Friday, March 27, 2015

Kris Bryant Spring Training Updates

Yes, Kris Bryant is good.  9 HR in 32 spring training AB equates to a full 500 AB season of 140 HR.  This equates to 700 HR after 5 years, with his 6th year breaking the all-time home run record.  At that 6th year, Bryant will still be under 30 years old and could have a chance at 2,000 home runs for his career.

Of course, I'm joking... but am I?  Bryant is tearing the cover off the ball, and he has everywhere he has played.  On Baseball Reference, we find an amazingly helpful stat for Bryant's Spring Training numbers called opponent's score.  This is the level of pitching he has faced in his current barrage of hitting power: and that level, out of 10, is a solid 8.7.  A full 10 is MLB quality pitching while an 8 is AAA, so we figure Bryant is facing on average some 4-A pitchers and borderline major leaguers.  This is a step up from the AAA batters he has faced in the past.

Bryant is amazing.  Along with Joc, he is a clear frontrunning candidate for NL Rookie of the Year, and his value in redraft leagues is through the roof, while his value in keeper leagues has reached untouchable status.

I have to join the crowd and say the sky is the limit for this elite hitter.  I hope he breaks camp as the Cubs' third baseman for years to come because Bryant is great for the game.  Heck, prospects are great for the game... and Bryant is more than just a regular prospect.

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