Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Martin Perez (SP, Tex) - 27.1 Scoreless Inning Streak and Counting

In honor of Martin Perez's recent dominance, here's a blast from the past, a post I wrote about Perez back in July of 2013.  My sentiments remain the same, so I figured I'd just reuse the post.  I swear, I'm not bragging.  Okay fine, maybe I am...

"BARGAIN BIN - Martin Perez (SP, Tex)
at 7/01/2013 06:42:00 PM Posted by Adam
Ok, It's extremely rare that I'd ever recommend a prospect who already reached the majors.  The trick is to sell before/when that promotion happens.  But I really like Martin Perez.
Perez has an auto from 2010 Bowman Chrome and recently came back from a stint on the DL with a broken arm.  He's not an overwhelming strikeout pitcher, but has great stuff and induces plenty of groundballs.
In his past two starts, Perez got both wins and went 13.2 IP - 11 H - 2 R - 6 K - 2 BB ... and more impressively he faced the Cardinals (lead the National League in runs) and the Reds (third in the NL in runs).
His 2010 BC autos seem to be in the $10-15 and I think there's room to grow as more people notice him, pick him up for their fantasy teams, etc."

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