Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Prospects Who Could Be On An MLB Roster in 2014 (Part 6)

Byron Buxton (OF, MIN, 2013 BC, 2012 AFLAC)
Here's a scary quote from John Sickels, "Currently the best prospect in baseball, combining outstanding athleticism, speed, on-base ability, developing power, and superior defense. He is currently equal to or slightly ahead of where Mike Trout was at the same stage of his career, with one pro season under his belt"  -- I think that says it all, but it'll cost you close to $200 just for a raw base auto.  Ouch.

Xander Bogaerts (SS, BOS, 2012 BC) 
Bogaerts is slated as the starting SS for Boston.  A .280-20 HR season at SS would easily vault him into top 5 SS category for fantasy purposes, earn him a rookie of the year, and cause everyone to cash in on their stashes.  He's legit, but it's hard seeing any more upside on his current lofty prices.

Oscar Taveras (OF, STL, 2012 BC)
It boggles my mind when I read about Bourjos blocking Taveras from a roster spot.  Bourjos has the glove, but Taveras is a rare breed.  He swings violently a la Vlad Guerrero, but hits anything thrown his way.  If I had to pick one prospect to hit .300-30-100 on a yearly basis, this is the guy.  If he heads to AAA, maybe people will "forget" about him and his prices might dip... but don't hold your breath.

Javier Baez (SS, CHC, 2011 BDPP) 
Baez has the quickest bat I think I've ever seen in a prospect.  He can rake, steal a bag, and there's a chance his glove can play at SS.  If Starlin Castro rebounds, Baez will be fine at third.  He should be up some time late this year and I can't wait.  He's a beast and he's only getting better.

Francisco Lindor (SS, CLE, 2011 BDPP) 
I think Lindor will be an All Star one day, but 70% of that might be due to his glove.  I just don't think he'll put up the offensive numbers to spike his autos that much.  Cabrera is blocking him from the starting SS spot, but Lindor will soon take his place.

Taijuan Walker (RHP, SEA, 2013 BC) 
Walker is injured right now and won't start the season in Seattle's rotation.  Some scouts have previously been concerned with his mechanics and I applaud those guys who went against the hype to point it out.  Walker has the same dangerous mechanics that plagued Strasburg.  Simply put, he [similar to Strasburg] is a victim of the "Inverted-W" and a heavy Scapular load...
Scapular loading

Kevin Gausman (RHP, BALT, 2012 BDPP, 2012 AFLAC) 
Despite being rushed up to the MLB level and struggling, Gausman has an elite fastball and change.  He and Bundy should make a formidable 1-2 punch for years to come.  If you're more of a mid-end guy who doesn't want to spend $100+ on one chrome base auto, Gausman is a good one.

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  1. As a Brewer fan Javier Baez and Tavares scare the crap out of me.Both have incredible talent and will be studs.Time is running out to buy Baez.