Sunday, July 21, 2019

Prepare Now for 2019 Bowman Draft

I want to share with the readers the importance of preparing for the release of 2019 Bowman Draft. My guess is Adley Rutschman will be in the product and Bobby Witt Jr will be in 2020 Bowman. Overall as prices rise it might be a good time to put some dollars away as we get closer to the release date. I am aware that Bowman Chrome comes out in September prior to Bowman Draft but I think this draft class will produce a hotter product to invest in.


  1. any guesses on who will be in 2019 bowman chrome

    1. Hello Coracom. I predict most of the first round and supplemental round will be there. Some will hold over as Bowman 2020 will need names.

  2. which players should we go after? trying to invest in a few players before prices sky rocket.