Monday, January 27, 2014

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Pricing Trends Since Release

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto Pricing Trends Since Release

*** Prices below are based on ebay auction sales, including s/h costs -- If buying/selling, you can add a couple bucks for Buy It Now pricing
*** As expected, most cards lose a couple bucks SV as time passes from the release date
*** Cord Sandberg is an SP, and the increase in price is the market catching up to its rarity
*** So, from the looks of it, demand seems to be increasing with Harvey, Gray, Stewart, Ervin

*** Looking at total sales price of the entire set, it seems overpriced as a whole -- even though avg price per card has declined from $12.60/$17.30 to $11.30/$16.15 (total values divided by the 47 players).
*** For set builders, it goes without saying, you have to find lots of the low end guys, so you're not paying $5+ for a $2 card.  22 players have a lower range of $5 or less per base and total $82/$161.  A shrewd collector will be able to get them for much less than that range.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects By Team

Prospect Auto AFLAC
Angels Hunter Green Hunter Green
Athletics - Billy Mckinney
Cardinals Marco Gonzales Oscar Mercado
Oscar Mercado Robert Kaminsky
Robert Kaminsky
Cubs - Kris Bryant
Diamondbacks Aaron Blair Justin Williams
Braden Shipley
Justin Williams
Dodgers Chris Anderson -
Tom Windle
Yasiel Puig - RC
Giants Ryder Jones -
Indians Clint Frazier Clint Frazier