Monday, November 27, 2017

2017 Bowman Chrome Draft Checklist - Initial Reaction

Topps has finally released the full 2017 Bowman Chrome Draft checklist with over 70 prospect names. Overall I like the checklist and look forward to analyzing each prospect. Stay tuned for major updates from PFC. This is going to be fun.

CDA-AB Austin Beck Oakland Athletics™
CDA-AF Alex Faedo Detroit Tigers®
CDA-AH Adam Haseley Philadelphia Phillies®
CDA-BE Blayne Enlow Minnesota Twins®
CDA-BH Blake Hunt San Diego Padres™
CDA-BM Brendan McKay Tampa Bay Rays™
CDA-BMI Brian Miller Miami Marlins®
CDA-BMU Brendan Murphy Milwaukee Brewers™
CDA-BN Brett Netzer Boston Red Sox®
CDA-BR Brent Rooker Minnesota Twins®
CDA-BT Bubba Thompson Texas Rangers®
CDA-CA Cory Abbott Chicago Cubs®
CDA-CB Cole Brannen Boston Red Sox®
CDA-CBA Charlie Barnes Minnesota Twins®
CDA-CC Cash Case Cincinnati Reds®
CDA-CH Colton Hock Miami Marlins®
CDA-CL Caden Lemons Milwaukee Brewers™
CDA-CMA Corbin Martin Houston Astros®
CDA-CS Clarke Schmidt New York Yankees®
CDA-CSE Christopher Seise Texas Rangers®
CDA-CW Connor Wong Los Angeles Dodgers®
CDA-DB Dylan Busby Pittsburgh Pirates®
CDA-DE Drew Ellis Arizona Diamondbacks®
CDA-DH D.L. Hall Baltimore Orioles®
CDA-DP David Peterson New York Mets®
CDA-DW Drew Waters Atlanta Braves™
CDA-EC Ernie Clement Cleveland Indians®
CDA-EW Evan White Seattle Mariners™
CDA-GC Griffin Canning Angels®
CDA-GS Gavin Sheets Chicago White Sox®
CDA-HC Hans Crouse Texas Rangers®
CDA-HD Hagen Danner Toronto Blue Jays®
CDA-HR Heliot Ramos San Francisco Giants®
CDA-JA Jo Adell Angels®
CDA-JB Jake Burger Chicago White Sox®
CDA-JD Jeter Downs Cincinnati Reds®
CDA-JJM J.J. Matijevic Houston Astros®
CDA-JM Joey Morgan Detroit Tigers®
CDA-JP Joe Perez Houston Astros®
CDA-JPE Jacob Pearson Angels®
CDA-KC Kacy Clemens Toronto Blue Jays®
CDA-KH Keston Hiura Milwaukee Brewers™
CDA-KM Kevin Merrell Oakland Athletics™
CDA-KMC Kade McClure Chicago White Sox®
CDA-KS Kevin Smith Toronto Blue Jays®
CDA-KW Kyle Wright Atlanta Braves™
CDA-LC Luis Campusano San Diego Padres™
CDA-LG Luis Gonzalez Chicago White Sox®
CDA-LH Lincoln Henzman Chicago White Sox®
CDA-LW Logan Warmoth Toronto Blue Jays®
CDA-MC Morgan Cooper Los Angeles Dodgers®
CDA-MG MacKenzie Gore San Diego Padres™
CDA-MJM MJ Melendez Kansas City Royals®
CDA-MT Matt Tabor Arizona Diamondbacks®
CDA-MV Mark Vientos New York Mets®
CDA-NP Nick Pratto Kansas City Royals®
CDA-NPE Nate Pearson Toronto Blue Jays®
CDA-PS Pavin Smith Arizona Diamondbacks®
CDA-PSO Peter Solomon Houston Astros®
CDA-QB Quinn Brodey New York Mets®
CDA-QH Quentin Holmes Cleveland Indians®
CDA-RL Royce Lewis Minnesota Twins®
CDA-RM Riley Mahan Miami Marlins®
CDA-RV Ryan Vilade Colorado Rockies™
CDA-SB Shane Baz Pittsburgh Pirates®
CDA-SC Sam Carlson Seattle Mariners™
CDA-SCO Seth Corry San Francisco Giants®
CDA-SF Stuart Fairchild Cincinnati Reds®
CDA-TD Tommy Doyle Colorado Rockies™
CDA-TH Tanner Houck Boston Red Sox®
CDA-TL Tristen Lutz Milwaukee Brewers™
CDA-TR Trevor Rogers Miami Marlins®
CDA-TW Taylor Walls Tampa Bay Rays™
CDA-WG Will Gaddis Colorado Rockies™
CDA-ZK Zach Kirtley St. Louis Cardinals®
CDA-ZL Zac Lowther Baltimore Orioles®


  1. I found your website a week or two ago, and I'm loving it! I have a question though. When you give purchasing opinions on prospects (buy, strong buy, watch, or pass), what do you mean by bargain bin buy? Do you think that prospect will be any good or is it more of just luck for them to become good compared to ones you label as strong buy?

  2. Hello and thanks for the support. Good question. Bargain Bin is any prospect auto under 10 bucks for a recommended player. A bargain bin buy can also be a strong buy.The cost does allow investors to take more risks.