Sunday, March 25, 2018

Atlanta Braves OF Cristian Pache - 2018 Bowman Alert

2018 Bowman comes out later this month and while collectors are on the hunt for Otani autographs I am looking for players with the potential to be in the top 100 next year. When I saw Cristian Pache officially sign for Bowman, I immediately got excited. Pache is already one of the top outfield defenders in the minors and has improved all of his tools since signing with the Braves as a 16 year old. He did not hit any Home Runs in 2017 but all the reports I have read state that he has power potential. The Braves are working on his swing constantly and I think he will break out in 2018.

Link to Stats via Fangraphs


  1. Is his 1st Bowman in 2017 Draft? It doesn't say 1st Bowman on the card but I'm not seeing any others.. thanks!

    1. Look for his first auto when 2018 Bowman comes out later this month.

  2. An aside- appreciate all the posts btw- could there be a quarterly? feature where there is a straight BUY/SELL/HOLD on several noteworthy prospects- from just released prospects in 2018 Bowman or products from 2017 or before.

    My biggest weakness seems to be holding onto certain prospects too long or selling too early.

  3. Thanks for the support. I can for sure provide that service. I will also revist my previous recommendations after reviewing 2018 Bowman. I always say sell when you can profit.