Friday, July 11, 2014

Travis D'Arnaud Hitting Analysis (Part 4) - The Resurgence

In the Part 1 analysis, as well as the Part 2 analysis, it was clear D'Arnaud was having trouble with pitches located away.  In Part 3, he was showing signs of life with better pitch recognition, but then went into a historically bad slump.  I still had faith.

D'Arnaud was sent down to AAA on June 6, and it clicked.  He hit .436 there.  So they called him back up on June 24, and has raked ever since, hitting safely in 13 of 14 games.

Let's see why.

First, he is finally going the other way and being successful with his major weakness, balls that are pitched away.  Here is his zone profile heat map since his recall up to the bigs.  Notice on the outer third and the outside the zone-middle hits-abs.  He is 7-for-16.

And these are not fluke hits.  Here are the line drives per at bats zone map since the call back up.  He has hit 6 line drives out of 14 batted balls in those 4 areas.

You can no longer get D'Arnaud out by pitching him away.  He has adjusted beautifully.  And where were the pitches when he hit his 3 recent home runs?  Inside, middle, and away.

D'Arnaud is finally becoming a hitter... the hitter scouts had been predicting for years.  As a Met fan I'm psyched.

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