Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nomar Mazara Scouting Report (Rangers,OF) - Strong Buy

Nomar Mazara skipped over the High A Carolina League last year at the age of 19 (the last Rangers teenage prospect to skip over A+ was Jurickson Profar), and between A and AA, Mazara hit .271 with a .362 OBP and 53 extra base hits in 483 AB.  Skipping a teenager over high A ball means the Rangers have plenty of faith in the kid.  In his 85 at bats in AA, Mazara held his own with an .899 OPS.

Mazara improved in almost every category last year, despite the stiffer pitching he was facing.  His K rate decreased, his home run rate increased, his walks increased by 50%, and his defense improved in right field.  Mazara even converted a huge leg kick at the plate into a timing toe tap to stay in the proper hitting position.

If he continues to improve at his current rate, we can see Mazara atop the prospect lists next year, and in the majors sooner than you would think.  There isn't an outfield prospect I'd rather invest in right now than Mazara...

I highly recommend buying some of his 2012 BC Autos.

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