disagree that is OK. Go with your instincts. Please see the review below and spread the word. Links to EBay have also been provided. Thank you for your patience and I promise more posts are coming soon.

Antoine Kelly - Milwaukee Brewers P - Pass

Andre Lipcius - Detroit Tigers 2B/3B - A little older but someone I will keep and eye on.

Alek Manoah - Toronto Blue Jays P - Pass
Alec Marsh - Kansas City Royals P - Pass
Adley Rutschman - Baltimore Orioles C - He's the No 1 pick. Prices will be high. Too high for me to recommend.

Aaron Schunk - Colorado Rockies 3B - Pass
Andrew Vaughn - Chicago White Sox 1B - Love him. Has power and can make contact. We should see him in the majors this season. Prices will be insane but could be worth it.

Brett Baty - New York Mets 3B - I like the overall numbers even though the strikeouts are high.
He is someone to keep an eye on. Watch.

Brennan Malone - Arizona Diamondbacks P - Watch. Small sample size.

Brady McConnell - Kansas City Royals SS - Pass. Too old.

Beau Philip - Atlanta Braves SS - Pass. Too old.

Bryson Stott - Philadelphia Phillies SS - Pass. Too old.

Braden Shewmake - Atlanta Braves SS - Pass. Too old.

Blake Walston - Arizona Diamondbacks P  - Pass

Brandon Williamson - Seattle Mariners P - Pass

CJ Abrams - San Diego Padres SS - A top pick who is good but will be high priced.

Corbin Carroll - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Numbers are not bad. Watch.

Cameron Cannon - Boston Red Sox 2B/SS - Pass. Too old.

Chase Strumpf - Chicago Cubs 2B - Too old.

Dasan Brown - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Watch. Small sample size and is only 18.

Daniel Espino - Cleveland Indians P - Watch. Young arm.

Dominic Fletcher - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Pass. Too old.

Drey Jameson - Arizona Diamondbacks P - Pass

Davis Wendzel - Texas Rangers 3B - Pass. Too old.

Ethan Small - Milwaukee Brewers P - Pass.

Gunnar Henderson - Baltimore Orioles SS - Watch. Young with small sample size.

Greg Jones - Tampa Bay Rays SS - Pass.
George Kirby - Seattle Mariners P - Pass.
Grant McCray - San Francisco Giants - Watch. Can he develop power?

Hunter Bishop - San Francisco Giants OF- Love him. Another top pick that will be high priced. Its the new normal now with cards.

Isaiah Campbell - Seattle Mariners P - Pass.

Jamari Baylor - Philadelphia Phillies SS - High upside with no stats but I am interested.
John Doxakis - Tampa Bay Rays P - Pass.

Josh Jung - Texas Rangers 3B - Pass for me. Older and I am not sure he will move quickly.

J.J. Bleday - Miami Marlins OF - Great addition to an improved system but I will pass. Older and will be high priced. 

JJ Goss - Tampa Bay Rays P - Pass.
Jack Kochanowicz - Los Angeles Angels P - Pass.

Jimmy Lewis - Los Angeles Dodgers - Pass.

Joshua Mears - San Diego Padres OF - Watch. I want to see how he plays in a full season.

Josh Smith - New York Yankees SS - If you think he can move fast by all means go for it. 

Jake Sanford - New York Yankees OF - Pass. Too old and too many strikeouts.
Jared Triolo - Pittsburgh Pirates 3B/SS - Almost a pass but I have decided to watch. I wonder what the price will be.

Josh Wolf - New York Mets P - Pass.
Keoni Cavaco - Minnesota Twins SS - Watch. Very small sample size.

Kody Hoese - Los Angeles Dodgers SS - Pass. Too old.

Kameron Misner - Miami Marlins OF - Pass.

Kyren Paris - Los Angeles Angels SS - Pass.

Kyle Stowers - Baltimore Orioles OF - Pass.
Kendall Williams - Toronto Blue Jays P - Pass.

Logan Davidson - Oakland Athletics SS - Pass.

Logan Driscoll - San Diego Padres OF - Pass.

Logan Wyatt - San Francisco Giants 1B - Pass.

Michael Busch - Los Angeles Dodgers 2B - Pass.
Matt Canterino - Minnesota Twins P - Pass.

Matt Gorski - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Pass.

Matthew Lugo - Boston Red Sox SS - Looks to have no power but is young. Still a pass for me.

Michael Toglia - Colorado Rockies P - Pass.

