Saturday, February 17, 2018

Justin Williams - Tampa Bay Rays OF - Breakout Prospect Canidate

It's a good feeling when you find an under the radar prospect with a track record of making adjustments each season. Justin Williams has played 5 minor league seasons and is only 22 years of age. In 2017, Williams made multiple adjustments at AA Montgomery and raised his walk rate to an impressive 9% while cutting down on strikeouts. Not to mention he mashed 21 doubles, 3 triples and 14 homers. After doing some research online it seems that prices are still very affordable. EBay does not have much on sale which is a sign of people buying and holding until the season starts. I would suggest digging around at local card shows and set up alerts for any new sales of his Bowman Chrome auto. I think Williams will continue to improve. Scouts love his overall makeup and hitting ability.


  1. Nice write up, I’m a fan of Williams too I’ve been picking up a few of his autos over the last couple months.

    I have a question for you too. What’s your opinion on buying autos of high school prospects from products like Panini Stars and Stripes and holding till Draft night? Is this a solid investment, or do you think it’s a better strategy to investment in prospects after they’re drafted?

    1. Thanks for the comment and the great question. I am so picky about the auto's I buy. If a player is not in a MLB uniform, I don't touch it. I am all about the first Bowman Chrome auto. Sometimes I may buy a Perfect Game Auto but it depends on the prospect. If the player is a generational talent like Harper it would not hurt to buy the Donruss or Panini products but if not I would wait for the Bowman auto.