Saturday, December 14, 2019

2019 Bowman Draft Baseball - Early Pricing Trends

Hello all. Bowman Draft has been out for ten days and I have taken a look at the prices. No big surprises but there is some value out there. Please note I am only looking at the prices for base autographs. Lastly, I only took a look at the prospects I think you should keep an eye on. Thanks again for all the support and reach out to me with questions. Spend wisely.

Andre Lipcius - Detroit Tigers 2B/3B - Around $5-$10 bucks. Not bad and not a surprise.

Adley Rutschman - Baltimore Orioles C - High as expected. Around $200 or above for base.

Andrew Vaughn - Chicago White Sox 1B - High as expected. Around $160 for base.
Brett Baty - New York Mets 3B - Hmm around $75 bucks right now. Nope.

Brennan Malone - Arizona Diamondbacks P - Around $10 bucks. Not bad. See if you can get lower than that. 

CJ Abrams - San Diego Padres SS - High priced as expected.

Corbin Carroll - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Base auto is around $40. I would go no higher than $50.

Dasan Brown - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Affordable. Prices between $10-$20.

Daniel Espino - Cleveland Indians P - Around $10. I would go no higher than that.
Gunnar Henderson - Baltimore Orioles SS - Around $15 bucks. Not bad.
Grant McCray - San Francisco Giants - Affordable (Around $10) but a ton of refractors are on the market vs base.

Hunter Bishop - San Francisco Giants OF- High priced. Over $60.

Jamari Baylor - Philadelphia Phillies SS - Around $10-$15. Not bad but the power potential is a major concern.

Joshua Mears - San Diego Padres OF - Can be yours for under $20. Not bad.
Josh Smith - New York Yankees SS - Under $20 but I would lay off the Yankees right now. The team is going for it and all prospects are available. (Except Jasson Dominguez!)
Jared Triolo - Pittsburgh Pirates 3B/SS - Under $10 and will be 22 when the season starts. Power potential is there.

Keoni Cavaco - Minnesota Twins SS -Hmm. Selling for around $40. I'm surprised. Help me out on this one readers.
Matthew Lugo - Boston Red Sox SS - A ton of redemption cards and is it possible he only signed refractors? Help me out on this one. 

Nick Lodolo - Cincinnati Reds P - Around $40. The price has to be related to being a top ten pick.

Quinn Priester - Pittsburgh Pirates P - Around $10. A good price for a pitcher. See if you can get under that.

Riley Greene - Detroit Tigers OF - High priced. Over $100.

Rece Hinds - Cincinnati Reds 3B - Around $20. Good price for him but it comes with risk.

Sammy Siani - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Around $10. Not bad. The power is not there right now.

Tyler Callihan - Cincinnati Reds OF - Around $10-$20. I like the price.


  1. Plenty of Pirates to buy! Maybe I should buy them in a group break.

  2. Not a bad idea. Good value overall.

  3. Few questions.

    Which colors should we hold or sell? Best time to buy? Thoughts on Sparkles?

    1. I never bought a sparkle refractor before and I am still analyzing the best time to buy. It used to be the winter but that has kind of changed. For me I prefer the refractor #'d/499, Blue, Gold, or Red. I stick with the classics. The refractor /499 is my favorite. Clean and catches the eye. Hope that helps.

  4. I want to invest in Andrew Vaughn - Any idea on what you’ll need to see from him? Also, when do you decide to jump the ship when a prospect won’t or is not living up to the expectations? Is it years or months before you make up your decision?

    1. Thanks for all the comments Acosta. Much appreciated. You will need to keep seeing the power with high contact rates. I expect him to move fast. Moving on depends on the prospect. If they are older faster. Younger slower.

    2. No worries. New to prospecting so found reading the comments helpful. Expect many questions from me in the future! lol

      Fangraphs has Vaughn's field - 40/45. Is that the average or does Vaughn need to improve on his fielding? My friend says he lacks defense and is over hyped. Curious to hear your thoughts.

    3. Happy to help. Fielding does not matter when it comes to the price of his auto. Its all about what he can do at the plate. He has plus contact and power. I expect him to have an impact and start in AA.