Sunday, February 23, 2020

How to Use the Baseball America Prospect Handbook

One of my favorite books to read to help me make better buying choices is the Baseball America Prospect Handbook. It is one of the best books you can buy if you want to learn about prospects. I have listed a few ways you can use the book to your advantage below.

First Time Buyer of the Prospect Handbook

If you are a first time purchaser of the book I would get familiar with how Baseball America rates players and defines each tool. The book always gives a breakdown of what the 20-80 scale is and rates 30 players from each team. It has everything you need. 

Owners of Previous Prospect Handbooks

If you own books from the previous years use them to compare the scouting reports and tool grades to the new book. Is the player improving? Have any tool grades dropped or increased? What has the player worked on and is currently working on? Where is he ranked in the organization versus previous years? 
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  1. Hi do you think investing on non-auto bowman 1st prospects are worth investing or do you believe that investing in topps update RC is more worth investing? I am really interested on your thoughts. Thanks

  2. Hello MK. Thanks for the comment. I would need to do more research. Heritage and Topps RC's do seem to do well. Everything is changing with cards so all these things must be looked at.