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Travis D'Arnaud Hitting Analysis (Part 2) - Catcher, New York Mets

In Part 1, we looked at what went on last year with D'Arnaud:

Stats - 112 PA - .202 - 20-for-99 - 3 doubles - 1 HR - 4 R - 5 RBI - 12 BB - 21 K

- D'Arnaud hit the ball well when it was low and middle in (18-for-53 for a .340 avg.), but was incredibly inefficient when swinging at a pitch in any other location (2-for-46 for a .043 avg.).

- Line drives: clearly D'Arnaud likes it low and inside.  He got good wood/line drives on a majority of the batted balls (purple/red squares).  He looked for pitches in.  But when they were away, he almost never hit a LD.  He didn't adjust well to anything outside of what he was looking for.

- Groundballs: As you'll often see, pitchers were able to take advantage of the low and away location to get D'Arnaud to roll over a weakly hit grounder. 

- Flyballs: Similar to grounders, flyballs were hit when the ball was away and up.  This is a sign he was just not comfortable looking for anything away.

- Looking at D'Arnaud, he was clearly just trying to get back into the groove after some time off with injuries, and focused on zoning anything middle in.  He reacted to pitches outside when he had to, and couldn't make good contact."

So far, his struggles have continued in 2014, as he is hitless in 17 plate appearances, with a 35% K rate....


Data courtesy of

Against All Fastballs (47 seen), he has had a good eye (1.18 d'; 68% swing rate at pitches in the zone vs. 24% swing rate at pitches out of the zone) and a steady approach at the plate (0.12 c) with an exceptionally low likelihood to swing and miss (5% whiff/swing).

Against Breaking Pitches (20 seen), he has had an exceptionally good eye (2.10 d'; 78% swing rate at pitches in the zone vs. 9% swing rate at pitches out of the zone) and a very patient approach at the plate (0.29 c) with an above average likelihood to swing and miss (38% whiff/swing).

Like last year, D'Arnaud is hitting grounders on balls on the outside of the plate as pitchers continue to exploit that weakness.

Travis D'Arnaud 2014 pitchfx BABIP
All 4 groundballs hit were pitched low and outside.

His one line drive was, you guessed it, located on the inside.

Travis D'Arnaud Line Drive Per Balls In Play
Only 1 Line Drive, pitched on the inside.

Flyballs were, as expected, pitched mid-away and/or up.

Travis D'Arnaud Fly Balls Per Balls In Play
4 Flyballs were all pitched up in the zone.

Hard stuff:  47 Pitches: Foul/Whiff - 10, BIP -8 (1 LD, 4 GB, 3 FB)
Breaking:  20 Pitches: Foul/Whiff - 7, BIP - 1 (flyball)
D'Arnaud is struggling putting good wood on breaking stuff, and struggling to make good contact on the hard stuff.  Shown above, this is due to location, in my opinion.

Pitch Outcomes - from 01/01/2014 to 01/01/2015
Pitch Type Count Ball Strike Swing Foul Whiffs BIP GB LD FB PU HR


With 200 ABs last year and a full Spring Training, the time to start worrying begins now.  Can D'Arnaud adjust to what pitchers are doing?  Only time will tell.  Until then, Kevin Plawecki is waiting in the wings, with a bat that could help the Mets offense.

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