Saturday, March 1, 2014

Prospects Who Could Be on an MLB Roster in 2014 (Part 5)

Noah Syndergaard (RHP, NYM, 2010 BDPP)
As a Met fan, I can't begin to express how excited I am about our young arms.  Syndergaard, aka, Ivan Drago, aka Thor, has a shot to break camp with the club, but will most likely get the call mid-2014.  I'm calling it now... Syndergaard will be a step above ZWheeler, and a step below Harvey.  His autos are pricey, so who knows if you can profit off them, but Thor is a stud with a hammer.

Miguel Sano (3B, MIN, 2010 BC) 

Headed for Tommy John surgery.  Yuck.  Before the news broke, I had this any way: simply too expensive for my tastes.  He has ridiculous pop, but isn't immune to struggles when he gets promoted to higher levels.  If he somehow falls to the $20's as people dump him, I'd buy, but I doubt he'll drop that much.

Dylan Bundy (RHP, BALT, 2011 BDPP, 2011 AFLAC) 

Here's a really interesting guy, coming off Tommy John surgery.  For all intents and purposes, they've perfected TJ surgery and I'm not at all worried.  He's on track to return in June and rumors are he might join the MLB club at that time.  I like his potential (in fantasy and via his 2011 BDPP autos), and if TJS deflated his value, it may be a good time to buy some.

Jameson Taillon (RHP, PIT, 2010 BDPP) 

He'll follow the same path as Gerrit Cole, getting called up around June.  Cole made a splash and his autos spiked when it happened.  I expect the same for Taillon, making his 2010 Bowman Chrome Draft Autos a decent investment.

George Springer (OF, HOU, 2011 BDPP) 

Yeah, his numbers were insane.  Yes, I've told you to buy him 2 years ago.  But I'd steer clear.  Way overvalued.  When he gets the call to Houston, will anyone really care?  That could be the worst lineup I've ever seen.  Quick, name their 3-4-5 hitters... don't worry, I can't either.

Jackie Bradley (OF, BOS, 2012 BC) 

Should be the BoSox CF.  That's some serious demand in terms of the prospecting world.  I'm sure his price is already factoring that in, and you'd need a very hot start to make any money off him.  I'll pass.

Gregory Polanco (OF, PIT, 2013 BC) 

Looks good so far in Spring, but like all the Pirates prospects (see Taillon above, Cole, Marte), he won't be up until June.  He's pricey and for good reason.  I like this kid a lot, and so does everyone else.  A quick start while he pounds on minor league pitching could help collectors see a healthy profit.  If you can afford him, go for it.  If his value increases enough by his callup, sell enough to recoup your investment, and let the rest of your collection ride while he's in the majors.

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  1. Thanks again for the posts. I would have to agree on all of these and previous posts. Polanco is a five tool talent.