Saturday, August 2, 2014

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect Autograph Review (Part 2)

Kevin Franklin - Stats
1:10 BB:K ratio.  Nuff said.

Kevin Ziomek - Stats
This guy is putting up huge numbers but he's facing much younger hitters at Low-A.  Need to see him at higher levels.

Kohl Stewart - Stats
Disabled List.  Ground ball pitcher.  Not enough K's.  Pass.

Marco Gonzales - Stats
Got rocked in PCL and Majors.  Not a shocker.  Still a talented arm.

Michael Lorenzen - Stats
Another ground ball pitcher with relatively low K rate.  Not exciting for me.

Nick Ciuffo - Stats
Very young.  Small sample size.  Evaluation pending.

Oscar Mercado - Stats
Speedster.  No pop.  Pass.

Phil Ervin - Stats
Big numbers last year.  Heavy struggles this year and a repeat at the level.  Not sure what's up.

Reese McGuire - Stats
Boring utility type player.

Riley Unroe - Stats
Another boring utility guy.

Robert Kaminsky - Stats
Love this kid.  High floor, "low" ceiling.

Ryan Eades - Stats
Hitters feast on this guy.

Ryan McMahon - Stats
STRONG BUY.  Will be promoted to CAL one day.  Look out.

Ryder Jones - Stats
Could be out of baseball soon.

Tim Anderson - Stats
On the disabled list but a nice little player. Speed, hits for average and added some pop with 4 HR in June. His home away splits are drastic though (hitting .383 at home in Winston-Salem A+ CAR, and only .235 on the road).  Winston-Salem does have the highest park factor for hits in the Carolina League but only by a small margin, so I'm not sure what that's all about. 

Tom Windle - Stats
I think this kid is just a victim of the CAL hitter's environment.  He's better than his current numbers.  Could be a nice Bargain Bin buy.

Travis Demeritte - Stats
Tons of pop for a second baseman, but tons of K's too.  He'll either develop or get embarrassed at higher levels.  It's anyone's guess.

Trevor Williams - Stats
He's not a strikeout pitcher but he keeps the ball on the ground.  Batted balls aren't so bad at his club's major league level.  Miami is a tough ballpark to hit in.  His FIP has always been good despite the low K's.

Trey Ball - Stats
This guy gets knocked around like a pinball.

Tyler Danish - Stats
Apparently, he has a crazy sidearm delivery, but it's working with an incredible rate of ground balls (over 2:1 GO/FO).  The side arm delivery adds to the effectiveness of his plus slider, which complements a fastball that has reached the mid-90's.  I like the kid.

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