Sunday, September 3, 2017

How To Prepare For The Arizona Fall League

The Arizona Fall League recently released their rosters for the upcoming season and did not disappoint. There are a number of top prospects playing this year as well other players that are on my radar. I think the Fall League is the best test for prospects outside of the jump from A ball to AA or a promotion to the Majors. Prospectors should take player performance very seriously. Success in the Fall League is a good indicator on if a prospect will produce in the Majors.

Arizona Fall League Rosters via Baseball America


  1. It'd be kinda cool to have a post about guys that aren't top 150 guys that you could buy for next to nothing, but could do well in the future. To me someone like Skye Bolt comes to mind, if he could get his pitch recognition to improve which should improve his average, he could get a lot of attention, and his cards cost next to nothing. Basically just a post where the guys Bowman Chrome base auto's are <$5, or if there is no base auto's, then Bowman Chrome Refractors are like $1 or less. I've done well with these types of guys, minimal investment, and % wise it's a better investment then the big names, though less overall profit.

  2. Thanks Brandon for the comment. I would be happy to do a post related to bargain bin prospects that are low cost. I try to discuss the mid to low end guys vs the high end expensive guys.