Sunday, September 3, 2017

September Call Ups - Buy, Sell or Hold

One of my followers on Twitter recently asked me about a player and presented the question on should they sell or hold. I will always advocate selling if you are comfortable making a profit that meets your goal. In many cases when September call ups happen I always proceed with caution. A player may produce amazing numbers simply because there is not much of a scouting report on him. Some players may struggle and not produce immediately. Overall, one month of at bats in the majors is not enough data to determine if a player will be good or not. I have provided some advice below on how to handle certain situations.

Scenario #1 - Player is on fire after call up (e.g. Rhys Hoskins) - Sell to collect profits and initial investment. Maybe hold a few for the long term. When situations like this occur I always expect a correction the next season due to adjustments made by pitching staffs (Eric Thames). Same applies for pitchers.When a player stats dips you always have to ask yourself if that player can make multiple adjustments.

Scenario #2 - Player struggles after call up (e.g Yoan Moncada) - Hold. Some players take time to adjust to the Majors so struggling is not a surprise. You may want to possibly BUY more of a player if prices dip in December. People may sell off due to panic. Be careful not to overreact. Same rules applies for pitchers.

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