Matthew Thompson Chicago White Sox P - Pass.

Matt Wallner - Minnesota Twins OF - Pass.
Nick Lodolo - Cincinnati Reds P - Wow a pitcher that I will not pass on. I only say that because Derek Johnson works for the Reds now. Hopefully prices are reasonable.

Nasim Nunez - Miami Marlins SS - Pass. Seems to have no power.

Nick Quintana - Detroit Tigers - Pass.

Noah Song - Boston Red Sox P - Pass.

Peyton Burdick - Miami Marlins OF - Monster numbers for an older prospect. Not sure anyone will care. Pass.

Quinn Priester - Pittsburgh Pirates P - Hmmm. Watch. Seems to have good stuff.

Riley Greene - Detroit Tigers OF - Watch. Cost will be high due to being selected 5th overall but is being pushed aggressively by management.

Ryan Garcia - Texas Rangers P - Pass.

Rece Hinds - Cincinnati Reds 3B - No sample size but has insane power. I am interested.
Ryan Jensen - Chicago Cubs P - Pass.

Ryne Nelson - Arizona Diamondbacks P - Pass.

Ryan Zeferjahn - Boston Red Sox P - Pass.

Seth Johnson - Tampa Bay Rays P - Pass.

Shea Langeliers - Atlanta Braves C - Not a bad prospect but I will pass.

Sammy Siani - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - I will keep an eye on him. Watch.

Spencer Steer - Minnesota Twins Utility - Pass.
Tyler Baum - Oakland Athletics P - Pass.

Tyler Callihan - Cincinnati Reds OF - I am interested. Reds seem to be a strong team break candidate.

Tommy Henry - Arizona Diamondbacks P - Pass.

T.J. Sikkema - New York Yankees P - Pass.
Will Wilson - Los Angeles Angels OF - Pass.

Zack Thompson - St. Louis Cardinals P - Pass.


  1. Seems like alot of passes this draft, i agree with you because the price for draft is so expensive. I feel card companies are making too much of the product now and the price is un reasonably high.

    1. Its the price combined with a ton college talent being taken. Older prospects with no guarantee to move quickly.

  2. Hi, per Rece Hinds- what do you mean by "no sample size"?

    Thanks for the Complete Prospect Analysis. Really appreciate your work.

    1. Hello. He only had a small number of at bats. Need to see at least 400 plate appearances this upcoming season.

    2. I also want to know and get a better understanding on why older players get a pass?

      Any recommendations where I can search and get better info / knowledge on prospects?

    3. For me older players just don't have the upside and if they don't move quick they are already older when they hit the majors.Fangraphs, Baseball America and MLB Pipeline are all good sources.

  3. I got a Jake Sanford, Blue Refractor in a pack. Does it make since to try to get something for it now, based on your assessment or is this a hold since I got it in a pack?

    1. In my opinion, I would lean towards selling. He's 22 with a high strikeout rate and he is a Yankee which should give him a bump in price.

    2. Thank you! One other you know why people ask asking twice to three times as much for a plain refractor (#/499) vs. a blue refractor (#/150) on ebay?

    3. Thanks again for your help. I listed it on ebay and already have offers coming in for it. Also, thank you for doing this site as I have found it helpful and have bought some prospects based on your recommendations. Keep up the good work!

    4. In regards to refractors, I would wait to see if that changes as a ton of cases are still being ripped.Thanks for supporting the site. More content coming.

  4. Just wondering why many people is collecting Dominic fletcher? Except the age is there something with him?

    1. His numbers were not bad at all his first year.He has some pop but there is a strikeout concern. I have to admit the prices are not too bad. The question is can he move quickly.

    2. Because I just hit his gold auto keep and send to grade or just sell now?

    3. Always grade it if you can. Especially if you think its can be a 9.5 w 10 auto. In my opinion selling might be the best way to go.

    4. Sorry for bothering so much. What kind of card you’ll choose to grade first? Like price over $100? Or blue gold orange these ref?

    5. No worries Jack. Fire away. Feel free to email on send message on Twitter and I can respond faster. I think for me if its gradeable I am sending it in unless the cost to grade is more than the card.Color does not matter as the boost you get if its 9.5 w 10 auto is worth it for any card.

  5. Sorry just wondering what’s the potential you are expecting from Andre lipcius even he is 21 now?

  6. No need to apologize. I want to see more power and expect more doubles. Keeping an eye on him.