Saturday, December 14, 2019

2019 Bowman Draft Baseball - Early Pricing Trends

Hello all. Bowman Draft has been out for ten days and I have taken a look at the prices. No big surprises but there is some value out there. Please note I am only looking at the prices for base autographs. Lastly, I only took a look the prospects I think are good ones to keep an eye on. Thanks again for all the support and reach out to me with questions. Spend wisely.

Andre Lipcius - Detroit Tigers 2B/3B - Around $5-$10 bucks. Not bad and not a surprise.

Adley Rutschman - Baltimore Orioles C - High as expected. Around $200 or above for base.

Andrew Vaughn - Chicago White Sox 1B - High as expected. Around $160 for base.

Brett Baty - New York Mets 3B - Hmm around $75 bucks right now. Nope.

Brennan Malone - Arizona Diamondbacks P - Around $10 bucks. Not bad. See if you can get lower than that. 

CJ Abrams - San Diego Padres SS - High priced as expected.

Corbin Carroll - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Base auto is around $40. I would go no higher than $50.

Dasan Brown - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Affordable. Prices between $10-$20.

Daniel Espino - Cleveland Indians P - Around $10. I would go no higher than that.

Gunnar Henderson - Baltimore Orioles SS - Around $15 bucks. Not bad.

Grant McCray - San Francisco Giants - Affordable (Around $10) but a ton of refractors are on the market vs base.

Hunter Bishop - San Francisco Giants OF- High priced. Over $60.

Jamari Baylor - Philadelphia Phillies SS - Around $10-$15. Not bad but the power potential is a major concern.

Joshua Mears - San Diego Padres OF - Can be yours for under $20. Not bad.

Josh Smith - New York Yankees SS - Under $20 but I would lay off the Yankees right now. The team is going for it and all prospects are available. (Except Jasson Dominguez!)

Jared Triolo - Pittsburgh Pirates 3B/SS - Under $10 and will be 22 when the season starts. Power potential is there.

Keoni Cavaco - Minnesota Twins SS -Hmm. Selling for around $40. I'm surprised. Help me out on this one readers.

Matthew Lugo - Boston Red Sox SS - A ton of redemption cards and is it possible he only signed refractors? Help me out on this one. 

Nick Lodolo - Cincinnati Reds P - Around $40. The price has to be related to being a top ten pick.

Quinn Priester - Pittsburgh Pirates P - Around $10. A good price for a pitcher. See if you can get under that.

Riley Greene - Detroit Tigers OF - High priced. Over $100.

Rece Hinds - Cincinnati Reds 3B - Around $20. Good price for him but it comes with risk.

Sammy Siani - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Around $10. Not bad. The power is not there right now.

Tyler Callihan - Cincinnati Reds OF - Around $10-$20. I like the price.


  1. Plenty of Pirates to buy! Maybe I should buy them in a group break.

  2. Not a bad idea. Good value overall.

  3. Few questions.

    Which colors should we hold or sell? Best time to buy? Thoughts on Sparkles?

    1. I never bought a sparkle refractor before and I am still analyzing the best time to buy. It used to be the winter but that has kind of changed. For me I prefer the refractor #'d/499, Blue, Gold, or Red. I stick with the classics. The refractor /499 is my favorite. Clean and catches the eye. Hope that helps.