Sunday, September 30, 2018

2018 Bowman Chrome Baseball - Early Pricing Trends

2018 Bowman Chrome Baseball has been out for a few days and I wanted to provide some pricing updates for some of my buy recommendations. Please note that I only looked at completed auctions for base autograph cards on eBay for the price estimates . I expect prices to change as supply increases. 

Carlos Rincon - Los Angeles Dodgers OF - Currently around $30. I hope the price comes down to around $20.

James Nelson - Miami Marlins 3B - His auto is selling for about $10. I would not pay above that price.

Michel Baez - San Diego Padres P  - Under $10. A good price for a nice talent. Still has some things to work on but I like the potential.

Seth Romero - Washington Nationals P - Not a lot of sales online. I don't think he is short printed. Keep an eye on the sales.

Yordan Alvarez - Houston Astros OF - As expected his prices are on the high end. 

Akil Baddoo - Minnesota Twins OF - His auto is selling for $15-$20. I would prefer to buy at $15. $25 would be too much.

Antoni Flores - Boston Red Sox SS - Prices are around $20-$25. Seems that people are buying the potential. Him being with the Red Sox helps. 

Brandon Marsh - Los Angeles Angels OF - Auto is selling for around $35-$40. Way too much for my taste. I will wait until the winter to buy. 

Carter Kieboom - Washington Nationals SS - As expected his prices are on the high end. 

Daulton Varsho - Arizona Diamondbacks C - I was surprised to see his auto selling for $20. In my opinion this is a great price. If he performs well in the Fall League the price will go up to around $30 possibly. 

Eduardo Diaz - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Auto is selling for around $10. I am waiting to see if the price drops. 

Kristian Robinson - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Robinson's prices are odd to me. I thought they would be around $10 or less but I have not seen any prices under $50 so far. Due to the price I am going to wait to see if the price drops.

Luis Garcia - Washington Nationals 2B 50-60 - I'm surprised that Garcia's auto is on the high end. His auto is selling for $50-60. 

LoLo Sanchez - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - Sanchez auto is selling for $15-$25. Not really surprised at the price.

Luis Urias - San Diego Padres 2B - As expected his prices are on the high end. 

Tyler Freeman - Cleveland Indians 2B - Auto is selling for $10-$15. Not surprised at the price. It seems people are afraid that he only has doubles power. I am willing to take a risk that he will hit for more power. 

William Contreras - Atlanta Braves C - His auto is selling for $40-$60. Way too high for me. 

Yasel Antuna - Washington Nationals 2B - Not too many sales out there. I will watch. 


  1. I went heavy on Alvarez out of the gate, but am thinking about buying a few Rincon colored autos. The power is definitely there and the Dodger uni doesn't hurt. Do you see that as more of a smart investment over buying more expensive guys like Kieboom, Florial or even Marsh?

    1. Its a good investment.Rincon is a great buy low sell high candidate with breakout potential. You want to see him cut down on the strikeouts and make more contact.

  2. Thanks again for the comment. Rincon is a bargain to me right now. Base auto is selling for around $20. I think the price will be way lower and affordable vs the names you mentioned.

  3. Any new post coming? Maybe some AFL news. Tyler Nevin, Peter Alsonso, Ronnie Dawson, Braxton Davidson all seem to be doing well.

    1. I have a ton of new posts coming. Recap of the AFL and also gearing up for 2018 Draft which looks good so far. Just took a little break. Email me if you have questions.

  4. Hey man. Thanks so much for the content. How is Varsho going?

    1. Hello Owen. No problem. Thank you for checking the site out. Varsho is still high on my list. Lately there has been chatter from insiders wondering if he can stay at catcher. Even if he does not he is a still a buy for me.

  5. Love Rincon's power, but am lost on why he is ranked so low on the Dodgers prospect list (currently 22nd). I am buying all I can right now since his prices are cheaper than expected. Am I missing something? Or do you agree with my "buy now" mentality?

    1. Thanks for the question. He is ranked low due to his strikeout rate. The Dodgers have a great development system so I would agree with the investment. He is a breakout candidate.