Monday, May 31, 2021

2021 Bowman Draft Baseball - Pricing Trends Update

Here are the pricing trend updates for 2021 Bowman. The product has been out for a month so prices are normalized. Overall I see a ton of value.  Please note I am only looking at the base auto sales.

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Adael Amador - Colorado Rockies, SS – $15-$25. Not bad if you like the player.

Eddy Diaz - Colorado Rockies SS – $10. Affordable. 

Darryl Collins - Kansas City Royals OF – $15. Another affordable prospect. 

Kevin Alcantara - New York Yankees OF – $100. High end prospect. 

Alexander Vargas - New York Yankees SS – I've seen as low as $20 and as high as $30. 

Ivan Johnson - Cincinnati Reds 2B – Auto is selling for $10-$15. I think this is a steal. 

Austin Martin - Toronto Blue Jays SS – Redemption over $350. Very high but he can really play.  

Angel Martinez - Cleveland Indians SS – Around $35. 

Gabriel Arias - Cleveland Indians SS - Around $30. 

Jose Tena - Cleveland Indians SS - Around $25. 

Alexander Ramirez – Los Angeles Angels OF – $50. People are buying the youth and upside. 

D'Shawn Knowles – Los Angeles Angels OF –  $15. I think this is another steal. Only 20 years old. 

Adinso Reyes - Detroit Tigers SS – $20-$25. Not bad at all. 

Aaron Sabato - Minnesota Twins 1B – $80. People are aware of the power potential. The Twins also do a great job with player development. 

Brainer Bonaci - Boston Red Sox SS – $15-$20. Another affordable prospect. 

Blaze Jordan - Boston Red Sox 3B/1B – $200. High as expected. 

Jose Salas - Miami Marlins SS – $35. Has not played yet but the hype is there. 

Coby Mayo - Baltimore Orioles 3B – $45-$50. For the price to be this high with no at bats is interesting. 

Dylan MacLean - Texas Rangers LHP - Under $10.

Maximo Acosta - Texas Rangers SS – $120. As expected. 

Marcus Smith - Texas Rangers OF - Base is around $15 and lower. Good price. 

Heriberto Hernandez - Texas Rangers OF/1B (Note He’s a Tampa Bay Ray) – Around $55. Tampa effect? 

Ji-Hwan Bae - Pittsburgh Pirates SS – $15. Its possible to get this card for lower than that though. 

Endy Rodriguez - New York Mets C/OF – $15. Not bad at all.  

Freddy Valdez - New York Mets OF – $20-$30. A little on the high end for him. In my opinion. 

Jeremy De La Rosa - Washington Nationals OF – Average is around $60. Not surprised. Next Soto? 

Jeferson Espinal - Arizona Diamondbacks OF – Around $15-$20. Properly priced. 

Jairo Pomares - San Francisco Giants OF – Around $30. I agree with the price. 

Johan Rojas - Philadelphia Phillies OF – Around $20-$30. I just worry that the Phillies won't develop him properly. 

Mick Abel - Philadelphia Phillies – Around $40. First round talent. 

Luis Santana - Houston Astros 2B - Under $15. Contact hitter that is a little older. 

Jake Vogel - Los Angeles Dodgers OF -  Around $30. 

Hedbert Perez - Milwaukee Brewers OF – Prices vary. Low as $100 to as high as $150. Top international signing. 

Ismael Mena - Chicago Cubs OF – $15-$25. Has not played yet but is another project. 

Brayan Buelvas - Oakland Athletics OF – $15-$20. Decent price. Need to see more from the player.

Jose Rodriguez - Chicago White Sox SS – Around $25. 

Yoelqui Cespedes - Chicago White Sox OF - Around $100. I honestly though the price would be higher. 

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