Thursday, July 31, 2014

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect Autograph Review (Part 1)

Aaron Blair - Stats 
Extremely impressed with this kid.  Striking out over 10 per 9, and dominated first two outings in AA.

Aaron Judge - Stats
I never invest in Yankees.  They always end up getting traded or bust.  He's a physical beast who has big time power potential.  Should be hitting for more power than he has thus far.

Andrew Church - Stats

Groundball pitcher who doesn't have the stuff to put hitters away.

Andrew Knapp - Stats

A whole lotta nothing with Knapp.

Austin Meadows - Stats

Wow, this kid looks good.  Absolutely crushes RHP.

Blake Taylor - Stats

Extreme ground ball pitcher.  Not enough K's.  Too many BB's.  Just traded to the Mets.  They should trade him to Colorado where ground ball pitchers are a necessity.

Braden Shipley - Stats

I was impressed by this kid's mechanics when I saw the Future's Game.  His ERA is deceiving.  He's been unhittable as of late.

Chance Sisco - Stats

Underrated.  He's a 19 yr old catcher who is hitting .344 in Low A.  Just wish he had more pop.

Chris Anderson - Stats

Had a great June, but got rocked every other month.  Something tells me he has the stuff because of the K rate, but doesn't know what to do with it.

Clint Frazier - Stats

Big Red is starting to turn up the heat.  Has gotten better every month.  Big potential.

Colin Moran - Stats

Solid player... in the minors.  But without more power, he can't make it at a corner IF spot.

Cord Sandberg - Stats

I have no idea what the hype is about.  He has an SP base auto.  Who cares about his auto if he has a .270 OBP?

D.J. Peterson - Stats

Great numbers in CAL, almost 1.000 OPS, but now we need to see how he does at the next level.  His walk rates have risen from A to A+ to AA, and his K rates have decreased at each level... very good sign.

Dominic Smith - Stats

Scouts were way off on this one.  0 HR in 371 AB.  Gross.

Dustin Peterson - Stats

Impressive RBI total (70+).  Needs to be more selective and increase that BB rate.

Eric Jagielo - Stats

Good pop.  Nice lefty stroke.  Still, I hate Yankee prospects.

Hunter Dozier - Stats

One of my favorites early on, he simply hasn't been able to adjust to higher level pitching yet.

Hunter Green - Stats

Hasn't played since last year.

Hunter Harvey - Stats

Out for the year with arm injury.  Stay away.

Hunter Renfroe - Stats

Overrated.  Nice numbers are just a byproduct of CAL.

Ian Clarkin - Stats

I'd compliment and tout him if he didn't wear pinstripes.

J.P. Crawford - Stats

He's gonna move quickly through the Philly farm.  Talented kid, succeeding at every level.

Jon Denney - Stats

Hasn't played.

Jonathan Gray - Stats

Overrated.  Very inconsistent.  2 shutouts, then 5 ER, 4 ER, then more shutouts, etc.  That sorta guy.  

Jonathon Crawford - Stats

Wrote about him as a Bargain Bin guy.  High floor, low ceiling type.

Josh Hart - Stats


Justin Williams - Stats

This kid can flat out rake Tony Gwynn style.  .350 - .400 avg going on two years.

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  1. Looking forward to part 2. I think Peterson will move quickly he has the bat to adjust.