Wednesday, June 16, 2021

MLB Prospect Statistical Analysis (Stats Don't Lie) Hitting Report

We are officially a month and a half into the season and I ran some reports today to see who is performing well so far. I have to say there are some eye popping stats out there. I have listed some of the names below that have caught my attention. Report was ran on Fangraphs. 

Milwaukee Brewers - Joe Gray Jr. - Joe has 10 homers and 16 extra base hits. Impressive. 

Kansas City Royals - Nick Pratto - Impressive walk rate and a swing changed has improved his power. 11 homers so far.

Los Angeles Dodgers - Andy Pages - Good power numbers. Looking forward to more improvement. 10 homers and 10 XBH. 

San Diego Padres - Robert Hassell III - Only 19 and he is striking out 20% of the time. Very good for a high school draft prospect. 

St. Louis Cardinals - Nolan Gorman - Big improvement here. Power numbers are good but the swing and miss is down. K rate is 25%. 

Arizona Diamondbacks - A.J. Vukovich - 19 year old prospect that has good power potential. 0.193 ISO.

Detroit Tigers - Gage Workman  - Strikeout rate is high but the walk rate is good (15%). Not a ton of home runs but has 13 XBH. 

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