Sunday, April 14, 2019

2019 Bowman Baseball - Complete Analysis of Every Prospect

2019 Bowman Baseball's release is right around the corner and I have taken a look at the list. Overall there were not many pitchers I liked and there were a few position players that are very good buys. If you have any questions leave a comment and I will answer. Thanks for reading!
Andrew Bechtold - Minnesota Twins 3B - K rate is above 25%. Pass.

Aaron Civale - Cleveland Indians P - Pass. K/9 too low.

Andrew Knizner - St. Louis Cardinals C - Older player with a little pop. Will be worth the buy if in the $5-10 range.

Blaze Alexander - Arizona Diamondbacks 2B - Cool name and has a little pop. Worth a buy if the price is not too crazy.

Brock Burke - Tampa Bay Ray P - Nice K/9 rate but I will pass.

Brock Deatherage - Detroit Tigers OF - Pass. Too many strikeouts.

Brewer Hicklen - Kansas City Royals OF - Not a bad player. Need to see the Ks come down. A buy for me.

Brady Singer - Kansas City Royals P - Pass. Not enough date to evaluate.

Conner Capel - Cleveland Indians OF - Pass

Casey Golden - Colorado Rockies OF- Pass too many K's.

Casey Mize - Detroit Tigers P - Pass. Too risky and the cost will be too high.

Cal Mitchell - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Nice player. A buy for me but I need to see more power.

Chad Spanberger - Toronto Blue Jays 1B - Great power bat. Would buy if a bargain.

Cristian Santana - Los Angeles Dodgers 1B/3B - Buy. Look at the stats and see for yourself.

Derian Cruz - Atlanta Braves 2B - Pass. No pop.

Diego Cartaya - Los Angeles Dodgers C - No stats on file. Pass for now.

Dean Kremer - Baltimore Orioles P - Pass. Back end starter.

Dom Thompson-Williams - New York Yankees OF - In Seattle now but would buy if a bargain.

Edward Cabrera - Miami Marlins P - Pass

Eloy Jimenez - Chicago White Sox - Pass. Second Auto.

Elehuris Montero - St. Louis Cardinals 3B - Buy. Nice player.

Eli Morgan - Cleveland Indians P - Pass

Esteury Ruiz - San Diego Padres 2B - Buy. Nice pop.

Gabriel Cancel - Kansas City Royals 2B - Buy if a bargain.

Genesis Cabrera - St. Louis Cardinals P - Pass

Isranel Wilson - Atlanta Braves OF - Pass

Joey Bart - San Francisco Giants C - Love him but the cost will be too high for me.

Jonathan Hernandez - Texas Rangers P - Pass. Too many walks.

Julio Pablo Martinez - Texas Rangers - Pass

Julio Rodriguez - Seattle Mariners OF - Buy. Young but has big time talent.

Jose Suarez - Los Angeles Angels P - Someone to watch. Pass for now.

Keegan Thompson - Chicago Cubs P - Pass

Lyon Richardson - Cincinnati Reds P - Pass for now. Only 19.

Logan Webb - San Francisco Giants P - Pass

Miguel Amaya - Chicago Cubs C - Not bad. All depends on the cost for me.

Mateo Gil - St. Louis Cardinals SS - Pass for now. 18 and has not played much.

Marco Luciano - San Francisco Giants - No stats on file.

Matt Mercer - Arizona Diamondbacks P - Pass.

Mason Martin - Pittsburgh Pirates 1B - Pass. Too many Ks with no power.

Matt Vierling - Philadelphia Phillies OF - Decent numbers. I will keep my eye on him.

Nate Lowe - Tampa Bay Rays 1B - Not a bad 1b but I will pass.

Nick Madrigal - Chicago White Sox - Pass. Second auto.

Rylan Bannon - Baltimore Orioles 2B - Pass.

Ryan Costello - Minnesota Twins 1B - Pass.

Ronaldo Hernandez - Tampa Bay Rays C - Not bad but Rays players are a tough sell.

Reggie Lawson - San Diego Padres P - Pass

Ronny Mauricio - New York Mets SS - A very close watch for me but I need to see more. I wonder what he will sell for.

Ryan McKenna - Baltimore Orioles OF - Pass

Roberto Ramos - Colorado Rockies 1B - Pass

Seuly Matias - Kansas City Royals OF - Nope. Way too many strikeouts.

Steele Walker - Chicago White Sox OF - Cool name but I'll pass.

Telmito Agustin - Washington Nationals OF - Not bad but would only buy if in the $5-10 range.

Tirso Ornelas - San Diego Padres OF - Another good, young prospect in San Diego. Buy.

Tommy Romero - Tampa Bay Rays P - Pass

Taylor Widener - Arizona Diamondbacks P - Pass

Vince Fernandez - Colorado Rockies P - Pass

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - Toronto Blue Jays 3B - Pass. Second auto.

Victor Mesa Jr. - Miami Marlins OF - See below.

Victor Victor Mesa - Miami Marlins OF - Both Mesa brothers are a watch for me. I need to see a full season of results.

Wander Franco - Tampa Bay Rays OF - An obvious buy but the prices will be insane. Too rich for me.

Will Stewart - Philadelphia Phillies P - Pass.


  1. Might want to take a second look at Mauricio, I've heard good things about him over at Prospects Live, a site that I trust quite a bit

    1. Thanks David. I did catch some heat for that. My concern is that he is so young but will sell at a premium. I cant wait to see prices.

  2. Replies
    1. You are welcome Unknown. Thanks for checking out the site.

  3. What price range do you consider a bargain with some of these guys

    1. Thanks for the comment. I will have a follow up post in a week breaking that down.

  4. What price range do you consider a bargain for some of these guys

    1. Hello. I will need to reassess my price ranges. The cost for some of these prospects are higher that I thought.

  5. Who would you rank as your top 10

    1. I don't have a top ten ranking but I will reevaluate all my buy recommendations in a few days.

  6. Thoughts on the prices we're seeing for Julio Rodriguez? Seems pretty high to me.

    1. Prices are very high overall which is a concern. He just broke his hand so maybe they will drop?

  7. FYI - I can try to order the report by teams and maybe create a pivot chart. Stay tuned.