Sunday, April 27, 2014

Travis D'Arnaud Hitting Analysis (Part 3)

As a Met fan, I want to continue to monitor Travis D'Arnaud.
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In the Part 1 analysis, as well as the Part 2 analysis, it was clear D'Arnaud was having trouble with pitches located away.  It was very obvious...

Since the last analysis on April 7, D'Arnaud has found a groove, hitting .286, 3 doubles, a homerun, with a 10% BB rate and only a 7% K rate.  He also stole a base.

Below are data since 4/7, with basic outcomes per pitch type.  The only pitch he hasn't hit has been the slider.

Now, here's where it gets interesting.  Like I said, D'Arnaud has trouble with pitches located outside.  Below is the percentage of swings based on pitch location.  Look down the right column.  Added up, D'Arnaud has seen 42 pitches outside, and out of the zone.  To his credit, Travis has swung at only 4 of them.  Next, look at all the red on the inside.  D'Arnaud has learned his strength (pitches inside) and is swinging when those pitches come.

As expected, pictured below, is how he has hit based on location, and he succeeds with balls located inside.

D'Arnaud's pitch selection is a really encouraging sign.  Here's how I see this playing out... D'Arnaud continues to rake on inside pitches and continues laying off stuff on the outside.  Pitchers should adapt to this obvious data and try to hit the outside corners of the strike zone.  The next analysis will likely have that data, and I am very anxious to see if D'Arnaud can adapt and start hitting to the opposite field on those outside pitches.

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