Monday, April 7, 2014

BGS Graders Getting More Lenient?

Using base chrome autos, here are the percentage of submissions getting a Gem Mint BGS 9.5 or Pristine 10.  Seems like graders at BGS are getting more lenient (probably to boost business for themselves)...  which is just one of the many reasons why I'm not a fan of the whole grading craze.  It's a monopoly owned by BGS and there is no regulation on them, despite their influence on market prices of tangible goods.

A counterargument to my hypothesis is that graders are getting better at cleaning their cards and choosing which cards can gem before sending them into BGS.  Also, BC auto cards may be constructed better now - thus, making it easier to gem the newer stuff.

BGS population reports Percentage of gem mint or pristine 9.5 10
2010 BC was clearly a hard set to grade but note the upward trend since 2010.


  1. Adam, it's disturbing, isn't it? It's a racket, actually.

    I stopped buying Bowman Chrome autos for a while. You see what these things go for. What's a better investment? $500 on a Xander Bogaerts Bowman Chrome refractor auto BGS 9.5, or taking that, and putting it aside as you save to buy a nice SGC 50 1934 Goudey Lou Gehrig? Bogaerts is one of the safer investments for somebody building a PC like I am. Obviously you're in the game of flipping for profit. But who in their right mind is going to pay good money to buy a pitching prospect. Look at the prospects or recent Major Leaguers who were top prospects that have already had Tommy John, or are going to need it: Stephen Strasburg, Matt Moore, Jameson Taillon, Jarrod Parker, Lucas Giolito, Danny Hultzen, Casey Kelley, Dylan Bundy, Manny Banuelos, Taylor Guerrieri, Tommy Osuna, Matt Harvey, Sammy Solis, Arodys Vizcaino. There are the hitters, too, like Rymer Liriano and Miguel Sano.

    It's downright frightening.

  2. I totally agree with thought that graders are learning to be more selective but also people will send with minimum requirements of 9.5 or better or no grade.

  3. This is a tough one as I do buy graded cards mainly cause I know that its confidence boost for the consumer. But I would never pay the amounts that some people pay for these.When I do send cards in my friend does clean and inspect. You don't want to send just a random set of cards in.I'm also guessing people are tired of paying insurance and shipping for stuff coming back as a 7.Does PSA still grade?. At least with coins you have 2-3 grading agencies which keeps the system in check. I really wonder does the consumer care about if its graded or not. I know if I wanted a mike trout card I would want something like that graded as it would be a long term hold. Like to hear your thoughts