Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Prospectors Thoughts on the 2016 MLB Draft

The MLB Draft is right around the corner and between June 9-11, the next wave of baseball talent will arrive to the professional ranks. As a fan, I enjoy watching the first few rounds to familiarize myself with the future players who will help my team win the World Series. Should a prospector care about the Draft? Is there any advantage that can be obtained? In my opinion, there is a small advantage that can be gained. Over the years baseball has become a regional sport so the market a player goes to is very important. For example, imagine if Brendan Rodgers was drafted by the Dodgers vs the Rockies. I think his prices would be even higher. The market matters when it comes to a prospect and its value. Overall I think a prospector can get an idea of future demand depending on what player goes where. Ultimately a players performance is the biggest factor in determining price but the market the player is in does impact value.

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