Friday, June 27, 2014

2012 BC Autos I Love Right Now

Maybe it works on a cycle because last year I was in love with the 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft auto set (still am), but this year I'm getting excited about a couple 2012 chrome autos.

Brad Miller - He's on a tear, they'll move him up in the lineup, might eventually have Cano protecting him, and Seattle is actually a contender.  Always thought Miller had a plus plus hit tool.  Autos used to near $20 but now they're in single digits.  No rational explanation for stuff like that.

Eddie Rosario - Before his suspension, he was hyped big time.  Well, he's back and he looks the same.  Seems like some people forgot about him.

Rougned Odor - I think there's a shift toward investing in prospects even after they are in the majors and Odor is really holding his own and causing a stir.  I wouldn't worry that they bat him ninth.

Josh Bell - No one seems to remember him because the Pirate outfield is set for years to come with the big 3, but Bell is raking to the tune of .330.

Marcell Ozuna - Why does a major leaguer who is on pace for 25 HR have a BC auto that sells for only $5?  I gotta think this will eventually correct.

Nomar Mazara - Only 19.  Each month this year his avg. has increased as well as his HR totals.  He looks good.

Kevin Plawecki - I always loved this kid, stuck in D'Arnaud's shadow, but he's getting some respect and is headed to the Futures Game.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to Invest In Kris Bryant

No, you probably can't afford to buy Bryant's Bowman Chrome autographs.  Don't fret.  Most of us are in the same boat.  But there is a way to get in on the appropriate hype of the first year pro who already leads the world in HR... 2014 Bowman and Bowman Chrome non autos.

I was shocked to see Bryant lots of the paper 2014 Bowman base sell on ebay for only about $1 - $1.50 dlvd per.

People back in the day saw something like this with a player and loaded up... today they have made literally thousands of dollars off of those non autos.  I know because I know these people.  The player's name was Mike Trout by the way.

Now I'm not saying Bryant is Trout.  No sir.  I am saying Bryant could hit 50 HR in the big leagues one day, he already has the hype, and is on the doorsteps of an MLB debut.  Yet you can buy his true Bowman rookie IN LOTS for a buck per.  It just doesn't seem right, and one day the market will correct this absurdity.  Until then, I'll happily just keep buying them.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014 Future's Game

Thanks to, here are your 2014 Future's Game rosters.  It looks like almost everyone, especially the Americans, have Bowman Chrome autos.

Most excited to see:

US Team

Name ORG Club Level B T HT WT Birthdate Birthplace  
Christian Binford KC Wilmington A+ R R 6-6 217 12/20/1992 Hagerstown, MD Stats
Lucas Giolito WSH Hagerstown A R R 6-6 225 07/14/1994 Santa Monica, CA Stats
Marco Gonzales STL Springfield AA L L 6-1 195 02/16/1992 Fort Collins, CO Stats
Hunter Harvey BAL Delmarva A R R 6-3 175 12/09/1994 Catawba, NC Stats
Daniel Norris TOR New Hampshire AA L L 6-2 180 04/25/1993 Johnson City, TN Stats
Henry Owens BOS Portland AA L L 6-6 205 06/05/1989 Huntington Beach, CA Stats
Braden Shipley ARI Visalia A+ R R 6-3 190 02/22/1992 Medford, OR Stats
Robert Stephenson CIN Pensacola AA R R 6-3 195 02/24/1993 Martinez, CA Stats
Noah Syndergaard NYM Las Vegas AAA R R 6-6 240 08/29/1992 Mansfield, TX Stats
Jake Thompson DET Lakeland A+ R R 6-4 235 01/31/1994 Rockwall, TX Stats
Name ORG Club Level B T HT WT Birthdate Birthplace  
Kevin Plawecki NYM Binghamton AA R R 6-2 225 02/26/1991 Carmel, IN Stats
Justin O'Conner TB Charlotte A+ R R 6-0 190 03/31/1992 Muncie, IN Stats
Name ORG Club Level B T HT WT Birthdate Birthplace  
Mookie Betts BOS Pawtucket AAA R R 5-9 160 10/07/1992 Brentwood, TN Stats
Kris Bryant CHC Iowa AAA R R 6-5 215 01/04/1992 Las Vegas, NV Stats
J.P. Crawford PHI Clearwater A+ L R 6-2 180 01/11/1995 Lakewood, CA Stats
Joey Gallo TEX Frisco AA L R 6-5 205 11/19/1993 Las Vegas, NV Stats
Micah Johnson CWS Charlotte AAA L R 6-0 190 12/18/1990 Indianapolis, IN Stats
Peter O'Brien NYY Trenton AA R R 6-3 215 07/15/1990 Miami Gardens, FL Stats
D.J. Peterson SEA Jackson AA R R 6-1 190 12/31/1991 Gilbert, AZ Stats
Corey Seager LAD Rancho Cuca. A+ L R 6-4 215 04/27/1994 Kannapolis, NC Stats
Name ORG Club Level B T HT WT Birthdate Birthplace  
Josh Bell PIT Bradenton A+ S R 6-3 215 08/14/1992 Irving, TX Stats
James Ramsey STL Springfield AA L R 6-0 190 12/19/1989 Alpharetta, GA Stats
Hunter Renfroe SD San Antonio AA R R 6-1 200 01/28/1992 Crystal Springs, MS Stats
Michael Taylor WSH Harrisburg AA R R 6-3 210 03/26/1991 Fort Lauderdale, FL Stats
Jesse Winker CIN Pensacola AA L L 6-3 210 08/17/1993 Windermere, FL Stats

