Saturday, December 8, 2018

2018 Bowman Draft Checklist - Full MLB Prospect Review

2018 Bowman Draft is scheduled for release on December 14 and the draft class is strong this year. Bowman Draft is an interesting product because there is data to review but players just getting their first taste of pro ball. So many things could change after the season starts so it's always good to keep an eye on a players development. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email or message me on Twitter @prospects4cash. Thanks for reading.

Alec Bohm - Philadelphia Phillies 3B - I wrote in an earlier post that college 3B are pretty safe prospects. Even though Alec did not have the best debut I love his makeup and rate him as a buy.

Anthony Seigler - New York Yankees C - Nice catching prospect that will take time to develop. Not sure how good the bat is yet. I would wait to buy.

Alek Thomas - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Strong rookie debut but I am not sure if the pop is there. Another prospect I would watch. If you bought in I would understand.

Braxton Ashcraft - Pittsburgh Pirates P - Only pitched 17 innings. Another person to keep an eye on.

Brady Singer - Kansas City Royals P - Did not pitch. If you buy now you are only relying on the scouting reports. I need more data.

Brice Turang - Milwaukee Brewers SS - I love the talent but no pop. Pass.

Carlos Cortes - New York Mets 2B - Nice college bat with decent pop. I would rate as a buy. The price has to be around $10-15 for me.

Cadyn Grenier - Baltimore Orioles SS - Pass for now. Strikeouts are up there.

Casey Mize - Detroit Tigers P - The top pick of the draft. He did not pitch much but I would never pay high prices for a pitcher anyways. Pass for me.

Connor Scott - Miami Marlins OF - Did not play. See Brady Singer. The same approach applies.

Cole Winn - Texas Rangers P - See above.

Cole Roederer - Chicago Cubs OF - Strong buy. Nice power and contact player. Prices may be expensive due to being a Cub.

Daniel Lynch - Kansas City Royals P - Nice stats but a pass for me. Not a 1 or 2 starter.

Ethan Hankins - Cleveland Indians P - Pass. I need more data to make a good evaluation.

Griffin Conine - Toronto Blue Jays OF - Good power numbers with a high strikeout rate. Conine was suspended 50 games but I am passing even if that event did not happen.

Greyson Jenista - Atlanta Braves OF - I'm am going to rate Greyson as a buy. He's 22 years old but I like his makeup.

Grant Lavigne - Colorado Rockies 1B- Great numbers in rookie ball. I still am following my rule on Rockies prospects. Would be a strong buy in any other market but I will pass.

Grayson Rodriguez - Baltimore Orioles P - Pass. I need more data to make a good evaluation.

Griffin Roberts - St. Louis Cardinals P - Pass. I need more data to make a good evaluation.

Jordyn Adams - Los Angeles Angels OF - Adams is a buy for me but with a warning. I am not sure if the power will be huge. He is a project but the payoff could be huge if everything hits. A small position would be a good approach in my opinion.

Josh Breaux - New York Yankees C - See Anthony Seigler.

Jeremy Eierman - Oakland Athletics 2B - Nice prospect. The strikeouts need to come down but the hit tool seems very good. I rate as a buy.

Jordan Groshans - Toronto Blue Jays SS - A buy for me. I think he has a better bat the Conine and can hit 20 homers.

Joe Gray - Milwaukee Brewers OF - Impressive athlete that is a project. Pass for now.

Jonathan India - Cincinnati Reds 3B - Buy for me. My reasons are the same as Alec Bohm. Good power potential and the strikeouts won't be too bad.

Jeremiah Jackson - Los Angeles Angels SS - I am taking the same approach with Adams and applying it here. The difference is Jackson's bat is better and he could hit for more power. If I had a choice of one it would be Jackson.

Jarred Kelenic - New York Mets OF (Traded to Seattle) - Pass. If he was a Met I would recommend a strong buy. Not sure if superstar potential is there but he is good. He has to be a superstar to sell in Seattle.

Jackson Kowar - Kansas City Royals P - Pass. I need more data to make a good evaluation.

Jake McCarthy - Arizona Diamondbacks OF - Buy. Nice debut with decent power.

Josiah Gray - Cincinnati Reds P - I like the stats but he is a 4th starter at best. Pass.

Josh Stowers - Seattle Mariners OF - Good numbers but I will pass.

Jayson Schroeder - Houston Astros P - Pass. I need more data to make a good evaluation.

Jake Wong - San Francisco Giants P - Pass. I need more data to make a good evaluation.

