Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why You Should Buy Rafael Montero

As a die hard prospector and Mets fan, I assure you I am not biased when it comes to Rafael Montero.  He is as polished as they come.  Pinpoint control, a smaller frame, and beautiful mechanics lead to comps with Pedro Martinez.  And if the Mets didn't have Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, and Noah Syndergaard, Montero would receive the most hype in the Mets Spring Training camp.  If you don't know too much about Montero, I think you'd be amazed when you see his career numbers (click here).

Jon Niese can't seem to stay healthy and Matt Harvey is out for the year due to Tommy John surgey, so Montero is a prime candidate to see time in the majors.  As such, I was shocked to see how cheap his 2013 Bowman Chrome autos have been selling for.

The pricing is all over the place but both base and refractor autographs are in the $10 - $20 range.  Blues are $40 - $50.  Golds are $80 - $100.  This is tremendous value.  Syndergaard's base auto is equal in price to Montero's blue.  That's amazing for anyone smart enough to buy Montero right now.  Believe it or not, I can easily imagine Montero spiking at some point to Syndergaard levels... that would be about a 500% profit, and it could happen as early as this year.

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