Friday, April 18, 2014

Is Yordano Ventura Legit? An Analysis of His First Two Starts

Is Yordano Ventura legit?  In a word, yes.

Pitching is comprised of stuff, usage of the stuff, and location.  That's how you judge a pitcher.  Then you have the batters' results of said pitches to confirm.

Ventura's Stuff

Ventura has a plus plus fastball that has topped out at 103 mph and moves 11 inches vertically.  He'll splash in a fading sinker and a cutter.  He takes about 10 mph off for his changeup, and 15 mph off for a curve that has good break to it.

Ventura's Pitch Usage

Ventura throws about 60% hard stuff, and evenly distributes his change and curve with the rest.  Looking above, I noticed his usage of changeups instead of fastballs when the batter is ahead.  I love this.  He has faith in the secondary pitches and the batter will often sit dead red on the fastball when ahead in the count.

Here's something else I discovered and love.  His use of the 100 mph four seam fastball decreases significantly as the game wears on.  First time at bat: "Here's a 103 mph heater.  Good luck."  Next at bat: the hitter has seen the cheese, shortens up, and sees the secondary offerings instead.  Ventura easily keeps the hitters off balance.

Ventura's Pitch Location

The clusters of red show efficient painting of the corners with the fastball.

The curveball is located well down and out of the zone.

Pitch Outcomes

Ventura sports a 0.69 ERA with 13 K in 13 IP.  His batted balls are amazing, with only 6% being line drives (53% GB, 41% FB).  Below you can see his true swing and miss stuff, especially with the fastballs up in the zone and the offspeed stuff down in the zone.

Ventura's Verdict: Legit.

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  1. Great analysis once again. I hope the Royals know what they have. Shows that pitching is not just about the high heat.