Sunday, September 15, 2019

2019 Bowman Chrome Baseball - Complete Prospect Analysis

2019 Bowman Chrome is scheduled to be released on September 18, 2019. After review, the checklist is not very strong but there are some prospects that I like. Please see my thoughts below. If a player on the checklist was not mentioned it means I will not be buying due to the reasons listed below. In addition, keep in mind a ton of these players are very young so you are really buying potential. It might be worth it to watch how they develop and then buy later. Contact me on Twitter with any questions, disagreements or concerns.

Too old (over age 23)
Too many strikeouts (K% over 25%)
A pitcher with a bad K/9 rate
A pitcher with a bad BB/9 rate

Link to Full Checklist (Click on Set Checklist)

Seth Beer - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Nice player. A little older but I suspect his price will be high as he was a first round pick.

Shervyen Newton - New York Mets SS - Way too many strikeouts but maybe is worth an investment for the right price. You would be buying upside.

Terrin Vavra - Colorado Rockies 2B - Not bad but I still stay away from Rockies prospects.

Owen Miller - San Diego Padres 2B - Buy. Impressive.

Mike Siani - Cincinnati Reds OF - No power right now but I see potential. Would buy if under $10. 

Deivi Garcia -New York Yankees P - Only mentioning him as he will be a high end card. Not a buy for me. The Yankees develop pitchers well though.

Alejandro Kirk - Toronto Blue Jays C - Not bad for a catcher. Worth a bargain bin purchase only.

The prospects below are very young and are long term hold. I would be shocked if a number of these are high end but we shall see.

Noelvi Marte - Seattle Mariners SS -  Rookie ball stats are great. Worth a buy and hold.

Orelvis Martinez - Toronto Blue Jays 3B/SS - Rookie ball stats are great. Worth a buy and hold. 

Brayan Rocchio - Cleveland Indians SS - Need more pop. Only 18.

Alexander Canario - San Francisco Giants - I feel this prospect will be high end. Only 19 and has great numbers.

Jonathan Ornelas - Texas Rangers SS - Only 19. I need to see more power.

Wenceel Perez - Detroit Tigers SS -  Only 19. I need to see more power.

Leonardo Jimenez - Toronto Blue Jays 2B -  Only 19. I need to see more power.

Jose Dever - Miami Marlins SS -   Only 19. I need to see more power.

Israel Pineda - Washington Nationals C -  Only 19. I need to see more power.

Freudis Nova - Houston Astros SS - Only 19. I need to see more power.

Danny Diaz - Boston Red Sox 3B - Only 18. I need to see more power.

Miguel Hiraldo - Toronto Blue Jays SS - Rookie ball stats are great. Worth a buy and hold.  


  1. ? Do u have any insight on Geraldo Perdomo Diamondbacks? Great work on prospects, i enjoy reading your perception on investing.

    1. Thanks Unknown. I think he is young and is a player I will watch. Right now he has not shown any power potential.

  2. You mention a bad K/9 rate and a bad BB/9 rate. Curious as to what parameter you consider for those designations? Thanks!

    1. Hello Phil. I use the grid created by Fangraphs in their glossary. It's very good.

    2. Average or Below is a concern.

  3. Any follow up coming on this? I enjoy your analysis, thoughts, and follow ups! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the support. I will have an update before the holiday. More updates soon.

  4. Just wondering why you recommend a mariners prospect to keep? Do you think mariners will affect the price of marte much?

    1. Sorry for the delay Jack. I missed this comment. Looking back at the prices today it seems location does not matter. His prices are insane.

  5. The price for Noelvi Marte and Orelvis Martinez are insane, about $100 each. Do you think it is stil worth buying and hold?

  6. That's a tough one. Personally that is too high for me.