World Team
Name ORG Club Level B T HT WT Birthdate Birthplace  
Alfonso Alcantara LAA Burlington A R R 6-2 190 04/03/1993 Santa Domingo, DR Stats
Jose Berrios MIN Fort Myers A+ R R 6-0 190 05/27/1994 Bayamon, PR Stats
Edwin Escobar SF Fresno AAA L L 6-1 185 04/22/1992 La Sabana, VEN Stats
Domingo German MIA Greensboro A R R 6-2 175 08/04/1992 San Pedro de Macoris, DR Stats
Tayron Guerrero SD Lake Elsinore A+ R R 6-7 190 01/09/1991 Boca Chica, COL Stats
Jorge Lopez MIL Brevard County A+ L L 6-4 165 02/10/1993 Cayey, PR Stats
Francellis Montas CWS Winston-Salem A+ R R 6-2 185 03/21/1993 Sainagua, DR Stats
Enny Romero TB Durham AAA L L 6-3 210 01/24/1991 Santo Domingo, DR Stats
Luis Severino NYY Tampa A+ R R 6-0 195 02/20/1994 Sabana Del Mar, DR Stats
Julio Urias LAD Rancho Cuca. A+ L L 5-11 160 08/12/1996 Sinaloa, MEX Stats
Name ORG Club Level B T HT WT Birthdate Birthplace  
Jorge Alfaro TEX Myrtle Beach A+ R R 6-2 185 06/11/1993 Sincelejo, COL Stats
Christian Bethancourt ATL Gwinnett AAA R R 6-2 205 09/02/1991 Panama City, PAN Stats
Name ORG Club Level B T HT WT Birthdate Birthplace  
Javier Baez CHC Iowa AAA R R 6-0 190 12/01/1992 Bayamon, PR Stats
Carlos Correa HOU Lancaster A+ R R 6-4 205 09/22/1994 Ponce, PR Stats
Maikel Franco PHI Lehigh Valley AAA R R 6-1 180 08/26/1992 Azua, DR Stats
Rosell Herrera COL Modesto A+ S R 6-3 190 10/16/1992 Santo Domingo, DR Stats
Francisco Lindor CLE Akron AA S R 5-11 175 11/14/1993 Caguas, PR Stats
Renato Nunez OAK Stockton A+ R R 6-1 185 04/04/1994 Valencia, VEN Stats
Jose Peraza ATL Mississippi AA R R 6-0 165 04/30/1994 Barinas, VEN Stats
Kennys Vargas MIN New Britain AA S R 6-5 275 08/01/1990 Canovanas, PR Stats
Name ORG Club Level B T HT WT Birthdate Birthplace  
Dariel Alvarez BAL Bowie AA R R 6-2 180 11/07/1988 Camaguey, CUB Stats
Gabby Guerrero SEA High Desert A+ R R 6-3 190 12/11/1993 Nizao, DR Stats
Steven Moya DET Erie AA L R 6-6 230 09/08/1991 Rio Piedras, PR Stats
Dalton Pompey TOR Dunedin A+ S R 6-1 170 12/11/1992 Ontario, CAN Stats
Domingo Santana HOU Oklahoma City AAA R R 6-5 225 08/05/1992 Santo Domingo, DR Stats

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My (NEW) Rules For Investing In MLB Baseball Prospects

My outlook has changed this year on a pretty important facet of prospecting.  I used to invest in the sleepers... the bargains... I took the road less traveled.  I shunned all those who flocked to the hype.  I was arrogant.  I thought I'd be the one to laugh last when the hyped prospect became a bust.

But here I am stuck with a bunch of prospect autos who are not hyped, even though they should be, and they do not sell.  So, I've grown more tolerant and aware of the hype.  Hype is good.  It raises prices.  And more often than not, there's a reason for the hype.  The key is to not get in on the hype at the very peak.  But there's nothing wrong with getting in on the hype on its way up (Kris Bryant anyone?)

So, stemming from that, here are some rules I'm living by nowadays:

- take note of hyped prospects on the forums via the number of different threads asking for the same player

- no catchers

- no second basemen

- no speedsters

- be wary of pitching in the age of Tommy John surgery

- there is less risk than I used to think in going for high end players... because it takes a lot to have EVERYONE jump off the bandwagon.  just look at bubba starling.  he's awful and still can be sold.

- prospects nowadays actually can make an impact when they reach the majors (different perspective than i used to have).  its due to the advanced development of players nowadays.  so holding through the major league callup is now something im thinking of doing... rather than selling on the news of a callup

- do not invest in anyone over 23 yrs old

- keeping track of all your investments is key.  you want to know how much you paid for everything at a moment's notice.  it's all about profit.  if you need help, check out my excel program.  Mention "Lets go Mets" and I'll refund $3 of the $10.

- patience is a virtue.  if you hold and stick to your gut, you'll do well