Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Strongest Buy Recommendation to Date....

My STRONGEST BUY Recommendation to Date...

He just got promoted to the hitter's haven, CAL league.  His 33 doubles this year will translate to HR at CAL.  He's hitting over .300, 10 HR, 18 SB, is only 20 years old, will eventually hit in a major league hitter's paradise of a ballpark, his strikeouts are low for his age, and he's on a team that is rebuilding.

If that's not enough, he has hit over .300 this year against BOTH righties and lefties.  He has also improved his numbers EVERY month.

Lastly, in his first pro season, he hit over .370 two years ago.

CAL = monstrous numbers
This guy = Monster
CAL + This Guy = Monster monstrous numbers

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  1. The most promising thing about Dahl is that he is still learning the strike zone and putting up these numbers. The maturity issues are behind him indeed.