Wednesday, June 16, 2021

MLB Prospect Statistical Analysis (Stats Don't Lie) Hitting Report

We are officially a month and a half into the season and I ran some reports today to see who is performing well so far. I have to say there are some eye popping stats out there. I have listed some of the names below that have caught my attention. Report was ran on Fangraphs. 

Milwaukee Brewers - Joe Gray Jr. - Joe has 10 homers and 16 extra base hits. Impressive. 

Kansas City Royals - Nick Pratto - Impressive walk rate and a swing changed has improved his power. 11 homers so far.

Los Angeles Dodgers - Andy Pages - Good power numbers. Looking forward to more improvement. 10 homers and 10 XBH. 

San Diego Padres - Robert Hassell III - Only 19 and he is striking out 20% of the time. Very good for a high school draft prospect. 

St. Louis Cardinals - Nolan Gorman - Big improvement here. Power numbers are good but the swing and miss is down. K rate is 25%. 

Arizona Diamondbacks - A.J. Vukovich - 19 year old prospect that has good power potential. 0.193 ISO.

Detroit Tigers - Gage Workman  - Strikeout rate is high but the walk rate is good (15%). Not a ton of home runs but has 13 XBH. 

Monday, May 31, 2021

2021 Bowman Draft Baseball - Pricing Trends Update

Here are the pricing trend updates for 2021 Bowman. The product has been out for a month so prices are normalized. Overall I see a ton of value.  Please note I am only looking at the base auto sales.

Adael Amador - Colorado Rockies, SS – $15-$25. Not bad if you like the player.

Eddy Diaz - Colorado Rockies SS – $10. Affordable. 

Darryl Collins - Kansas City Royals OF – $15. Another affordable prospect. 

Kevin Alcantara - New York Yankees OF – $100. High end prospect. 

Alexander Vargas - New York Yankees SS – I've seen as low as $20 and as high as $30. 

Ivan Johnson - Cincinnati Reds 2B – Auto is selling for $10-$15. I think this is a steal. 

Austin Martin - Toronto Blue Jays SS – Redemption over $350. Very high but he can really play.  

Angel Martinez - Cleveland Indians SS – Around $35. 

Gabriel Arias - Cleveland Indians SS - Around $30. 

Jose Tena - Cleveland Indians SS - Around $25. 

Alexander Ramirez – Los Angeles Angels OF – $50. People are buying the youth and upside. 

D'Shawn Knowles – Los Angeles Angels OF –  $15. I think this is another steal. Only 20 years old. 

Adinso Reyes - Detroit Tigers SS – $20-$25. Not bad at all. 

Aaron Sabato - Minnesota Twins 1B – $80. People are aware of the power potential. The Twins also do a great job with player development. 

Brainer Bonaci - Boston Red Sox SS – $15-$20. Another affordable prospect. 

Blaze Jordan - Boston Red Sox 3B/1B – $200. High as expected. 

Jose Salas - Miami Marlins SS – $35. Has not played yet but the hype is there. 

Coby Mayo - Baltimore Orioles 3B – $45-$50. For the price to be this high with no at bats is interesting. 

Dylan MacLean - Texas Rangers LHP - Under $10.

Maximo Acosta - Texas Rangers SS – $120. As expected. 

Marcus Smith - Texas Rangers OF - Base is around $15 and lower. Good price. 

Heriberto Hernandez - Texas Rangers OF/1B (Note He’s a Tampa Bay Ray) – Around $55. Tampa effect? 

Ji-Hwan Bae - Pittsburgh Pirates SS – $15. Its possible to get this card for lower than that though. 

Endy Rodriguez - New York Mets C/OF (Now a Pittsburg Pirate) $15. Not bad at all.  

Freddy Valdez - New York Mets OF – $20-$30. A little on the high end for him. In my opinion. 

Jeremy De La Rosa - Washington Nationals OF – Average is around $60. Not surprised. Next Soto? 

Jeferson Espinal - Arizona Diamondbacks OF – Around $15-$20. Properly priced. 

Jairo Pomares - San Francisco Giants OF – Around $30. I agree with the price. 

Johan Rojas - Philadelphia Phillies OF – Around $20-$30. I just worry that the Phillies won't develop him properly. 

Mick Abel - Philadelphia Phillies – Around $40. First round talent. 

Luis Santana - Houston Astros 2B - Under $15. Contact hitter that is a little older. 

Jake Vogel - Los Angeles Dodgers OF -  Around $30. 

Hedbert Perez - Milwaukee Brewers OF – Prices vary. Low as $100 to as high as $150. Top international signing. 

Ismael Mena - Chicago Cubs OF – $15-$25. Has not played yet but is another project. 

Brayan Buelvas - Oakland Athletics OF – $15-$20. Decent price. Need to see more from the player.

Jose Rodriguez - Chicago White Sox SS – Around $25. 

Yoelqui Cespedes - Chicago White Sox OF - Around $100. I honestly though the price would be higher. 

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Jordan Walker (St. Louis Cardinals, 3B) Has Impressed So Far

Jordan Walker is playing his first year of professional baseball and I have to admit I am beyond impressed. His walk rate is currently 17.5% and his K rate is around 20%. Its only 57 plate appearances but there are some flashes of superstar talent here. The main thing that has my attention is per the reports I am reading, he hits the ball very hard. The exit velocities are elite. The Cardinals have found another good prospect.