Sunday, June 10, 2018

Austin Beck's and Pavin Smith's Stocks Are Not Trending Down

Sam Dykstra at posted an article discussing the 2017 MLB Draft and the performance of certain prospects. I was surprised to see that he stated Austin Beck and Pavin Smith's stocks were trending down. Austin Beck tore his ACL while in high school and while he did struggle in short season ball, he is still 19 and is playing better. He was known to be a project when he was drafted. Pavin Smith is only batting .214 but his K rate and walk rate are exceptional and the power numbers are acceptable despite being in a hitter friendly league. I think sometimes we are not patient with the development of these players as they adjust to pro ball.

MILB Article by Sam Dykstra


  1. What are your thoughts on Cal Mitchell? Ive been looking at his stats and I like what I see .

    1. I like what I see too. The strikeouts are a bit much but I like the walk rate. Good find by you. Thanks for the comment.