Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Keep an Eye On Garrett Mitchell (Milwaukee Brewers, OF)

One of my favorite picks of the 2020 MLB Draft was Garrett Mitchell. Mitchell possesses elite speed and hitting ability but some believe he will not hit for power. I actually think that he will be able to. Garrett played in a big ballpark at UCLA and his approach was one geared toward contact and using his speed. The Brewers have a good development system and are good at overhauling swings to help prospects tap into their power. I'm looking forward to see what Garrett does when the games count. 


  1. Big fan of your website! I wanted to know your thoughts on Brenton Doyle of the Rockies. A little on the older side but really impressed in his debut season. Seems as scouts are very high on his power/speed combo.

  2. Thanks. Much appreciated. I really like him and have heard good things. He came up on Baseball Americas Rockies top 10 podcast. They like the talent.