Kris Bubic - Kansas City Royals P - Nice K/9 rate. I will watch.

Kody Clemens - Detroit Tigers 2B - College bat. Nice numbers. I would buy if bargain bin (Under $10).

Luken Baker - St. Louis Cardinals 1B - Baker is a buy for me. Seems to be a big time slugger. Needs to stay healthy though.

Logan Gilbert - Seattle Mariners P - Did not play. Pass for now.

Lenny Torres - Cleveland Indians P - Pass. I need more data to make a good evaluation.

Mason Denaburg - Washington Nationals P - Pass. I need more data to make a good evaluation.

Matthew Liberatore - Tampa Bay Rays P - A nice player but my statement about Casey Mize applies here. I will pass.

Nolan Gorman - St. Louis Cardinals 3B - Gorman ripped up rookie ball but came back down to earth after being promoted. Still a buy but will be on the high end due to the inflated rookie ball stats.

Nico Hoerner - Chicago Cubs 2B - A nice player who has played well this year. He is a buy for sure but will be high end.

Nick Madrigal - Chicago White Sox 2B - Another prospect who will be high end but I am not sold. Scouts are very worried that power will not develop. I will do a separate post on him.

Noah Naylor - Cleveland Indians C - Another interesting catching prospect. I am watching because Cleveland is good at developing hitters.

Nick Schnell - Tampa Bay Rays OF - Pass for now. Not enough data.

Osiris Johnson - Miami Marlins SS - Watching closely. A project that will take a long time to develop.

Owen White - Texas Rangers P - Did not play. Pass for now.

Parker Meadows - Detroit Tigers OF - Pass for now. Too many Ks.

Ryder Green - New York Yankees OF - Pass for now. Too many Ks but watch closely.

Ryan Jeffers - Minnesota Twins C - Another solid catching prospect. I will watch for now.

Ryan Rolison - Colorado Rockies P - Pass for me.

Ryan Weathers - San Diego Padres P - Pass for me.

Shane McClanahan - Tampa Bay Rays P - Pass for now. Will follow.

Simeon Woods-Richardson - New York Mets P - Pass for now. Will follow.

Triston Casas - Boston Red Sox 3B - Did not play much but the power is serious. I am rating this as a buy even though he got hurt. He could shoot up lists but be aware that Ks may be an issue.

Tim Cate - Washington Nationals P - Pass for me.

Tanner Dodson - Tampa Bay Rays P - Pass for me.

Tyler Frank - Tampa Bay Rays 2B - Very good prospect. Rays prospects are tough to sell sometimes but I would rate as a buy but I will take a small position.

Trevor Larnach - Minnesota Twins OF - Buy for me. Good prospect that should move fast.

Tristan Pompey - Miami Marlins OF - Nice prospect. Almost a pass for me but I would buy. Good player.

Travis Swaggerty - Pittsburgh Pirates OF - A buy but this season will be huge for him. I need to see a cutdown in strikeouts. The talent is there.

Will Banfield - Miami Marlins C - Pass for me. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

2018 Bowman Draft Warning - Jarred Kelenic Traded to The Seattle Mariners

Multiple reports have surfaced today confirming the Mets and Mariners are completing a trade to send Robinson Cano to New York for multiple prospects. 2018 first round draft pick Jarred Kelenic is included in the deal. My initial reaction is that I am officially taking a very small position on Kelenic's cards due to this trade. If you are a Mariners fan you are excited about reloading your farm but Seattle prospects have never sold for big money. I love Jarred as a prospect but he has to be a superstar to sell in the Seattle market. It will be interesting to see his prices upon release.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Early 2018 Bowman Draft Checklist Reaction

Bowman Draft is scheduled for release in the near future and while the entire checklist is not out some names have been announced. Overall I really like this draft and I'm looking forward to breaking all these names down. Checkout some of the names below and lookout for more posts from PFC.

Jordyn Adams (Angels) - Project but gifted.
Josh Stowers (Mariners) - Love it but he is a Mariner.
Triston Casas (Red Sox) - Did not play. Will he be a bargain?
Jonathan India (Reds) - Love it.
Jake Wong (Giants) - Analysis is pending.
Will Banfield (Marlins) - Analysis is pending.
Anthony Seigler (Yankees) - Analysis is pending.
Nolan Gorman (Cardinals) - Will his cards be expensive?
Ryan Weathers (Padres)- Analysis is pending.
Alec Bohm (Phillies) - Love it. 
Brady Singer (Royals) - Did not play. Bargain bin potential?
Nick Madrigal (White Sox) - An enigma in my opinion.