Saturday, January 2, 2021

New Year, New Rules

A new year is upon us and at PFC I expect an exciting year of analysis. Cards are hotter than ever but the fundamentals do not change. I plan to post a lot more this year and I am excited to analyze fresh data once the minor league season starts. Big things are ahead. Due to the card prices being so high, new tactics must be used. Finding above average returns may be harder but it is possible. Thanks again for reading. Good times are ahead. 


  1. Exciting times for collectors!!! Thanks for keeping this page up and running

  2. Will this be bad or good thing for people who stay short/ long term? I’m seeing more celebrities and “investors” coming into the hobby which is driving these boxes and singles to be overpriced IMO.

    1. Its so hard to tell how long this hot market will last. I think prices stay high in the short term but there has to be a correction soon but right now there is no way to tell.

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