Sunday, January 29, 2023

2022 Bowman Draft & Chrome Baseball Autograph Pricing Trends: An Update

Here are the pricing trends for 2022 Bowman Chrome and Draft. The market has definitely corrected and prices are almost at pre pandemic level outside of the top guys. This is great news for the market and for prospectors.

2022 Bowman Draft 

Alex Freeland - Los Angeles Dodgers SS - I've seen as low as $7. 

Christopher Paciolla - Chicago Cubs Utility - Around $20. 

Ignacio Alvarez - Atlanta Braves 3B - Around $30. Fair.

Elijah Green - Washington Nationals OF - Prices are well above $100 but I'm not sure I would take the leap yet. 

Brooks Lee - Minnesota Twins SS - Hard to assess here. Tons of redemptions but not a ton for base. Prices are high due to scarcity. 

Mikey Romero - Boston Red Sox SS - Another player with redemptions. Prices are high for similar reason mentioned when discussing Brooks Lee. 

Chase DeLauter - Cleveland Guardians OF - $60 bucks. Not bad. It seems a lot of prospectors like him.

Jackson Holliday - Baltimore Orioles SS - Around $300! I keep hearing great reports about him.

Zach Neto - Los Angeles Angels SS- A little over $60 but I think that is fair. 

Kumar Rocker - Texas Rangers P - Selling for about $30. Still too high.

Termarr Johnson - Pittsburgh Pirates SS - Tons of redemptions similar to Romero and Lee. 

2022 Bowman Chrome 

Anthony Gutierrez - Texas Rangers OF - Selling for around $25. Great price. 

Yeison Morrobel - Texas Rangers OF - Most prices are in the $20 range. 

Rayne Doncon - Los Angeles Dodgers 2B/SS - Most prices are in the $20 range.  

Brady House - Washington Nationals 3B - Around $45. 

Ceddanne Rafaela - Boston Red Sox 3B/OF - Around $50. 

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