Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Updates -- Looking Back on My Recommendations

So, it's been a while since I was active and I figured I'd check over recommendations I made during the preseason.  Here are a few that I'm proud of...

HUNTER MORRIS -- Strong Buy (2/22/2012)
Batting .308 - 20 HR - 82 RBI  for AA... I'm very proud to say I was high on him since last year.  He deserves a look at the MLB level.  The dude can flat out rake.
ROBERT STEPHENSON -- Strong Buy (2/23/2012)   
One of the best arms from 2011 BDPP is proving why I said he was a Strong Buy.

ZACK WHEELER -- Hold (3/6/2012) 
MATT HARVEY -- Buy (3/6/2012)
Do I need to give Harvey's recap of his debut? :)  As a Met fan, I'm extremely excited for Harvey.  And I'm even more excited for Zack Wheeler.  I sold Harvey's for profit after debut.  I'm buying Wheelers.

TREVOR BAUER -- Short-Term Buy -- Sell once he's promoted (3/20/2012)
Hopefully you did exactly that... if you held after promotion, you might have to hold long term or take a loss now.

FRANCISCO LINDOR -- Hold (3/22/2012)
Correctly didn't recommend buying as Profar seems to be the SS prospect everyone wants.