Sunday, January 6, 2019

Taking a Chance on Philadelphia Phillies OF Mickey Moniak

When Mickey Moniak was drafted number one overall back in 2016, the industry and insiders loved the pick. Since then, Moniak has struggled and scouts have hopped off the bandwagon. Some reports I have read only see him as a fourth outfielder now. In my opinion, this is a great buying opportunity. Moniak will be only 21 once the 2019 season starts and he finished the 2018 season strong. He also has been working on getting stronger and has a good makeup. The adjustment to pro ball can be tough even if you are considered to be a top talent. As of today, his base auto is selling for around $15. I believe Mickey will breakout in 2019. 

Note - Remember to only focus on the 2016 draft auto. 


  1. Hey! Just found this site and i'm in love! The analysis is fun, informative and appreciated. Quick question for you; I'm a recently reborn collector, and wondering if you would prefer a colored variation card, or a higher rated card - for example, would you prefer a Purple card, with an 8.5 grade, or a base card with a 9.5 grade....

    Thanks for the help, and looking forward to following the site!

    1. Hello TwinkieBolt. Thanks for the kind words. I am happy that you are enjoying the content. For me I would always go for the base 9.5 but if you have a low number variation I would understand going for it. But I think with 8.5’s there are times you are better off selling raw unless you can get a 9 grade.