Sunday, March 11, 2018

2 MLB Prospects Who Will Move Quickly In The Minors

Pavin Smith and Keston Hirua are two members of the 2017 Draft class who posses above average hitting skills. Most reports expect Keston to have above average power and Pavin Smith to eventually come into his power last. Prices are a little on the high end for both but the hitting skills are so good the potential for prices to explode this season are likely. I have provided a few additional thoughts below for each player.

Milwaukee Brewers 2B - Keston Hirua - Reports have stated that Keston's elbow is fully healed. Scouts worry about his defense but the bat is so good it will become a non factor. You may see him in the Majors this year and I expect him to move quickly. Milwaukee Brewers prospects usually do not sell but I think Keston is a special player. For a Brewer prospect, his cards are in high demand. The best time to buy is now.

Arizona Diamondbacks 1B - Pavin Smith - Similar to Keston, Smith has above average hitting ability and walked more than he struck out during the 2017 season. He is a lock to be the replacement for Paul Goldschimdt in 2019 and should move quickly. The main issue scouts have is the power potential. I am taking the gamble that he will develop power last 


  1. Thanks for your help! I have a few more questions... I usually don't invest much in pitching prospects because they don't sell too well, but what do u you think of these pitchers?
    Justin Dunn
    Nolan Martinez
    Tyler Kolek
    Tyler Beede
    Jack Flaherty
    Yadier Alvarez
    Justus Sheffield
    Dillon tate
    I invested in AJ Puk, and some of these guys, but I'm kinda getting worried cause I don't want to be investing in relief ptichers. lmk what u think. thx

    1. Thanks Adam. I am reviewing both comments and will update this weekend. I also stay away from relief pitchers.

    2. Another note. I never invest too crazy into pitchers. I may buy a few of each player if the cost is right.

      Dunn - One of my favorites when the product came out but he may be a 3rd starter at best.
      Martinez - Not a big enough sample size to comment.
      Kolek - Just getting back from injury. Will watch.
      Beede - I would pass.
      Flaherty - Worth a small investment.
      Alvarez - Worth a small investment.
      Sheffield - Worth a small investment.
      Tate - I would watch closely.

  2. Ok after a long time researching and with your help, I’ve finally developed my list. Lmk if you have any suggestions or concerns with the list. Thanks again. I appreciate it. Lmk your Instagram page name, I’ll be sure to give you a follow. Austin Riley, Josh Ockimey, Michael Chavis, Tyler Stephenson, Yu Cheng Chang, Bobby Bradley, Jahmai Jones, Pete Alonso, Jhailyn Ortiz, Scott Kingery, Chris Shaw, Oscar Mercado, Tyler O Neill, Justin Williams, Garrett Whitley, Jake Bauers, Jesus Sanchez, Willy Adames, Willis Calhoun, Mountcastle, Cornelius Randolph, Jhoan Urena, Blandino, Dax Cameron, DJ Stewart, Ronald Guzman, Christin Stewart, Nick Senzel. I’m not a huge fan of spending ridiculous amounts of $ on guys who only produced at one level. That’s why I think Senzel is a great investment cause he’s produced everywhere. Anyway, lmk what u think. Thanks, Adam

    1. Overall a good list. I love Senzel and I think he will hit for power sooner than later. Power seems to come last for great hitting prospects. A few things to note below.

      Ockimey,Bradley, Shaw - Watch the K rate.

  3. Thanks I appreciate your help! I actually have a few comments to share with u:
    -Ockimey seems like a tradable piece or roadblocked piece in Boston because i saw that Chavis was playing first base
    -Is Garrett Whitley worth investing in? seems like too much of a speedster
    -Jake Bauers- enough power at first?
    -Jesus Sanchez- hit 29 2Bs and 15 HRs and ISO only .173 , am I reading something wrong? this kid can rake
    -Willy Adames - overpriced/overrated much? solid overall but power isnt where itshould be for his price
    -Cornelius Randolph - why so cheap, he had a solid season?
    -Urena/Blandino - I'm kinda worried about a utility role for these prospects. Worth an investment?
    -DJ Peters/Daniel Johnson- When r these guss getting chrome autos?
    -When you make your insta lmk, I'll give you a nice shoutout. (I have over 1.1k followers)
    Lmk what u think. Thx, Adam

  4. Replies
    1. Ockimey - I could see that or a DH only role.
      Garrett Whitley - Small investment only. He is a project for sure.
      Jake Bauers- Yeah I think so but its a small investment for me.
      Jesus Sanchez - No you are not. .173 ISO is impressive. He is my favorite player in the system.
      Willy Adames - Yeah not enough pop for me.
      Cornelius Randolph - Great question. Top 10 pick in the draft who was praised for a good bat. He has just battled injuries. Always liked him but he is a long term hold.
      Urena/Blandino - Need the full name.
      DJ Peters/Daniel Johnson- I'm hoping in a few weeks!
      Kevin Kramer - A little older but worth a small investment.